Food prices rise amid talk of civil unrest

Dairy products on sale in a Yerevan supermarket

Dairy products on sale in a Yerevan supermarket

Sugar prices rose 20% today in most food stores following a 10% price-increase for dairy products yesterday and earlier rises for flour and bread in January.

Prices for natural gas are also set to rise this spring, resulting in a further price rise for a range of related products and services, from food to transportation and utilities.

This comes at a time when the Armenian opposition is talking social unrest, encouraged by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia.

The authorities, meanwhile, are either completely reckless, or incapable to act.

The question is – can Armenia afford another “March 1,” more street violence, more civilian victims?

And even if U.S. officials say Azerbaijan stands little chance in case of launching an assault on Karabach, will this disenchanted and hopeless nation stand a chance?

The issue of preventing price-rises, ensuring economic growth and averting an inevitable social unrest is becoming a matter of patriotism and preserving the nation. If this government fails to act right now, they will be named traitors by this generation and generations to come.

Just thinking out loud…

P.S. Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan gave a lecture to army generals on the state of Armenian economy this week. Are the authorities hoping for an armed conflict with Azerbaijan to save their asses?


8 thoughts on “Food prices rise amid talk of civil unrest

  1. Just a little economic background on this, apart from official part of the story.

    Recently the biggest supermarkets chain Start (which was known for liberal pricing and, being the biggest chain in Armenia was influencing the market priced drammatically) was acquired by an absolutely unknown Group registered in offshore British Virgin Islands. The name of the Group is Viest Assets Ltd. The Group does not even have a website. I hope at least their emails are not ending with or

    But, thats not important. The important thing is when in any country, especially the one which is dependent on only few transportation roots to import or export goods, the owner of the biggest supermarkets chain decides to sell 100% of his/her stocks, antimonopoly committee diligently considers the case and all potential outcomes of such deal.

    Needless to say no one in our country bothered to think about that or to conduct due diligence. What a respect towards private property:)

    I leave the rest for you to think over….

    • Maybe the earlier post about banning the street vendors has something to do with this latest price hikes. You know, curbing competition and such.

      • No, they do not sell diary products or sugar on the streets. But mostly fruits and vegetables….

        Sugar is a monopoly in Armenia from the very day of its independence.

  2. Hayastan can not afford another March 1st, that goes witout saying
    However, if the powers that be purposely entice/provoke the “people” as they did on March 1st, 2008…then yes, we will have a 2nd round
    I hope it does not happen. However, if it does…all my rants & expositions about gor gors FAKES will be proven true. What I mean by it is that if we have a 2nd round of March 1st, you’ll see the gor gors stand-by & turn blind-eye again. Imagine, if we have another round of civil-unrest, murders of innocent civilians, and the gor gors stand-by watching it like some sitcom entertainment. so what of it then? all of you will still come out and cry that “we are one ppl”….”we are united this”….”we are unite that”…”All Armenians are the same”…blah blah blah same old bullsh*t rhetoric responses & defesnse? I almost want another March 1st to happen all so that I can prove that “they” (meaning the gor gor FAKES) wont make another peep, turn a blind-eye, and even get an enjoyment from knowing/watching us real Hays tear apart each other over meaningful-important issues to us who love our homeland.

    Interestingly, all of a sudden there are many articles out there in the net discussing about the “gor gors” having a role play in our gov’t, suuuure as if they don’t already? oh ara but they do from far outside of the borders and UNDER the table…way under, where none of you can see it. recently the other day I overheard 2 gor gors (in their 40’s or 50’s) at a bakery in glendale talking about how stancis are so stupid, they will never realize that “we” (meaning the gor gors) have a hand in their gov’t and they can do nothing about it….they spoke in their gor gor half arab/half turkish language thinking the stanci sitting behind them is not listening and if listening, would not understand what they are saying anyway, all while not realizing that a stanci such as me speaks-understands that FAKE Armenian language of theirs very well, so well that if I wanted I could pass for one them. so anyway, essentially they were admitting to each other how they’re having an influence on our corrupt gov’t officials and being in the same boat as them (which is to apply oppression & depression on the majority of Hayastancis) I dont believe it was coincidence I was at the bakery same time as they were and that I decided to stay there to enjoy my food and happen to be sitting behind them while they spoke such words…. I dont believe in coincidences

      • @nazarian
        the gor gors = ARABs who hi-jacked the Armenian identity to profit from it, who dare refer to themselves as “genuine real Armenians”, the gor-gor FAKE Armenians who are such anti-Armenites, anti-Hayastancis, anti-Yerevan that they’ll do anything to make sure Armenia does not succeed, even if it means to stand by and watch Hayastan burn to the ground so that later they can piss on her ashes, just as they’ve been pissing on my homeland for the last 75 years. the gor gors are those who desperately want to dissolve ARYAN-KAVKASIAN Armenian identity and make it into camel raping habibi wabibi alla walla akbar makbar ARAB, because they think to be Armenian is same as being camel ARAB. by gor-gor definition & standards apparently we Armenians descended from monkey camel raping ARABS & TURKS. so tomorrow if Hayastan begins to be ARAB, then the gor-g0rs will coma running to help us at are beckoning call, but if we dare remain Hay…”oh no habibi gla gor mla gor, we dont help anyone who is really genuinely Haykakan”…che, da aydpes eq uzum mez hamar ha !

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