The Presidential Cat

Ahead of yesterday’s press conference at the Armenian Presidential Palace, a cat was caught on video walking majestically down the red carpets…


5 thoughts on “The Presidential Cat

  1. omg, ara es inch a? katu katu katu, pss..pss…pss, ara indz mot eli qez het xaxam. maybe it was curious to know what all the red carpet is for, maybe it wanted some camera time, LoL !

      • @Observer
        you realize that there is an untapped opportunity to make money from collecting all the stray cats & dogs roaming Yerevan and selling them to moskow or else where. if someone wants to make some money (not millions, but some money) they could collect all the stray pets roaming the streets, and open pet store in Yerevan or ship them off to moskow or maybe Japan and sell them there. make maybe $50-100k. probably start up costs could be $10-15k. so not only do you financially benefit from the animals, but Yerevan benefits from all eye-soar of animals roaming and laying stray in and around garbage sites

  2. Երգը ի՞նչ է: Is it from an old Soviet cartoon or movie?

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