Tomorrow Comes Today

“Star” supermarket in Yerevan’s Erebuni district was selling sour cream today, which hasn’t been produced yet.

On Thursday morning I happened to take photo of these “ANI” sour-creams at the “Star Supermarket”, Armenia’s largest food retailer, with a production date of December 24.

Admittedly, “ANI” at least had production date on it, whereas “Ashtarak Kat”, one of the largest dairy producers in Armenia, has stopped putting production dates on its produce for several dates already, marking only an expiration date of December 31st or January 1st/2nd.

This is all against the law, which says food producers are obliged to put both production and expiration date.

However, as the country rushes to food stores to stock up for New Year’s traditional party-table, which has to be full of all kinds of stuff and last for 3-5 days of non-stop parties, few pay attention to such petty things as production date.

Food producers, on the other hand, find it hard to meet the demand and start all these manipulations with dates, etc.


8 thoughts on “Tomorrow Comes Today

  1. ara who cares about something as petty as this
    in amerika they only put exp. date, never produce date
    as long as it’s fresh and you can see & taste it is, then all is good
    my milk always lasts 2 weeks longer than the exp. date, why?
    because the producers put an early exp. date on purpose to make us consumers want to throw it out and buy a new, hence keeping them in buisness so that they can make more of a profit
    hele blog about something more important, please…cavt tanem !

      • @Indep. Armenia
        ara who cares, the fact that observer is blogging about dairy products’ exp. date is ridiculous. here blog about this;
        our teens are committing suicide in Hayastan
        is my homeland that bad now that our young want to kill themselves?
        I’m about to pull a Vladamir Harutyunyan here and throw a grenade at rk-ss. maybe I should recruit some gor gor fake Hays to put bomb on their chest and go do suicide mission for their allah wallah arabs they love so much. hele ari aystex, you can go blow yourself in front of rk-ss regime ha, aveli lav k’lini

  2. Plus, let me say that the longer the expiry period the more bottles of milk you’ll buy with one go, as they wont expire until your next shop visit….

    Now, this is a very interesting observation, and I think Star chain has its portion of guilt here as well. You may know that Star is part of Valetta Group, EBRD is a minor shareholder in Star chain.

    Valetta Group also owns Omega night club, various productions of food products (Nat Food), Ariston brand in Armenia, Segafredo cafe chain, AFC fast food chain, etc. Nevertheless, the quality of work and service remains a matter of concern.

    Thanks for this post.

  3. great detection, Observer! I agree that most companies don’t even care about laws and people’s health(which is totally ridiculous), but care about their financial benefits.

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