Village Wedding branded Tashir 2011

Village Wedding – is the term used in Armenia for describing tasteless, low-quality events, where the whole point is to show off one’s wealth.

This year’s Russian oligarchic version of the Armenian music awards, the annually held Tashir awards ceremony was subprime example of such an event.

A bunch of Armenian pop musicians, who are, for some reason, called music stars, received apartments in Yerevan and Moscow, or, sometimes expеnsive cars.

There was no apparent logic for why this or that pop artist received a gift, except the whim of this or that oligarch who provided it.

I couldn’t stand the whole of the event and turned off the TV in about 30 minutes, but Unzipped, who has watched more of it, says an attempt to censor a joke by comedian Garik Martirossian happened during the live show.

Overall, it was a horrible, distasteful show. If you want to see what I mean, check out this 1-hour playlist.

WARNING: You’re going to be sorry for wasting that hour of your life!


23 thoughts on “Village Wedding branded Tashir 2011

  1. You know, you can not expect decent steps from tasteless people. You can not expect mercy and tolerance and understanding from uneducated, narrow-minded people. People who adore useless and low quality music can never think twice, they can not analyze. People who love low quality art, low quality music can not produce high quality decisions.

    My point is, this is not about oligarchs or big businesses. This is only about taste an education.

    And I will tell you why I think so. Look at VivaCell-MTS, one of the biggest businesses in Armenia, one of the biggest taxpayers, one of the biggest companies.

    They prefer to build homes for homeless, give hope to those who need that. They make a lot of charity (and thankfully charity is not taxed in Armenia). They, being big business prefer not to burden the city with advertisements but to burden themselves with care and social responsibility.

    Now, can Samvel Karapetyan afford that as well? Of course he can.

    Will he be more respected after doing that? No doubt.

    Why doesn’t he do that? Because he has no taste, no education, no knowledge, no goodwill, no understanding, no information. 

    So, this is not about money only. This is about taste, knowledge and education.

  2. I was wondering if you would blog about this
    I watched it from start to finish, it took forever to end. I though it was suppose to be 3 hr show, it was 6 hours or maybe 7, I dont know I lost track of time after 5 hrs., I did not like it so much either because I could see it was complete bullsh*t show.

    anyway, I will agree with much that is commented about this ruskie mafiyakan oligarchic TASHIR MASHIR so-called award show. greed is king with these kinds of people. unfortunately, this is the sad reality of my ppl. these celebrities (or “stars”) are all about GREED, the more the merrier for them, because apparently the money they making now and living such a fabulous lifestyle better than the average Hay in Hayastan is not enough. they have to show it off and be flashy about it and celebrate each other in front of us as MASTERS of OUR ARMENIAN UNIVERSE. apparently we are ordered to bow down to them and give thanks for our existence to them.

    although, I enjoyed Nune, but thats about it. I love her alot, her voice and singing is amazing, unlike any other. however the others, well their performance speaks for itself. Emmy and her stupid EV song: boom boom chaka chaka your song is lika lika BIG SMELLY KAKA KAKA. the entire country is against sending her to EV, especially with this song, but if she is to go: Armenia ESC should have chosen AYO by DerHova. that at least that song is catchy and lil bit better, but I will give credit where its due, she’s never looked better. I mean wow, looks can take someone very far for someone who can’t sing well and is disliked alot by her own people for her lousy singing and as the gor gors say: sh’pacac

    and as for Sirusho, what the hell did she do to her hair??
    and Sofi, what is with that color???
    I dont like it to much when these so-called “stars” change their look so drastically. subtle changes here & there doesn’t hurt, but I think they trying to “lighten” their beautiful natural dark hair is not working for them asthetically, well at least for me it doesn’t.

    if the show did not end with TATA, I would’ve been even more supremely disappointed, at least it was worth it to watch til the end to see him. Yes yes, I’m a HUGE Tata fan, I mean really who and what Armenian can not be?

    ok people, don’t forget to bow down to our masters “the stars”, praise them and make them even more rich & famous, while nice good commoners such as Observer have to work 15-20 hour days all to take care of wife & children

  3. wait, I do have something to add.

    “Շատ -շատերը այն մարդկանցից, ովքեր այսօր տուն չունեն, իրենք են մեղավոր իրենց ճակատագրի համար,- կարծում է Շուշան Պետրոսյանը. «Շատ-շատերն այդ ժողովրդից, ովքեր որ տուն չունեն, որովհետև կազինոներում են խաղացել, ծախսել իրենց ունեցվածքը, վաճառել են տները։ Շատ- շատերն այդպիսին են։ Ինչ վերաբերում է աղետի գոտուն, իմ խիղճը հանգիստ է Աստծո առաջ, ես երգել եմ շա՜տ-շատ և երգում եմ մինչև այսօր, երգում եմ ուղղակի, որպեսզի այդ մարդիկ անմասն չմնան մշակույթից»։”

    • Mshakuyt e ayn amen@ inch mshakvac e.Da klini intelect, djayn te artaqin.Isk te lav e te vat da hamematakan e. Ayn inch nerkayacvec Tashirum shat txur er, indj hamar vorpes hay mardu nuynisk viravorakan. Sa ayn depqn e vortex texin e vor ogtagorces “Kextot spitakexen@ durs chi kareli hanel” artahaytutyun@. Kxndrei aysuhet ays animast mrcanakabashxutyunnern anel miayn Hayastanum, pak drneri hetevum, vorpeszi chviravorvi mer bolori azgain arjanapatvutyun@.Kam guce ays averacutyunner@ msnaki shtkelu hamar partavorecnel nuyn ays kazmakerpichnerin anel evs mek nmanatip hamerg ashxarahrchak hayeri (inchpisin Sharl Aznavurn e) masnakcutyamb ev mez pargevel aprelu nuyn noxkanqn u hrgvanq@ inch rus azgi nerka hyurern ein aprum masnakic linelov ayd qcnanqov, storaqarshutyumb u gavarakan anchashakutyamb li “elitar” , texin e asel bal-maskaradin.Ex Zimzimov, Zimzimov.

