Armenia faces 5 more years of Serzh Sargsyan

Serzh Sargsyan Armenia’s ruling coalition parties will jointly endorse Armenia’s incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan’s reelection bid, despite continuous rumors, that Armenia’s richest oligarch Gagik Tsarukyan and his personal-use Prosperous Armenia (BHK) party might be seeking to break off from the coalition.

A group of journalists covering the late evening board meeting of President Sargsyan’s Republican Party (HHK) on Wednesday entered the hall where the meeting was held and discovered that several copies of meeting agenda and supplementary documents were left behind.

“The political coalition will endorse a joint candidate, the acting president, in the upcoming presidential elections, thus creating guarantees for sustained reforms and ensuring the stable progress of our country in the next 5 years,” journalists read in one of the documents, which turned out to be the text of the new coalition agreement, which Republican spokesperson Eduard Sharmazanov said will be signed on Thursday.

Even though Serzh Sargsyan has not yet announced plans for reelection, Rule of Law (OEK) party, the smallest party in Armenia’s ruling political coalition, has already endorsed his candidacy.

There are no doubts, that Sargsyan-led Republican party will also unanimously support Sargsyan’s reelection bid.

HHK, by the way, enjoys comfortable majority in Parliament and doesn’t really need either of its two junior coalition partners.

the Intrigue

Leaders of Armenia's ruling coalition (from left to right): Artur Baghdasaryan (OEK), Serzh Sargsyan (HHK), Gagik Tsarukyan (BHK)

Leaders of Armenia's ruling coalition (from left to right): Artur Baghdasaryan (OEK), Serzh Sargsyan (HHK), Gagik Tsarukyan (BHK)

There are already rumors, that BHK might be trying to back off from signing the coalition agreement in the last minute.

This is highly unlikely, however. Tsarukyan missed his chance of saying good-bye to coalition on Saturday.

Pressure on him has been building up for months already and the oligarch showed signs of despair at his party’s congress, hinting that he might eventually leave the political arena.

“If Mr. Tsarukyan feels at some point that he can’t live up to the trust and confidence of the people and his team, he will convene an emergency congress [of the BHK] and resign as party chairman with dignity,” he said at his party’s congress. “When a person can lift up to 50 kilograms, putting him under [a burden of] 200 kilograms would be a waste of time,” the former arm-wrestler added vaguely.

Not even Kocharyan

Tsarukyan has A LOT to loose from a confrontation with all-powerful Serzh Sargsyan.

He tested political waters by mentioning a couple of weeks ago his main business partner (if rumors are true) ex-President Robert Kocharyan’s name.

Angry HHK uproar followed.

In a rare move, Kocharian made a media appearance to back the tycoon. This fed into speculations, that BHK is refusing to endorse Sargsyan’s presidency because they’d love to see Kocharyan’s return to power.

But HHK’s cold response clearly showed who’s in charge. The fresh move to force Sargsyan’s endorsement onto Tsarukyan and BHK points to incumbent President’s determination to stay in power and not give in to pressure from Kocharyan, his long time ally.

Sargsyan and Kocharyan both came to Armenia from Karabakh and helped each other climb the power ladder.

Kocharian ensured transfer of presidential power via rigged elections in February 2008. Now, apparently, the two man have lost that long-time affection for each other. Sargsyan is determined to cling to power and he’ll do whatever it takes.



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  1. Done deal. Here’s the official press-release.

    * * * 17 February, 2011
    Today, at the Presidential Palace the parties to the Political Coalition – the Republican Party of Armenia, Bargavach Hayastan party and Orinats Yerkir party signed the Declaration of the Political Coalition.

    On behalf of the Republican Party it was signed by RA President, the Chairman of the Party Serzh Sargsyan, on behalf of Bargavach Hayastan – by the Chairman of the Party Gagik Tsarukian and on behalf of Orinats Yerkir – by the Chairman of the Party Arthur Baghdassarian.

    Declaration of the Political Coalition

    Three years ago the RPA, BA and OY political parties formed a political coalition which assumed responsibilities for Armenia’s political, economic and social development.

    The Political Coalition was formed when the country was going through difficult times. The formation of the Coalition, expression of will and resolve by its members and collective acceptance of responsibilities for the actions of the authorities has played a significant role in ensuring stability and normal life in the country. It has also become an important factor in successfully defying the external and internal challenges facing the Republic of Armenia, including the events in South Ossetia and preclusion of a serious social downturn conditioned by the severe global financial and economic crisis.

    Political Coalition restates that it is important to withstand jointly all potential external threats, carry on with the structural changes in the country, provide them with new momentum and guarantee tangible results.
    Political Coalition declares its resolve to make more courageous steps toward ensuring Armenia’s post-crisis progressive development and improvement of well-being of our people, placing special emphasis on comprehensive fight against corruption and significant reduction of the shadow economy.

