Beautiful Medieval Songs by Nahabed Koutchak

These beautiful animated songs of the 15th century Armenian poet Nahabed Koutchak brought the piece and comfort, which I so badly needed throughout all this hectic week. I hope you’ll find it as appeasing as I did. Below is a translated piece by Koutchak.

THY face is like a moon that shines on earth,

Like a thick night thy clustering tresses be;
Apples of paradise thy temples are,
And thy deep eyes were lent thee by the sea.
Thou hast arched brows and dark, dark eyes, my love;
Peerless art thou among earth’s countless girls.
Thine eyelashes are arrows to my heart;
Thy mouth is a moist tulip, full of pearls.

Translation by lice Stone Blackwell

The animation is devoted to the memory of great Armenian cartoonist Robert Sahakyanc, via FAR blog

See also Nahaped Kouchak: poetry and biography (in Armenian)


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