Meet Armenia’s new Human Rights Defender

Lawyer Karen Andreasian

Armenia -- Karen Andreasian, a lawyer nominated for the vacant post of state human rights defender post by ruling party, Yerevan, 24Feb2011.

Layer Karen Andreasyan, 33, has been picked by the Republican party of Armenia to be Armenia’s next Ombudsman. Following a largely formal vote in the Republican-dominated National Assembly, he will be appointed on this position at the next parliamentary session.

All I know about him, is that he was the host of a legal-issues program on Armenia TV.

I also found, that he has worked with ABA Rule of Law Initiative to provide an election hotline offering legal assistance in case of election-related problems and irregularities. Sounds good enough to me. And that’s basically it.

Newspapers today were full of Andreasian, but I didn’t read any of that – I was sure, the opposition papers will be criticizing him and calling names, the pro-government ones would be singing praises. I don’t have time for all this.

To me, this is a regular guy, qualified enough for this job, suitable enough for the authorities and not totally unacceptable for the opposition.

More importantly, let’s understand, that this is not a political post. The man is there just to be helpful to us, the little people with little problems. Let’s hope, that when the time comes, he’s there to help and all that taxpayer money used for his staff and nice office is not wasted.

And let’s make sure he understands it is our taxpayer money and it is us he has to serve. Not the ruling party, nor the opposition elite.

As to his political orientation, which he says he has none – the fact of the matter is, if the ombudsman is in conflict with the ruling elite, he can’t work, can’t push his way though.

And really, what do we expect of an ombudsman? What’s the point of asking, what he thinks about the existence of political prisoners in this country. Who cares?


7 thoughts on “Meet Armenia’s new Human Rights Defender

  1. he serves those who PAY him well and/or sign his PAY checks
    next time appoint a Hayaser (like me) to such a position
    then you’ll see how it is we Hayasers defend the rights of all Hays in our Hayastan. you dont need a “lawyer” to defend us, we are Hays…you need a Hayaser with BALLS and doesn’t take political crap from the ruling elite

      • jaaaaan axper jan, cavt tanem
        sh’norhakalutyun Arto jan
        misht yes uzum em pashtpanel im Hayerun, manavand mer iskakan Hayerun dzer n’man eli

  2. I would expect readers of this blog to be more active on this extremely important topic.

    I hope everyone realizes what Ombudsman is and what this position means to today’s Armenia. And if we do realize it, are we happy with this proposal? Did we expect to see someone else? Is appointing a 33 years-old guy a revolutionary step from Republicans? Do Republicans realize that tomorrow’s human rights complains will be pointing them as guilty ruling party or do they have a guarantee from this young man not to be mentioned in his reports? Did anyone see any tangible human rights report drafted by this young man yet?

    I am interested to know my nation’s opinion about this event…..

    • The way this institute is done is to be a smokescreen for the regime. I am not surprised that there is very little activity.

      • right, Armenia still does not have the Ombudsman…

        pity to realize people are indifferent… they would rather make a revolution instead of making their lives easier and better….

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