    • shushan petrosyan is a typical DIVA and BITCH attitude
      10-12 years ago she was a nobody and sweetest person
      now you see how she has been last 5-7 years, complete snobby bitchy I’m above everyone else attitude. thats what money-fame-attention does to an Armenian, especially the MONEY (root of all hate & discrimination)

      շատերը այն մարդկանցից ովքեր այսօր տուն չունեն, իրենք են մեղավոր իրենց ճակատագրի համար
      iroq??? so I guess tomorrow if observer is laid off from his job (or fired, very doubtful) and wont have any money to take care of his family, pay bills, feed, drink, shelter, tend to his garden, or whatever…than its his fault???? oh ara sorry, we not big time like you who has peopel FEEDING your fat ugly mouth. Shushan you are a typical money grubbing FAT OVER EATING ugly b**ch. you think because you can sing and have rich mommy & daddy that it makes it ok for you insult your own people?? please someone tip that b**ch over, like they tip cows overs here in middle america. I can tell all of you this, if Shushanik did NOT have a voice, she could never make it in this world. her obesity alone would keep her back so far, she could never get ahead by an inch (or in Hayastan: a centimeter). so keep talking you b**ch and keep acting DIVA and see what happens to you one day when we meet

      • >> thats what money-fame-attention does to an Armenian, especially the MONEY

        Not only that – she has a husband who can attack ordinary people in braod daylight.

          apparently the news from LA to Yerevancis such as shushan’s husband has not been received yet. those of us raised here in LA have the biggest balls in the world. so when I tell to shushans husband: ARA I DARE YOU, IN FACT I WANT YOU TO TRY TO ATTACK ME IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN FRONT of EVERYONE…I dont joke around when I say such words

          I will show to shushans husband how we Los-Hayer do things
          I dont know if he’s heard of a very large, powerful, violent, and well known ARMENIAN maifya-gang here in LA known as ARMENIAN POWER. I grew up with and around these AP members, I can tell you that we Los Hayer are the kind of Hays that BEG FOR SOMEONE TO MESS WITH US, not to show how hardcore we are or can be, but to send the rest of the world a message that Armenians are NOT to be messed with and be careful of the water you tred on near us.

          so if shushan’s husbands thinks he is that big of a bad-ass that he can attack anyone whom he wants with out concequences, then aper I welcome him to try to attack me IN FRONT of EVERYONE IN DAYLIGHT ON A VERY BUSY WALKING-TRAFFIC DAY WITH HUNDREDS of MY PPL AROUND. all so I can make an example of him and embarrass the hell out of shushanik


  4. They are in excess supply of those apartments in Yerevan that now give them out to as if win credits. But thats not the rediculus part.
    The 1 minute I watched from that show was enough. The moto of the show was within the lines ” promoting Armenian music in Europe”. wtf or as Levon Shant would say: Ունայնություն. The whole thing completly shows that how shallow these people are. With that sort of money they could build a proper defence section on one of the boarder to give some relief to soldiers.

    • It does seem that there is an oversupply of these ‘elitar’ apartments in Yerevan. Do the spyurqahay, the intended market for these homes, still buy them or has it dried up?

      • “Robert the Builder’ built, but they didn’t come, which is why I like the ANC’s proposal of a surtax on new luxury midtown construction. If these apartments have to be given away to make them appear desirable, there’s no need to pull down the current places where ordinary Armenian citizens live.

      • All I can say, is that the real estate market has started moving again this year, after being mostly dead over the past two years. Moreover, there were several construction sites around the place I work, which were frozen with no signs of construction last year. And this year they all resumed construction again and are moving at a pretty quick pace.

        • If there is no data on occupancy rates (I’m kidding, right?) then perhaps you could use this rule of thumb to figure out how many people are actually in those new apartments, and whether they are permanent residents. Walk by around 10:00 PM and look up and see how many lights are on. Then do the same in a couple of weeks, when all the Diasporans are in town, and see how many more are lit.

      • Ani, I think you are right. there is definitely a need for more affordable housing in the country. People still live in those god awful Soviet era buildings because there is no incentive for the builders to build homes in a similar price range.

        When Serj and his clan are kicked out, I would love to see the whole picture behind the “elitar” construction mania.

  5. I tried to watch the attached video. On minute 2 and so I didnt know that the violin could play that sort of tune i.e. kanon. It is obviouse that the whole thing is just acting. Music is pre-recorded.

  6. I thought music was pre-recorded as well, not all of them though…
    ANyway, there is one thing i realised after spending my priceless 5 hours or so on that Tashir show- I shouldn’t ever again watch those fake ‘super-duper’ armenian music awards’ shows!
    We all know perfectly well how those things work and who gets nominated and why, but this AND plus the azgayin mrcanakabashkhutyun just get too obvious…
    I sing horribly honestly, but even i could do much better and even so, one just needs a ‘KRISHA’ out there and get on that stage, get that bloody award and live on with their fake cries and smiles and thanks…I’m just getting so fed up with this, you have no idea!

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