Suicide rate grows in Armenia, most suicides committed by the unemployed

number of suicides committed in Armenia

The number of suicides grew 18,9% in Armenia last year. According to data published by the National Statistical Service, 592 suicides were committed by our fellow Armenians in 2010, compared to 498 in 2009. A staggering 57,3% of those suicides were committed by the unemployed, another 17.7% by pensioners.

Suicides by age groupThere was a great deal of panic in Armenia after a 15-year-old “emo” kid committed suicide, that those excentric young people are somehow inclined to killing themselves. The police tried hunting them down and Chief of Police justified those operations saying they’re trying to save lives.

As the chart on the right illustrates, people in the age group 30 to 65 years, have committed 49.8% of suicides in Armenia, followed by 28% of those above 65 years. While the younger age groups of up to 29 years have committed 22.2% of suicides.

On the whole, I wish there were no suicides at all, but looking at the figures and drawing the right conclusions is a must if we want to spare lives. And the conclusion we can draw, is that Police should stop its stupid hunt of teenages, and the government should think about creating some sort of assistance programs for the unemployed and pensioners, which would include psychological support, along with material assistance.


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  2. За такой трафик (первый) нужно отстреливать ;)))) потому что это манипуляция :) визуально кажется, что удвоилось, если не больше, а в действительности посмотрев на цифры, понимаешь, что разница всего 20% :)

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