Armenian Genocide – there’s an app for that!

‘Armenian Monument’ is a free iPhone App dedicated to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and vigilance on current ones around the world.

‘Armenian Monument’ is designed to be more than just a History lesson with fancy graphics. The project is still in development, but has very interesting features already.

Alex Nisanian, the man behind the idea, wants to get the youth involved by having a ‘Call To Action’ feature.

This will give users an easy way to locate their local representative and notify them of our demands when pressing issues arise. It’s designed to encourage activism through video game tactics.

For example, the first time you answer a ‘Call to Action’, you unlock the ‘Concerned Citizen’ achievement badge, the 3rd time unlocks ‘Community Organizer’ and so on. You can choose to add your name to an online leader board of the most active on

This way users can advertise their activism on Facebook/Twitter and spread the call to others with this free app.

A high tech and certainly an interesting way to reach out to concerned Armenians all over the world, which will certainly click with the users. Let’s just hope for Android, RIM and Win7 mobile apps to follow soon as well.


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