Opposition rally everything but a revolution

Armenia’s radical opposition rallied thousands in capital Yerevan on March 1st. The date was set to coincide with the 3rd anniversary of deadly street-violence in the capital after 2008 presidential elections, where 10 people died in clashes between supporters of opposition presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian and riot police forces.

More than 10,000 people came to listen to the opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossian encouraged by the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, agitated by the worsened socioeconomic situation in the country and ready for a revolution.

There was also a full-length livestreaming video from the opposition rally, Twitter and Facebook with some (albeit little) activity of the more geeky-politicized crowd findable by the hashtag #1mar.

There was everything, except for a revolution.

Ter-Petrossian cooled the crowd so effectively, that my jaw dropped. Sure, the usual demand of fresh elections and letting out the political prisoners was there. But the resignation demand was downgraded – instead of pushing for President Serzh Sargsian’s resignation, it was the Prime Minister Tigran Sargian and some other less important officials.

Then Ter-Petrossian sent the crowd marching down central Yerevan, lighting candles… and than home, with a promise to return for another rally on March 17.

It was such an effective neutralization of revolutionary moods, that the police and security forces couldn’t even dream of. And done by the great crowd-controller, Ter-Petrossian himself. The man, who can stirr up a revolution from out of nothing… Not that Armenia needs or wants a revolution, especially ahead of fresh Karabakh talks on March 5th and an increasingly hostile Azerbaijan stepping up cease-fire violations on Armenia-Azerbaijan front-line.

Is there a secret coalition-agreement between President Serzh Sargsian and opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossian? I have my doubts by now…

Candlelight vigil video from Reporter_Arm with very interesting comments.


22 thoughts on “Opposition rally everything but a revolution

  1. It would be great if you could paste English version of 15 demands so public can discuss it. I personally have doubts ANY government would satisfy those demands, especially in 14 days…..They are unrealistic, especially given a timeframe. (Just imagine, how can Artsakh become an independent part of international negotiations within 14 days?)

    And if they are unrealistic, why does Congress (and when I say Congress we understand Levon) put those demands, knowing they can not be satisfied within such a short timeframe?

    As someone said in a different forum, what does “tangible part” of demands mean? If they satisfy 14 out of 15 demands, but leave the political prisoners in the prisons – would this qualify to be a tangible part of demands satisfied?

    To me, this is the short/middle-term scenario in Levon’s mind:

    1. Put unrealistic demands within unrealistic frameworks, so they can never be satisfied, so you win anyhow.
    2. Be vague, do not mention what you understand under “tangible part” of demands so you can always play with those that are not satisfied.
    3. Speak about big money to the crowd. Numbers hypnotize, anyone hurt 3 years ago can demand $ 100 000 from the Government.
    4. Put social demands along with external/political ones in one list, so you gather more unhappy public to your side.
    5. First time in history make agriculture-related demand (spring has come, its vital)
    6. Keep the public warm, gather it within 15-20 days after you air your demands

    I must confess, and you saw it yesterday as well, Levon is a brilliant politician. He is an outstanding public speaker and has enormous charisma. I would wish to have him or a person like him an opposition leader forever. This drives Government crazy and compromising, which in its turn brings benefits to the country.

