Peter Balakian Presents His Books on The Armenian Genocide

A prominent Armenian American writer visiting Armenia to attend a major international conference on genocide has presented his books published recently in the United States, some of which deal with the Ottoman-era massacres of Armenians.


14 thoughts on “Peter Balakian Presents His Books on The Armenian Genocide

  1. I loved his “Black dog of fate”. I tell that part of the book to my colleages from Russia two days ago :-)

  2. ara here we go again, another amerikaci gor gor hell bent on GENOCIDE GENOCIDE GENOCIDE. I see this peter balak malak whatever is his name all the time on tv ranting about genocide. I am sure I’m the only Hay who dares to think about such things I am about to point out here, but so be it someone has to bring it up. where there are pros there has to be cons, I’m sure I’ll recieve alot of flak from all of you, but really I dont care….

    1- the gor gors (aka: the fakes) have NO care about genocide its self. they “use” genocide as a tool to enrich them selves and gain power & influence over others (with in their circles and outer circles). they making 10’s of millions of dollars every year, they live better than any average person in any country regardless of world class status. specifically in western countries they live in their 2 mill dollar homes, drive their $100k benz & lexsus’s, take their $10k luxury vacations, $5k dollar shopping sprees, and they swim in their money all while not having to work for it. they scream GENOCIDE and ppl hand them millions of dollars every year like clockwork.
    2- these gor gors act & behave more like JEWS then they do anything Haykakan. they learn from jews on how to exploit & profit from their tragedy just as jews did (and still sometimes do) with their holocaust. the gor gors learned well from the jews that they have to desperately paint themselves as “victims” even 100 years later, when their descendants have nothing to do with a 100 yr old tragedy, but still try to maintain this victimization status so that they can profit & succeed from it
    3- what would happen to the gor gors if tomorrow turks admitted, apologized, and compensated for genocide? these gor gors would be so dumbfounded and not have any strides or motivation in life to succeed at what they do. they would be staring at the walls and each other asking: uuhm duh ok now what do we do? so imagine tomorrow the turks said: we admit to genocide, taking their lands & wealth, pissing on them for last 100 years, oh and by the way here is your entire lands back. ara these gor gors would not know what to do with themselves or the lands that they receive. they would NOT relocate to their “western” Armenia, they would’nt know how to make or run government, they would NOT know anything of how to develop a sovereign nation. its not as if they are about to abandon their luxury lavish posh million dollar lifestyle and move to 3rd world kurdo-turko occupied lands all so that they can have a satisfaction of saying: we got back what we’ve wanted all these years. these gor gors are NOT jews will trillions of dollars at their disposal to make a sovereign nation such as jews did with their israel. the gor gors are living in fantasy land if they think the same fate will happen to them as it did with the jews or similar group of ppl. whats even worst about all of this is that there is a country properly named: ARMENIA and these gor gors refuse to accept, embrace, and/or have a connection to it. you think the euro-jews are crying that they want their own ISRAEL in germany or poland? they wanted their ISRAEL and they got it in their own original birthright-full lands and rest is history

    the bottom line to all the above is that gor gors use genocide for their own profiteering. whether it be in form of power & influence, cash money wealth, physical tangible goods & assets, or success in life. they have NO care in the world to right what was wronged, and whats even worst is that they dont care about Hayastan today. do we see/hear of them writing books about Hayastan-Arcax? do we know of them to promote Hayastan (as jews do with their israel)? are they involved in Hayastan on a social,economic, or municipal level? do you think that this Peter with all his wealth, connections, and influence would ever use his talents to write about Hayastan and scream to the world…”hey look, there is a country known as Armenia. she’s clean, she’s beautiful, she’s very warm & welcoming to everyone”

    the answers are obvious and since we real Hays are not benefiting from “our” genocide,wars, and sufferings from “our” external enemies (e.g. azerGAYjan) then why should the fakes be allowed to profit & success from theirs?!

    • eench barab pan guhsesgor yeghpayr… all these stereotypical notions will drive you down andranik, personally I’ve never met anyone that you have mentioned in america and i was born and raised here.. payts hye em. Polor hye enk, yev keech enk so please stop hating on your own people. No one “uses” our past to get rich, that is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Baron Balakian is a very respectful man and I would appreciate it if you would not make false accusations about him, Thank you. Asdvadz bahe tsez

  3. We should respect…
    Praise every writer
    Like Peter Balakian and many others…
    Who can understand our scared-pains
    And able to ignite genocided* souls;
    As the innocents were slayed**
    Before their prayers
    Reach the God’s soil.

