Protesters blocked central avenue in Yerevan

An angry chain formed of women and children briefly blocked central Baghramyan avenue in the Armenian capital today.

As reported by an correspondent on the scene, the protestors were all members of a single family, the Isajanyan family. The mainly women and children gathered were voicing their complaints against police impunity.

“We have a workshop at 10 Mkoyan in Masiv district. We collect electrical motors. They were insisting that a road is going to go through that area. They forbid us from filming their activities, they snatched the video camera, while simultaneously shoving and hitting us. The children have received bruises,” explained the cousin in the family, not wishing to identify herself.

The police then forced the protestors to clear the street, pushing one of the old women to the ground in the process. Road traffic resumed as normal. The correspondent said those officers who had used force quickly left the area.

I don’t have enough data, but from what I’ve heard so far, they are claiming, that an oligarch, whom they identified as “Sos Tigranich” has seized a production area where they used to work.

They also said the oligarch in question is the owner of Sovrano company, which is a major importer of alcoholic drinks and food, as well as involved in several media companies, including the popular online news resource.


5 thoughts on “Protesters blocked central avenue in Yerevan

  1. Yerevan’s having a troubled day today. Police got rough with street vendors protesting against a recent ban induced by Yerevan’s mayor on street trade. An opposition activist was taken to the police, MP’s from parliamentary opposition party Zharangutyun (Heritage) were tossed around by the police. More details at

    • Thanks Adrineh. was all over these stories today and all the twitting from @epressam account was great!

  2. I support them, I praise them, I honor them
    My ppl should rise up and upheave the country
    However, I wouldn’t block a main artery street such as Baghramyan
    I would do it at the presidential palace and not allow serjik perjik to leave his compound or where ever he sleeps, or maybe do it at the parliament and now allow them to go inside for sessions.
    jealousy runs deep among our ppl, if I’m living there with no work, no money, no production of life, I would be envious, jealous, angry and demand someone do something to help me too.
    I wish I own a big successful factory or business of some sort, I would give them ALL jobs and pay them equally fair so at least they can have enough money to live basic necessity life.
    I want to express that if I had seen a police anyone shove/push an old tatik to the ground, I would jump all over him and beat him enough to send him crying to his mommy. ara come touch a tatik or papik in front of me and see what happens to you, not enough you bully cops harass and beat our reporters/journalists…now you assault our old ppl too? you bully, you coward, you loser !!!!!

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