  2. want to point out yesterday was 3rd anniversary of “March 1st” civil unrest and murders of 20 Yerevancis and injures of countless more
    yesterday I was in front of Armenian embassy in glendale protesting with dozens other Hayasers giving the embassy the finger and telling the ambassador that we Hayasers stand up to the rk-ss-dodi-ltp regime, that we are NOT scared of them nor any other powerful elitar oligarch that ruins our precious homeland and society
    also, want to point out that the gor gor FAKE Armenians did not come out to commemorate March 1st…yet AGAIN, nor did their FAKE ayf or any other gor gor FAKE Armenian youth group show up and/or make a peep about it. apparently when stancis are massacred (in the homeland of all places)…it doesn’t matter, but when a turkaser such as DINK is murdered, you will see all the gor gor FAKES show up in Jan in front of the turk embassy on wilshire blvd. in LA, or when a scum kurd is prisoned that has NOTHING to do with Hayastan or Hays, you’ll see several dozens of gor gor FAKE Armenians with megaphone in hand and sign holding protestors in front of turk embassy, but if you kill or harm a Yerevanci…ara you dont have to worry ok, no FAKE Armenian would dare show up to protest against that. however, if you dare to harm a gor gor FAKE and/or deny GENOCIDE…yaaaaaaa araaaaaaa they coma a running like the wind.
    prime example – stand on a public busy main heavy traffickated street in glendale holding a sign that reads: “I DENY/HATE ALL BEIRUTCIS & STAMBULCIS”, now switch the sign to: “I DENY/HATE ALL HAYASTANCIS”, you’ll see the profound difference in attendance of protestors. that’s if you survive the stancis from NOT killing you with in 2 mins of holding the sign
    my point is the fact that any stanci (or real Hay) does not protest gor gors for not commemorating March 1st, but gor gors want us stancis to bow down to them and commemorate April 24 every year like clock work is in itself a HUGE insult to Hayastan and our being of Hay
    btw: if any of you happen to see any pics/vids of it online or else where, the one that has the yeraguyn draped on his back like a cape & holding the sign that reads: “GOR GOR FAKE ARMENIANS = ANTI- HAYASTANCI and REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE MARCH 1ST, 2008” that would be me, I’m not afraid of any of you gor gor FAKES. ara you want us stancis to fear you, same like how rk-ss-dodi regime wants us to fear them. we Hayasers DONT FEAR ANYONE or ANYTHING ON THIS PLANET, YOU UNDERSTAND NOW? WE WILL EXPOSE ALL WHO ARE ANTI-ARMENite, ANTI-HAYASTANCI, ANTI-REAL ARMENism, and ANTI-RIGHTEOUSNESS

    as a real true genuine Hayaser, I will never forget those who gave their lives to bring about a revolution, but also who tried to bring about a change to my homeland for the better
    and to any of my fellow real Hays who thinks that scum zionist anti Aryan-Armenite LTP is the solution to our problems, seriously…I love you, but because I love you so much, I require you to be admitted to a psych hospital for an immediate mental health evaluation. you have any idea what would happen to our homeland if that scum douche bag JEWtp was to be put back into power? ….say bye bye to Hayastan, you’ll never see her again. both sides are equally evil and have an agenda to see to it that the ‘commoners’ do not succeed in life

  3. Qaj Andranik, why do you think all Armenians living outside Armenia are evil?

    Just, can you please make it bullet points like


    with not more than 5-10 words per bullet point?

    • @Armenia.im
      I can’t do it in 3, I can do it in at least 5
      1 – gor gor FAKE Armenians hate Hayastan, they are anti-Hayastanci / anti-Armenite
      2- gor gor FAKE Armenians have all money & power to invade Hayastan physically, take it over, and make it better for all, but they refuse to do it because Hayastan is full of Hays, and not camel arab & scum turk. meaning if Hayastan was a “arab” nation, the gor gor FAKES would to do it properly what they do for themselves in their BOURJ MAKHMOOD KAKMOOD whatever mood they come from
      3- gor gor FAKE Armenians are full of hate & discrimination towards real Hays, specifically Hayasers such as me and my fellow Hayasers. since we believe in being genuinely Hay and not another ‘azgaser’ as they are, they hate that. they want all Hays both fake & real to be NOT Hay, to be opposite of being genuine true Hays
      4- gor gor FAKE Armenians are arab/turkasers, they are not HAYasers
      they are the complete “opposite” of being Hay, (if need be I can provide video proof/evidence)
      5- if all Hays (both fake & reals) come together and really unite, (not fakely unite as both sides like to bullshit about it alot) and do to Hayastan what jews did for their Yisrael, then I would be a happier Hay and more warm & welcoming to the FAKES
      Here is what I deeply believe in

