Number games: lies that police and opposition tell

I came across this interesting video which I wanted to share. The author claims, that the maximum amount of people, which Yerevan’s Liberty square can fit is 20,000. It also says the territory around Matenadaran, fits about 10,000 people.

Thus, the author criticizes the police and opposition estimates about the number of people attending opposition rallies.

For example, during the past opposition rally, the police said the number of people in attendance is 9,000, while the opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrossian estimated the number to be 100,000.

These number games and manipulations are common on days of rallies, and while I don’t completely trust the figures brought in the video, nor the conclusions the author is making, it’s an interesting methodology to take a look at and try to do similar calculations in the future.


13 thoughts on “Number games: lies that police and opposition tell

  1. Well, the author of this video has a point it’s just simple maths. The news is not about being on one side or the other. It’s about the true facts on the ground – literary on this case:)

  2. Well done – I haven’t checked the numbers, but this is the type of objective data and methodology that I think we need! Of course, more people seem to come to the marches after, or overflow out of a given site (whether it be Matenadaran or Azatutyan Hraparak), but this is a great starting point.

  3. hetqirqir e, arden irakan havishner@ parz en eli
    so since we are in mood of sharing videos with each other, I’d like to share this video with those who claim to be Armenian. it’s short, but to the point…

    I heavily believe in the words of the video, especially the quote of N’zhdeh & Saroyan and I find that my people in Hayastan show those words to be true today with our struggle. however, too bad the same cant be realized for those outside

  4. This “smart” guy probably has never attended any rally on Liberty square. I can assure you that, e.g., on Feb 26 2008, not 3 but 5 people were standing on 1 sq. m, if not 6. You can look at the photos of those days.

    Liberty Sq. can host around 80,000, if we also count the surrounding territories.

    • you people and your numbers, ara who cares how many can stand in 1 sq meter or how many show up to any of the protests/rallies. if 10k or more show up, than be happy. hell I would’ve been thrilled if 1,000 had show up during my protest on March 1st in front of Armenian embassy here in LA, but instead 300 came with me and I was happy with that. it was enough to send a message to those we intended to send the message to. especially me with my anti-gor gor sign. you would be amazed how 1 person alone standing up to 1000 can do much vs. 1000 standing up to 1.
      to me protest is not about numbers, its about the message you want to send or educate those who are in the dark. although some numbers can make a significant difference depending on the sensitivity of the topic

    • Aramazd, I remember the Feb 26, 2008 rally very well. People were not just packed into the opera square, but surrounding areas – including the section of Tumanyan street and part of Northern Avenue, as well as all green lanes around the lake and sidewalks were full.

      But that was an exceptional rally, and there were at least 150,000 ppl then.

      I haven’t seen any rally as large as that before or after.

    • Dear Aramazd, do you actually know what 1 square meter is? It is, literally, a square with side equal to 1 meter. How can 5 (let alone 6) people fit within a 1×1 meter square and continue breathing? The author of video claims that “it is possible” as well, I assure you, 4 people is the most, if we talk about adults of course.

      I have checked the figures, they are tooken from Google Earth, there is some standard deviation in there, but you can compare for example by comparing sizes of small objects, such as statues.

  5. And this analysis underscores the point that the leaders of the opposition as it stands today have no moral authority. From that standpoint they sadly do not offer much of an alternative to the present leadership. And a morally bankrupt opposition is not in our national interests.

  6. By the way, the video states that maximum number of people near Matenadaran is 41,000 not 10,000.

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