    Political Coalition underscores the importance of unity in this process and reiterates its political responsibility for these changes.

    The parties of the Coalition are united in meeting these changes and in the upcoming parliamentary elections will not strive to increase their political weight through contesting against each other or changing correlation of forces within the Coalition. The Coalition partners are confident that sustained implementation of the reforms will further increase the political role of the Coalition and public trust toward it, resulting in the amplified participation of the Coalition at the RA National Assembly after the parliamentary elections. Furthermore, at the presidential elections the Political Coalition will come up with one single nomination in the person of the current President, creating thus guarantees of further continuance of the changes and sustainable development of our country for the next five years.

    Republican Party of Armenia
    Bargavach Hayastan Party
    Orinats Yerkir Party
  2. Where’s the champagne? I don’t see any champagne…and only one of these “gentlemen” seems to actually be smiling…

    • He got what he wanted! Sounds good enough reason to smile.

      PS: The good point about all this is we can be sure, that Robert Kocharian is not coming back for at least 5 more years.

      • Well, I guess this way Tsarukyan can keep not paying his taxes, while Baghdasaryan can continue hating himself, and “bodyguard” can continue to be a major career option. And apparently Kocharyan is quite busy consulting Bahrain on its repression tactics now…

  3. well, its been some 30 days or more since I posted my last comment on Arturos blog. hele I’m desperately trying respect Observer’s blog by NOT commenting on every blog he posts, I’m sure everyone else is enjoying my absence.
    However, I can’t resist to post my opinions/comments for something as this particular blog about our “politics”. I’m laughing my ass off (LMAO) at all of this… Of course, not at the author of this post or at the comments by my precious fellow Hays,(I would never disrespect my fellow Armenians like that), but at the FAKE politics of my precious homeland that I love & admire so much and that I’m willing to die for.
    1st – ” Now, apparently the two men have lost that long-time affection for each other”….
    well, this is such a FARCE on their part to pretend to hate each other or have some sort of FALSE animosity towards each other thru the stage of politics. our politics (along with all others globally) is a theatrics, is a smoke n’ mirrors, is an illusion for every sucker-commoner-slave out there (yes, incl. my own ppl) to believe and buy into it so that the ruling elite can keep their power and chokehold on the country. you really think rk & ss would hate each other or lose their “long-time affection” as Observer puts it? get real, sa mi kich artnaceq yev tesek irakanutyun@, ay dzer cav’d tanem. what’s comical to me is that you all really think LTP is enemy to rk-ss-dodi regime. he is not, he is secretly backed by them and vice versa. so this whole act on part of dodi & rk planning to pretend to be against ss & his cronies is such a FARCE. these guys can not afford to genuinely be against each other, they stand to lose alot if they break their pyramid of politcal power structure. any kind of political power is a tri-pod of sorts. if you remove 1 leg of the pod, the other 2 stand for a very short time and eventually FALL. all of you know I’m very right about all of this…it can not be refuted by any real genuine person. only those who are still plugged into their own matrix would refute such comments or thoughts as mine because they are under a brainwashed control of sorts, like some kind of manchurian candidate. they are under belief that the way of life as they know it is the norm, and its not. you are being told what is the norm by those in power and as long as you are controlled to believe that, then you can’t think for yourself independently
    I hope all of you will see thru this theatrics,this play put on by these rulers who you all bowing down to. you all worried about rk coming back into power? LoooooooooL vay mama jan, you think that he has stepped aside and allowed his slut-bitch serjik perjik to take control of everything and that’s it? rk did the same as putin did, he pretends to step aside and appoints a new “spokes person” for the political structure of our country. think of it as a CEO of a huge mutli-billion dollar company, you think CEO’s has final last say? CEO’s answer to the board of a company, and who is the head of the board….THE CHAIRMAN (aka: rk-dodi)
    I hope all of you will wake up and take back our homeland, as did the egyptians forcing mubarak out of power, but then again…the egyptian revolution was a western-CIA-Israeli covert backed coup d’état to remove CEO mubarak because he refused to follow the chairman’s orders.
    We can do the same, we tried it once in March 1st 2008, but it did not go well because it was not planned-organized well and those god dam sick dark minded ruskies with their GAYgb agents along with LTP ruined it all. if its organized and planned out thoroughly it can be done and we can take back our Hayastan from these evil cronies. of course we need national media on it as the egyptians had.
    1st and foremost – if you want to stop dodi from doing anything and having a powerful role in our homeland…stop buying his products, stop supporting him financially, boycott anything & everything he owns in Hayastan…from Ararat cognac to Kotayk beer to his vacation resorts to whatever else he has his hands on
    2nd – stop paying the “mafia” tax to the ruling coalition. when you open shop in Yerevan, and they coma knocking on your door collecting their “protection” mafia fee, tell them to get lost
    if that one guy fruit seller in Tunisia who was being harassed by police demanding that he pay them a “police mafia protection fee” can set off a chain of revolutions in the mid-east, what makes all of you think we can’t do the same? few years back I remember reading about a local old man who went to the h’raparak, drenched himself in kerosene and light himself on fire. he was protesting that rk-ss removed all his funds from his bank acct. and FALSE promised to reimburse him later, why did that NOT set off a huge uproar/revolution in Hayastan as it did in me? If I had been there, I would have stormed the gov’t offices and hold one of them hostage until they give into the ppl’s demands. please excuse my long comment, I’m very angry & sad at how things are in my precious Hayastan…some nights I have trouble sleeping and even at times I cry when I’m alone thinking about it watching the news reports about all the bad sh*t thats going on there, thats how much I love my Hayreniq. I dont want to see her destroyed more than she is now, the good ppl of Hayastan are very precious and special, they dont deserve what is and has happened to them in this last 4-5 years now