    Sylva Portoian, MD
    Dec. 22, 2010

    * genocided:  a new verb in ‘my glossary of terms’; when people are killed Turkified ( lost their identity completely) many times through centuries…as Armenians have been slayed from 1064-1923 until now followed every where to suppress recognition of their genocide by other states…
    **slayed: slain—slayed sounds more lyrical than slain

  4. I see my comment is still awaiting so-called “moderation”
    which in a sense is observers way of “censoring” my comments on sensitive topics such as this one.
    what the matter observer? you dont want the truth to be revealed?
    observer, I’m curious to know…how would you like it if rk/ss regime censored your blogs in Hayastan so that no one can view it?

      • @Indep. Armenia
        No, I dont drop f-bomb mef-mombs anything ok
        He knows what I posted, he can clearly read it and so can I
        He is refusing to show it because he knows its the truth about this whole “GENOCIDE GENOCIDE GENOCIDE” issue with the gor gors and he knows he will get alot of flack for allowing me to post such revealing details about gor gors and ‘their’ GENOCIDE, and NO it has NOTHING to do with denial or anything of the such. the only group who denies anything are the FAKES denying the REALS

  5. While I very much respect Peter Balakian, his writings, and his unceasing work toward Genocide recognition, I am sorry to hear him state that by holding a conference on genocide, the Armenian government thereby shows its commitment to human rights. Instead, Mr. Balakian has shown that he, like so many other Diasporans and other celebrities who visit, has not informed himself about the severe human rights and civil rights problems that plague those who live in Armenia today. There was no obligation for him to criticize his hosts, just simply not to flatter them.

    • @Ani
      he is another gor gor, another “amerikaci” fake Hay
      what the hell does he care about Hayastan or her citizens’ rights?
      he is a typical gor gor who is ANTI-Hayastanci, plain & simple
      there would be nothing further to elaborate on him or his work
      like a typical gor gor, he is in it for the MONEY….plain & simple !
      if observer would approve my original comment on this blog, you all would see the truth & reality of the fakes and their hidden yet openly seen agenda about “genocide”. however observer is terrified of his own readers (some loyal, some not) to find out the truth about all of this “GENOCIDE” issue

      • Andranik, you make some valid points—even the most well-intentioned efforts can go astray when the possibility of profiting from them arises, and there are definitely those in the Diaspora who make a career out of victimization while being (deliberately or not) blind, deaf, and dumb to the problems of Armenians living in Armenia today. Unfortunately, though, your own xenophobia plays just as equally into the hands of those in power. If I had a wish for you for the New Year, it would be to step out of your normal thought channel and try to see people as individuals, not as stereotypes or lock-step representatives of a race or type—for you that means seeing Diaspora Armenians, Turks, Azeris, and Jews as people, which, of course, they are. Authoritarian governments count on racist knee-jerk reactions to keep power, because they know how to manipulate them to their advantage and profit from them both in power and in money. Meanwhile, your habit of insulting people instead of trying to engage and inform them does more harm than good, since people tend to ignore you then. So give it some thought, okay?

        • @Ani
          cavt tanem, please wake up to reality and stop living in fantazia
          also, I can’t believe you referred to turks & azeris as “people”
          wow, I mean…wow that takes some balls. because last I checked they are animals from day 1 of their inception on this planet
          also, I have not insulted anyone YET on this forum and if I have, it’s because they insulted me 1st and in typical Armenian fashion I retaliate. my rants & complaints or whatever you want to refer to them as are merely “obversations”, not insults. all of you who read my comments dont have the capacity to understand where I’m coming from nor do you want to understand and/or accept the truth & reality of ongoing problems in our Hayoc ashxarh. you wall want to ignore them and only touch base on those things that can NEVER bring us together. such as genocide and other stupid political bull****.
          12 days ago, observer posted the story about 17 Yerevanci families who are out in the streets living in tents because the gov’t set fire to their residential in a evil way to push them out because rk-ss wants to demolish those buildings to make way for new modern residentials because their partners in crime will PROFIT from it, and yet none of you posted comments on that blog. only me & observer posted on it, but when it comes to some jack-ass anti-Hayastanci gor gor amerikaci peter balak malak & genocide….oooh all of sudden you all have so much to type about, che? yev aydpisin ha !
          sa dzer glxiner hani dzer voreric yev ayl mi kich tesni irakanutyunn inch a kanc te fantazyaner. duq miayn te uzum eq cexaspanutyunin masin qnnarkel, bayc yerbvor mer zhoxovurdin masin enq blogum, ba duq cheq uzum comment anel ha… da aydpes !

  6. Hey Andranik , don’t get sad because nobody is commenting about your posts ,
    you just sound like somebody that haven’t had luck in his life. Usually the
    racist thoughts you have stems from disappointments in life belonging to low middle or poor income class family, whit low educational background. You have also like so many Armenians narcissistic self image.

    • @pat
      I’m not SAD anything because nobody is commenting about my post
      You obviously did’nt read my complain about observer NOT approving my original comments on this topic and as for the rest of your comments regarding my background…I’ve got these 3 words for you: GO BE GENOCIDED !!!!!!

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