Armenia lags behind in tourism competitiveness report

The World Economic forum has published “The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011.”

Even as the Armenian authorities keep talking of tourism growth, the country was ranked only 90th out of 139 countries in the report, falling behind Turkey (ranked 50th), Georgia (73rd), Azerbaijan (83rd).

The report measures and analyzes the drivers of T&T competitiveness in economies around the world. It includes factors like security, stability, legislature, health and hygiene, environment.



7 thoughts on “Armenia lags behind in tourism competitiveness report

  1. our mafiya regime LIES LIES and LIES about tourism growth. at best our tourism grows 1-2% /yr. last 3-7 years. so when they saying it grew 7-15% last year and year before that…its all LIES. I wish it would be truth, but how can anyone believe our oppressive tyrannical lying deceiving mafiya regime about anything regarding positiveness of our homeland.
    I hate to admit this truth, but my homeland is a insignificant nothing to the rest of the world. we have no demanded natural resources (very little, if any) we are landlocked, we are block-aided by our external and INTERNAL enemies as well. we have SO much to offer in kindness, generosity, hospitality, warmth, welcoming, and a beautiful homeland. yet, we dont have what the rest of the world wants…OIL & MONEY. apparently smiles & hugs is not enough to get ppl to show up anymore. you would think being 1st christian nation on earth and defending the biggest most popular monotheistic prophet on the planet would make all the religious jesus fanatic not jobs out there want to flock to our homeland and give thanks to us for defending THEIR master they bow down to every day. we can thank the roman-catholic church for blocking our stake to claim on that one. can you imagine that if Tirdat did not unify Hayastan under one religion (regardless of the religion) what would have become of roman empire? only reason Constantine unified rome under christianity is because he saw what happened to Hayastan. he was trying to mimic us by doing what Tirdat had done. so, indirectly we had a role in unifying roman empire under 1 religion.
    anyway, the most tourists we get is from moskow, whether it be our own ppl who migrated to russia for perm and return back once in a while for a visit or from russians who hear they can do bad things in Hayastan and get away with it because no one can say NO to ruskies, because they own our homeland.
    I have one question and seems to me it can never be answered:
    what did we Hays do that we have endured so much suffering on all levels across the board? did we kill someone so important? have we caused an inconvenience to someone or something? did we mess with the wrong ppl of sort? I dont get it, why does Armenia (an innocent nation) have to suffer while others thrive & benefit? I’m hopeful someone can fill this void in my life

  2. here you go, he’s telling you come to sh’qex Hayastan (magnificent Armenia)
    when I saw this…LACS YEKAV…he is the realest of all real Armenians, mer angin paper u tater@ amena tankarzhek Hayern en

  3. Interesting article, I read it with pleasure :) Here I am sharting with you our trip to Armenia story 2010.
    We have always heard about Armenia from our Armenian neigbors. We have been always thinking of making a trip to discover that land.
    In Spring 2010 we decided together with the family visiting Yerevan, and to our surprise it was really a totally new discovery.
    Armenia didnt look like any of the other countries we have ever been to. It was a mixture of old and modern, Soviet and Independent !
    In Yerevan we had many tours around, Erebuni, the republic square museum, the churches, night walks in Yerevan steets and open markets in the early morning.
    Our trip to Dilijan was impressing too, we have been to the monastries and the two museums available, stayed for one night in “Dili villa B&B”, where
    it was all such an extream, we didnt like it that we are going to stay with the owner in the same house he didnt seam friendly and the place was not clean, old furniture, small rooms
    and toilets where not in a good order, no hot water and the most disturbing part there was no keys or security locks for the rooms, non speaking English staff is also iritating.
    They promissed us trips in Dilijan, but in general they are not so well organised so we didnt trust.
    In Garni I was impressed with the temple and in Geghard with the churches. In Etchmiadzin city, I was very happy to find an Armenian couple in a wedding ceremony.
    In general I can say we found a new land, a new discovery, a great exploration, and we wish Armenians the best.

    • @H.Stein
      thank you for taking the time & money to visit my homeland Armenia, greatly appreciated on my part as an Armenian. I’m glad you did and I’m even more happy you enjoyed it and was impressed by our beautiful precious Armenia. I hope you spread the word to your friends & family to visit our tiny homeland. indeed Armenia is a very special, unique, and magical country… unlike any other.
      the staff at the Dilijan b&b are not required to speak english, although it would help. rarely does Dilijan receive english only speaking tourists. also, not all rural areas in Armenia (such as Dilijan) will have 1st class accommodations. we some 900-1000 rural villages/towns, not all will be 1st or even 2nd class. although I’m having difficulty believing that the place you stayed at is as you described, because Dilijan is known as “little Switzerland” of Armenia. then again I’ve only been to Dilijan twice and stayed at Tufenkian heritage hotel in old Dilijan (
      most of Armenia’s tourists come from Russia, China, Japan, Europe, South America. rarely does Armenia receive american/anglo english speaking tourists, but none the less we do receive them in small numbers
      your surname Stein, I take it you’re Jewish? from america? Israel? UK?

  4. competitiveness=investment on tourism sector, supportive regulatories on tourism business. It is not about monuments, sightseeing or tourism activities. You are on top, if you spend money on the sector, if you make regulatories to ease the flow of capital on the sector. So, i dont think if Singopore is significant tourism paradise but they are among top ten. Or, Canada? Glaciers, natural habitats, snow, parks and no more..

  5. We have been invited to Armenia this year by our old Armenian friend who was living earlier in NYC. USA. We where very keen and eager to learn much more about Armenia, we knew it was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion and a country with long heritage and history, Armenian genocide scenarios, the Soviet Union communism/ the independence, Nagorno Karabakh and many more hidden stories in its history.
    Our trip to ancient and captivating Armenia was more than wonderful, the very old churches and architectural monuments built in many different cities since centuries where a proof for a very old nation and told us a lot about the history and culture of Armenians.
    In Yerevan we have been to Erebuni historical museum, Aram kachatryan museum, Armenian genocide museum, and the history museum of Yerevan. Outside Yerevan we have been to, Garni( to the temple which was built in the 1st century) Etchmiadzin (finding the head of the Armenian church) Zwartnots ( the ruins of the temple) Burakan, Sevan and Dilijan( to 2 museums, churches and old town).
    The entire trip was excellent, Armenian food was also something else, the café culture in Yerevan city was very cool at nights, I loved the landscape very much and the people. The negative part that we experienced was only because of a private B&B service available in Dilijan city, the name was Dili Villa, advertised at it is absolutely unacceptable inviting tourists to such a cheap class place. The entire house is not clean, rooms small needed renovating, food was not fresh and we couldn’t stay for long because of the unfriendly staff. The rest of the hotels and hostels we experienced in Armenia where perfect and matched all international standards.
    The newly discovered 6000 years old press wine in Armenia, is the oldest wine-making facility and technology ever found including the oldest leather shoe at the same cave complex as it was reported by NYC Tv channels. Together with my wife we wished to make it there but apparently its near Iran border, very far and we where not sure if it was open for tourists, we will for sure visit Armenia for a next time and maybe we will be lucky then to have the chance to visit Areni1 the oldest wine cave discovered.

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