National Geographic’s Quest for The Holy Spear in Armenia

National Geographic conducted its own investigation to find out which, out of the three known Legendary Spears, is the biblical Holy Spear. The three Spears (kept in Vatican, Austria and Armenia) all claim to be the Holy Spear.

Guided by British-Armenian photographer, blogger and fixer Onnik Krikorian, the authors of the documentary represents Armenia as the world’s first Christian state and includes wonderful scenes of Biblican Armenia.


3 thoughts on “National Geographic’s Quest for The Holy Spear in Armenia

  1. one thing we can be certain of is that OUR spear is definitely NOT the spear that pierced christ. the roman catholic church would never allow the christ spear to be in the hands of a nation that DOES NOT answer to the RCC. I mean look at it, you can clearly see it’s not a Roman spear. maybe it is of an Armenian spear or whatever, but definitely not Roman or was at his crucifixion
    also, the 3 mentioned in this documentary (and any others out there) are definitely not the spear of christ. something of a biblical relic and of immense importance as the christ spear would never be made public and/or details given on it’s whereabouts or who is in possession of it. I am willing to be the RCC, Wash. DC, and London (the 3 major corporations on the planet) knows it’s whereabouts, possession, and it’s condition. The shadowy families that rule this planet would never allow something of such importance as “the spear” to be in hands of Armenians. as it stands the world neglects to even recognize us as “1st christian nation”, what would make anyone believe that our spear is of the genuine article? and notice how our spear has a cross stenciled into it. how can a roman spear of crucifixion time have a cross stenciled into it when roman empire newly crucified christ? aysinqn christianity was not even applied yet, his religion did not come about on the world or even in rome until 200-300 years later after his death

    now what a minute: that’s not the story that we’ve been fed all these years
    supposedly Tirdat became so gravely ill that he “magically” (LoL) turned into some sort “wild bore” like animal and that his sister Khosroviduxter (persian name meaning: daughter of Khosrov) went running to Khor Virap, freed Grigor from the pit, and begged him to help cure her brother. to which he did and hence Tirdat made his proclaimation: all of Hayastan shall now be christianized, ordering all pagan temples thru out the land to be demolished, replaced with churches, and leave 1 temple standing for vacationing for the royals (Garrni). I’ve never heard anything about Grigor messing with any spear, or some spear used to bring Hays into christianity, or have I got my info mixed up with something else? or been fed the wrong story? also, are any of you aware that only reason Constantine united roman empire under christianity is because he saw how it united Hayastan. so essentially he followed suit. yet again Hayastan is neglected nor credit for its role in roman empire/world history

    also, I believe that because we killed Tadeus (aysinqn: Tadev) that is why Hayastan has been in so much turmoil for such a long time. maybe it is our curse forever because we killed one of christ’s disciples? there is even speculation that because we killed 1 of his disciples that is why Armenia was genocided, that it was punishment from “god”. so then I wonder what the jews did so bad that they were holocausted

  2. wow, I’m the only one who posted a comment on this blog?
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    I’ve noticed last several blogs you posted, only few have commented
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