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  5. Please everyone compare the quality of Serzh Sargsyan versus Ilham Aliyev, accordingto the number of conferred honors (source: wikipedia)

    Serzh Sargsyan
    * Order of first Degree “Martakan Khach” (“Combat Cross”)
    * Hero of Artsakh
    * Knight of “Voske Artsiv” (Golden Eagle) order
    * Order of “Tigran Mets”

    Ilham Aliyev’s MAJOR honors include and not limited to:

    * Georgia (country) Order of Honor (2003)[11]
    * Romania Order of the Star of Romania (2004, awarded by Ion Iliescu)[12]
    * Azerbaijan Order of Heydar Aliyev[12]
    * Saudi Arabia Order of Abdulaziz al Saud (2005, awarded by Fahd of Saudi Arabia)[12]
    * France Grand Croix of the Légion d’honneur (2007, awarded by French Ambassador in Baku Bernard Chaffin)[13]
    * Poland Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland (2008, awarded by Lech Kaczyński)[14]
    * Ukraine Order of Yaroslav the Wise 1st degree (2008, awarded by Viktor Yushchenko)[15]
    * Commonwealth of Independent States Medal For Distinction in Protection of CIS State Borders and Badge for Strengthening of Border Cooperation (2008)[16]
    * Greece Gold Medal of the Greek Parliament (2009)[17]
    * Russia Order of Glory and Honor 1st degree (2010, conferred by Kirill I of Moscow)[18]
    * Azerbaijan Order of Sheikhulislam (Azerbaijan)[12]
    * Russia Орден Преподобного Сергия Радонежского I степени (РПЦ)[12]
    * Order of Glory «Great Cordon» (International Military Sport Council)[12]
    * Order of Glory of the International Confederation of Sport Organizations of CIS countries[12]
    * Supreme Order of the Hall of Fame FILA “Legend of Sport”;[12]
    * Russia Орден святого благоверного князя Даниила Московского I степени[19]
    * Kuwait Order of Mubarak Al-Kabeer (2009, Kuwait)[20]
    * Latvia Степень «Кавалера Большого Креста» ордена «Три звезды» (Latvia)[21]
    * Kazakhstan Юбилейная медаль «10 лет Астане»
    * Премия Ихсана Дограмачи за мир и международные отношения (Turkey)[12]
    * Лауреат «Гран-при» премии “Персона года 2009” (Russia)[22]
    * Лауреат премии “Друг журналистов”[23]
    * “Man of the Year” by «Balcanii şi Europa» magazine (Romania)[24][25]
    * Honorary Professor of the Turkmenistan State University named after Makhtumkuli (Turkmenistan).[26]
    * Honorary Professor of the Belarusian State University[27]
    * Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (2008)[28]
    * Honorary Professor of L.N.Gumilev Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan)[12]
    * Honorary Professor of University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Lincoln University (USA)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State University of International Relations[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Bilkent University (Turkey)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of National Academy for Taxes (Ukraine)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Petroleum and Gas University of Ploesti (Romania)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Kyung Hee University (South Korea)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Jordan University (Jordan)[12]
    * Honorary Doctor of Social Sciences of the Corvinus University (Hungary)[26]
    * Honorary Doctor of the Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko (Ukraine)[26]

    • Undoubtably, Aliyev has more stolen oil revenue money to buy honorary awards with than “poor” Sargsyan. I am impressed, though, that Ilham “won” the Azerbaijan Order of Heydar Aliyev[12] — that must have been especially difficult. :)) #propaganda #fail

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