      Garegin “N’zhdeh” Ter-Harutyunyan was a real true genuine Hayaser Armenian , statesmen, military commander, ideologist, a STANCI, and more importantly he was a real true genuine Armenian prophet. His ideaology of “Cexakron” (aysinqn kroni cex@, religion of race) was not a revolutionary ideology, but a continued ideology and birthrightful being of what Armenians are. we are a race, we are human, for million years we humans categorized ourselves by our bloodlines & nations, our bloodline (the Armenian BL) is of ARYAN, is of KAVKASian (Caucasian). Our Garegin knew well what that is and saw what was happening to Armenian ppl (on both sides of Ararat) he believed that if we dont keep ourselves Hay, we will lose our national identity. Unfortunately, that has come true by way of gor gor FAKE Armenians. if you look at them, you will see it… in their faces, in their languages, in their celebrations, in their music-culture-heritage, in their eyes & ideology… which so happens to be VERY FOREIGN to what is Haykakan. we Hays are of Hayk Nahapet, (great-grandson of Yapet, son of Noah) not of SHEM or HAM. However, these gor gor FAKE Armenians are trying to make it be that we Hays are of SHEMITIC/MONGHOL origin, that we are of ARAB or TURK origin of some sort, and that to be Hay is the same as to be ARAB or TURK, or even JEW. they are intentionally desperately trying to destroy Garegin’s real CEXAKRON. they took CEXAKRON and made it completely the opposite of what Garegin was trying to continue from millennia or 2 ago. gor gor FAKE Hays want us real Hays to bow down to them, simultaneously they are secretly in bed with our mafia regime trying to destroy us by way of so-called: we send money to you stancis every year, we collecting millions of dollars to send to you, if it was not for us gor gors there would be NO Hayastan, blah blah blah. this is complete BULLSHIT LIES & DECEPTIVE on their part. if that is so true, then why do Armenians outside of Yerevan suffer? building few roads, schools, and water pipes here & there doesn’t justify for their hate & discrimination against us stancis. we try to build bridges with them, we tell to them: hele yekeq Hayastan, ari aystex mez het miavorek/miacreq, dzez het enq uzum zhamanak anckancnel, aveli k’uzhananq yete irar het linenq… but to no avail. gor gors refuse to visit Armenia, treat us stancis as 2nd class citizens amongst them, consistently speak negative about us in their inner circles while desperately trying to paint themselves as “victims/innocence” of some sort (a huge joke in itself). they refuse to part take in our community activities here & over there, they refuse to properly recognize YEREVAN and to celebrate her b-day every Oct., they refuse to visit cicenakaberd that we built not only to commemorate GENOCIDE, but to god dam try to bring them to Hayastan. imagine, we build the tourist attraction for them and still they dont come. so anyway, I am not against my own stancis living outside of Hayastan (maybe a lil, I’m mean I am one of those stancis), but we stancis have come very far in 20 years, not even the gor gors can do what we do or have done. however, they are anti-Armenites, anti-Hayastancis, they cry like babies when its about them, but they refuse to unite with us, and to properly give us credit where its due, but more importantly they refuse to recognize, support, and commemorate March 1st 2008. they basically spitting on us and leaving Hayastan twisting in the wind. so now you ask me why I dislike or hate on them so much? I treat them the way they treat us, maybe they dont do it so pubically (as they did in 2009), but none the less…they do it and I see it every day. I know dam well other stancis see it too, but they refuse to fight it or stand-up to it, to expose it, my only conclusion is because they gain something from it or profit from the FAKES some how…I dont know. but sinc I dont have any buisness going on with them, and have personally experienced much hate & discrimination from them and I DONT PROFIT anything from them in any fashion what so ever…then I dont have any qualms to expose the reality about them

  4. I was following the geeky #1Mar tag and there was some triumphalism re: no revolution…What am I missing? Was there a PROMISE of a revolution? I thought it was just a commemoration march.

    I agree with you though, LTP can spark a revolution with literally one sentence. All he has to do is say the word and people will follow, which is a little scary…I’m not entirely sure why he hasn’t though. To me, it is not entirely inconceivable that he’s actually sincere when he says he doesn’t want to negatively affect the Kharabagh issue. Maybe I’m naive, but Armenia is a small country, and Yerevan is smaller still, I feel like SS and LTP couldn’t co-operate without the whole world finding out.

  5. There is a 100% certainty that the government will not blink an eye and will take tanks against anyone advocating a revolution and shed as much blood as they want.

