Wikileaks: Armenians can’t be defeated by Azerbaijan

Armenian military practices operational art during November 2010 exercises. Official photo

Armenian military practices operational art during November 2010 exercises. Official photo

“Azerbaijan, even with its focus on improving its military capability, is unlikely anytime soon to structure a force large or well-equipped enough to overcome the terrain advantages enjoyed by the NK Self-Defense Force and the Armenian army,” former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse argued at the end of her tenure in Baku.

According to the July 2, 2009 cable that is part of Wikileaks cache and was first published by Russkiy Reporter on February 22, Derse believed that Azerbaijan assumed “a much rosier scenario for NK than it has any plausible reason to expect.”

Derse served as U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan from 2006 to 2009 and is currently the ambassador to Lithuania.

In a January 2009 cable, also published by Russkiy Reporter today, Derse notes that Azerbaijani “President’s rhetoric has vastly outpaced the results” of Azerbaijan’s military build-up.

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4 thoughts on “Wikileaks: Armenians can’t be defeated by Azerbaijan

  1. I dont want to believe it, but I have feeling that if azerGAYjan wants to crush us they could do so. However, we know for fact that with RUSSIA profiteering a huge role in both countries…there is NO way they would allow our enemies to destroy us. we can with-stand any attack with out help, but for short time only. Times have changed since 1988-94, we dont live in the same world anymore. Russians have a huge ownership in both countries’ infrastructure from oil, to gas, to material goods, foods and whatever else they make money from in the south Caucasus.
    so any large scaled war between us and azeri would financially hurt putin and his mafia’s interests, but simultaneously they would easily profit from the war by supplying both sides with arms of all kinds as they did in 1992-94

  2. As long as King of Azerbaijan is alive there wil not be war for suer. Because war is risky business thereore he might lose his tail for ever. Artsakh should start devloping modern weapon sytems if she has not done yet.
    If armenians are smart, they should put their resources in manufacturing none conventional arms in Artsakh. Furthermore, in diaspora armenians should prepare national gaurds to defend our homeland in case there is a war. Armenians must remember that they are not going to be without enemy as long as there is one Turk on the face of this earth.

  3. The article is not strong… It contains only few people’s opinions, not the analysis or arguments which could show strong points. I would expect to read here: 1. Political situation of the conflict mentioning all neighbors (Iran, Russia, Turkey, Georgia), the interest of US in the region. This would be fair statement then, but without looking at all facts, even the president of USA should not make an assumption what will happen next; 2. Look at military resources of both countries – Armenia/Nagorno – Karabakh and Azerbaijan. What is given to Armenia and what is bought by Azerbaijan. And draw possible military strategic plan of Azerbaijan and then critique. So, I think war does not work for any sites, however Armenia is not in a good position now as Andranik mentioned. Now, the time is different, economy, social and political development are different. No offense, it is just business, no one is going to war, if the business will not be successful. I mean Azerbaijani business :) It was nice reading your comments, I enjoyed the sentiments of logic you presented.

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