Armenian ‘translit’ makes way into street graffiti

I get totally crazy when I see signs like this in Yerevan.

Via Mark Grigorian


9 thoughts on “Armenian ‘translit’ makes way into street graffiti

    • I understand it, when people are forced to write in Armenian using Latin characters, because their phone, computer, etc. doesn’t support Armenian fonts.

      But when I see someone painting letter (i.e. technical limitations don’t apply), and using Latin letters to transliterate Armenian, I have a fit of rage! What kind of a twisted mind would do this? And why? What’s the point?

  1. I think it’s a result of the technical age and the permeation of technology in all of our daily lives. It becomes a habit to the point where even if you can write using Armenian letters, you don’t because you’re so used to writing it in Latin letters — it becomes a new language, in a way.

    I understand what you mean, but in this globalized, tech-savvy world, I think this is only to be expected :(

  2. I am appalled and insulted that 1 of our own would vandalize our homeland property. here in LA, we are use to it, as we see it every day. all the gangs here love to graffiti all the buildings/freeway/ bridges, and else where that there’s an open cemented canvas style building wall some where for them to vandalize and/or put up a piece of their own talented art work.
    however, I dont approve of it in Hayastan, I dont care in what form is used….ham Hayeren ham angleren, tarberutyun ch’ka. DONT VANDALIZE MY HOMELAND. GO TO RUSSIA MUSSIA and DO ALL THE VANDALIZING YOU WANT THERE, BUT LEAVE MY HOMELAND CLEAN. they have all the time & effort to vandalize the homeland, but they dont have time & effort to pick up the trash/debris from the streets and alleys and where ever else its accumulated. himarutyun !

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