Poll: what do you want me to write about?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: what do you want me to write about?

  1. Morning,

    Thanks for this poll, this shows your reader-oriented attitude.

    If possible, I would love to see more economy-related posts, but written by internationally recognized experts. Maybe 3-4 times per year. And maybe not more than one guest post per expert, unless public/comments demand the “sequel”.


  2. why do you NOT ever post about why the diaspora does not connect with Hayastan? why does the diaspora NOT want to be involved with Hayastan on a political, economical, and social level? why I am the one who has to post my rants about it? why does no Hay blogger want to post/blog about why the diaspora NOT condemning March 1st, 2008 and why they come out to protest in 2009 crying like babies to make sure Hayastan borders remain closed? why do you NOT blog about why the gor gors are such anti-Hayastanci and why they hate & discriminate Hayastan so much? why am I the only one who dares to touch on sensitive topics such as “gor gors” and the disconnection of them with Hayastan? maybe you all should start to blog about that and question certain topics/subjects that for some weird reason is considered a taboo amongst our society & nation or why no one wants to argue/debate about it? because I know my stancis very well, I know dam well my ppl do want to, but refuse to because fear of whatever it is they fearing. what is there to fear? if bloggers (such as Observer and his collegues) dares to post pics & blog/expose about what’s happening in the streets of Yerevan, then why fear to blog on topics that are sure to bring out feelings & feedback and help build bridges. sure I would like to read/see more about the political, economical, and soical of my homeland, but there are ALOT of other important topics to be added to it. for example: WHY IN THE HELL GOR GORS DONT WANT TO HONOR, COMMEMORATE, and REMEMBER MARCH 1ST? WHY DO THEY IGNORE IT HA? oh I thought we are “one nation”, what happened to that? ALL of YOU BLAB ABOUT HOW WE ARE ONE PPL, WE ARE UNITED, WE ARE THIS, WE ARE THAT, but for some weird sick reason none of you want to touch on the topic of why there is such a HUGE freaking gap between us and them.
    there is a HUGE AYF anniversary party this month, funny…this AYF wants to claim 100 things about unity, strength, social, political, this, that, yet you wont see any stanci (NOT ONE) at this up-coming party. it will be all gor gor spyurrqs, but not one stanci. why? why is there such a division? why do the gor gors hate & discriminate on us so much? why in the hell are’nt any of you NOT asking these questions????
    If anyone dares tell to me that there is a UNITY amongst Hays, I will always be able to prove you wrong and show it to you in person, in the flesh. while all of you think that there is MUCH more important issues to argue/debate about: such as turks, azeris, and all the external stuff…1st WE NEED TO FIX OUR INTERNAL, before we try to fix any meaningless empty-threatening external bullsh**
    anyway, thats my 2 sense about this and other blogs. I’m hopeful to see more blogs about the rants above, but I’m not very optimistic about it. mi guce duq vaxenum eq sh’pvel ayn manramasner, bayc yete duq Hay eq, inch ka vaxeluc???? Hayer@ YERBEQ chen vaxenum voreve mi banic, da e iskakan Hay@. yes ayl huysov em vor duq ayd k’sovoreq

      • @Observer
        sh’norhakalutyun, cavt tanem axpers
        dzer patasxanum lavatesakan ch’unem vor aydpes k’anes, bayts dzez het toxnum em ays tesanyut@ guce tesnel te inch nkati unem

    • yeah, why not… I just don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough on those issues, but I’ll be happy to publish guest posts

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