    They have done that once before.

    Are you, or any of the commenters, ready to take up arms against the government and the army?

    • By the way, the question is not an attack but a curiosity. As someone living outside Armenia, I cannot advocate for anything that will hurt the people living inside the country.

      • Nazarian, my ‘arms’ are the photo-camera and my ability to tell about things. So I’d take that ‘weapon’ and go stand between the people and the tanks. I guess that’s where I belong. But I wouldn’t stand either on the side of the tanks or the people. Sorry. That just doesn’t fit my internal ethics code.

        On another note, I have my sympathies and feelings, and those are always with the people.

    • But watching videos like this it is clear that the current regime must go, hopefully in a way that causes the least damage. I just hope that Armenia has not crossed the critical point.

    • @IA
      I missed the first March 1st, I can assure you a Hayaser such as me wont miss the second March 1st. if Yerevan erupts into mass chaos or civil unrest again, I’ll be on the 1st plane to my homeland and help in any way I can to bring about peace & transition.
      really though I want to pick a fight with the police. in turn they are agitating the crowds by their presence alone. also, if I can get close enough to that scum bag LTP, I would enjoy to shove a knife into his throat and call it a day. please excuse my threats, but he is a threat to my homeland, we must “eliminate” ALL threats in all corners of this: whatever you want to call it. LTP, rk, ss, dodi, and anyone else in their corner are responsible for the GENOCIDE of 20 innocent Yerevancis and countless other innocents severely harmed/injured. you can NOT allow such things to go on and get away with it.

  6. Yes independent armenia – re: your 100% certainty, they (the Arm Government) did it when the same hypnotist LTP started this nice little trend by dishonoring the people in 96 and sending tanks against Armenians. He has forsaken any right to lead anything except Armenians down a dead end.

      • I think there is no need to compare March 1 with 1996, those are just two different things, and times.

        We had 10 dead on March 1 and only a dozen injured in 1996. We had tens of thousands unhappy on March 1 and only few thousands in 1996.

        There is just one common thing in these two events, both times elections were falsified and this caused civil unrest.

      • Not only the elections were falsified in both occasions but it was evident that laws are not worth the paper they are printed on when it comes to the ability to change government and its policies.

  7. armenia.im, you have a skewed recollection of 1996, not to mention of 2008. And I have doubts whether more people were unhappy on this or that occasion.

    The reality is that discredited politicians have lost their moral right to lead. And that is why LTP will never lead the Armenian people anywhere but off a cliff. 2008 was hopefully the last time the nation endured a bad event where he was a central player and one of the responsible parties.

  8. p.s. I mean this is indeed the maximum I can wish for Levon Ter-Petrosyan, and again only if country benefits by keeping the Government alarmed and compromising, reforming, etc….

  9. While I understand your point, armenia.im, I am not sure that in the long term the end justifies the means. Armenia needs an opposition desperately. Having a has-been placeholder who only incites, ratchets up hatred, and prevents the coalescing of a well-intentioned opposition probably does more long term harm than anything. It is convenient for those (both in the LTP camp as well as those in power) for whom the status quo is desirable. It is the rest who suffer the consequences of the convenient arrangement.

  10. Agreeing to “Armenia needs an opposition desperately” we have to chose from what we have. There are 4 political forces claiming they are opposition, some of them (funny enough) even believe they are opposition.

    So who do you see as opposition from those 4? (congress, heritage, karapetich, dashnaks)

  11. Guys – I’d be happy to publish a guest post by any of you on “who do you think would be the best political force to govern Armenia at this point” and what “3 top objectives” you think they should accomplish. I’d really appreciate if you could send it to me using the contact form: https://ditord.com/about/contact/.

    And I’d be happy to publish all the stories, even if there are 10 or more of them.

    • @Observer
      the “people” are the best political force to govern themselves and protect the homeland. power always lays with in ‘the people’, not a corrupt evil body of mafiya figures. the mafiya is only so many members, there are MORE commoners (the people) than mafiyatic members.
      top 3 objectives:
      1- jobs, jobs, and more jobs
      2- equality for all, equal opportunity for everyone in all sectors
      3- social, economic, education, and health benefits for all

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