Archbishop gets a $200,000 Bentley? Fine!

Something large, fast, refined and comfortable has been presented to Archbishop Navasard (Samvel) Ktchoyan, the Vicar of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese. And I’m absolutely fine with that. 

A God’s servant surely would find a thousand ways to do good by selling the $200,000 car and donating it to the church…

…I guess that’s exactly what the reporter of “168 Zham” newspaper was thinking when she asked if the Archbishop planned to donate the car to the Church.

…and I guess the Archbishop wasn’t thinking exactly the same way, when he replied to the journalist: “Mind your business, this is my private life!”

Private Oligarch?


Armenia -- From left to right: PM Tigran Sargsyan, President Serzh Sargsyan, Bishop Navasard Ktchoyan, undated
Armenia -- From left to right: PM Tigran Sargsyan, President Serzh Sargsyan, Bishop Navasard Ktchoyan, undated

Archbishop Navasard Ktchoyan is known for his close ties with Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Armenia’s richest man Gagik Tsarukyan and love of cars.


The number plate on his previous car, a Mercedes, was presented to him by Gagik Tsarukyan.

Surely, the Archbishop will find better uses for ‘something large, fast, refined and comfortable’ as the Bentley, which he says was presented to him by a Godchild.

…and even though he’s certainly an important public figure, this is now his private life, private car for private uses, for clearly very private services to people who can afford to present $200,000 cars.


11 thoughts on “Archbishop gets a $200,000 Bentley? Fine!

  1. Andranik,

    You have some serious issues man, serious issues hahaaa. Every single article you comment on has a racist remark against your own Armenian people. You talk about how you want to better Armenia and Armenian relations, but all that comes out of your mouth is bull shit hypocrisy. Seems to me like you envy Beirutsis, and sounds like you have some serious demons in your mind about Armenians.

    1. @Observer
      aper its your blog, you do what you want with it
      however, if I read comments attacking/insulting Hayastan or Hayastancis coming from gor gors, be assured I will bring it to your attention and confront you with it, nor will I take it lightly. they have NO business to comment about our homeland since they are NOT from there nor do they take part in it in any fashion on any level

      1. @Qaj Andranik,

        I want to tell you that many people come here because this blog has certain code of ethics and people know they can not be offended or humiliated. I also want to tell you that many people would stop visiting this page if they see someone hating other nations, dividing people based on what Armenian accent they speak, etc.

        To put it short, you may influence and reduce the number of people who want to visit this page everyday.

        To put is VERY SIMPLE, imagine a no smoking cafe, and you come there and smoke there everyday. However, other people visit this cafe because it is no smoking. Now, this blog has code of ethics, and many people come here because of that, and you come and brake those rules everyday.

        I am an extremely tolerant person, everyone can have her/his opinion, but one can express an opinion on this blog only if it does not brake the rules of this blog. Do you agree with me?

        Thanks and have a nice weekend.

  2. lol, I just ignore adranik’s rants. They do not make sense to me.

    UGH!!! ARMENIA UGH!!! I am forever annoyed and discouraged when Armenia acts like this. 200k Bentley! and he is an archbishop! UGH!

  3. What a shame we can’t even have a decent discussion. Shows really the problem we have: we hate each other, blaspheme God of our fathers (“I believe in worshipping my race & homeland as a religion” – if that’s not pagan and heathen I don’t know what is), and debase ourselves in front of our nation and the world. We are talkers and not doers – we need to learn to talk less, have less inflated opinion of ourselves, and do more. Thanks to Ditord for publishing this blog, but I think it should be more strictly moderated for the sake of its continuing relevance: no shouting, no swearing, no personal feuds…

    1. I have put a number of words on moderation and I try to follow comments, but with a very busy work schedule, closer moderation is impossible. I’d be happy to give a relyable person administrative rights on this blog to moderate discussions.

  4. I do not know what were the “offensive words” yughaber mentioned, but as a moderator, you should notice this page is full of those words. shame on you guys! I am in disgust reading how qaj antranik is labeling Armenians! “they have NO business to comment about our homeland since they are NOT from there nor do they take part in it in any fashion on any level” How ignorant someone can be to comment such nonsense full of anger and hatred!

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