Armenia’s copy-pasted show business

Amazing revelations by Banadzev team, got me thinking – do Armenian stars EVER produce something original? Or are we just sold copy-pasted stuff? Luckily, I got more than enough examples of genuine stuff. Still, the program above is worth watching, especially after all the recent talk on Armenian show business and its stars.


9 thoughts on “Armenia’s copy-pasted show business

  1. I am also amazed:)

    I did not know Andre and Arame are singers:) I thought in their videos they just speak prolonging vowels:)

    Just imagine Andre or Arame rehearsing those tragic moves in front of the mirror at home. You do not need any marijuana to burst out laughing:)

    QUICK TIP: Mute the volume when you watch Andre or Arame video, thats something:) It goes perfect with Campari and orange juice and ice (1/3 Campari and 2/3 orange juice. Believe me, that is a hilarious show:)

    • Having said the above, we have no singers, we have very few songs, no composers, no lyrics, and therefore no show business.

      We better call it “people appearing on TV” or “people trying to sing” rather than show business.

      Great performers produce albums once in few years, and here you can see albums produced every single week. It’s a joke.

      Let us not treat the joke seriously.

  2. I found it interesting to watch our so-called “stars” deny that they dont copy & paste any material/content and that if they do, its never the same.

    the fact of the matter is everything in this world is a copy & paste of some origin. amerika is the biggest example and is the biggest pasted copy of all time. the UK has “x-factor” the US has “american idol”, the UK has “britains got talent” the US has “amercia’s got talent” and same for Hayastan, what you think “Hay superstar” is? is that not a copied show of x-factor/american idol? and now we have our own x-factor hosted by mp3 Aram. the point is, that everything now and then is copied and pasted and re-copid and re-pasted and recycled again and again.

    however, sometimes some artists/entertainers are able to struggle out of that copy & paste content. Armenchik is good example of it: his earlier material was copied & pasted, many accused him of copying turko music and pasting it as Haykakan, and now you see in last 5 years he’s stepped away from that and has written originals, maybe some written by others for specifically for him or whatever. the point is that he has abandoned the typical rabiz style music and has converted it to a more pop michael jackson like music. he is more romantic in his songs and/or more upbeat-kef style vs. the content he was putting out during his teens and early 20’s. its evolution, eventually as he gets bigger and maturer, his attitude and style changes and as well as his material follows with it.

    I think the only original material we do have is our folk-folklore music, zhoxovurdakan. to me thats the REAL Armenian music, not Armenchik, Tata, Andre, Arame, Aram, Sirusho, Emmy, Sofi, and others. they are creating a modern day pop-culture to keep the youth-Hays involved with our Hayutyan and hopefully remain Armenian in some shape or form. otherwise, I believe if we dont have our own modern day pop-artists and music, we would all stray away from our identity and head towards other pop-culture and eventually completely assimilate. so music content is definitely playing a HUGE influential and important role in preserving cultural identity and on youtube is biggest evidence of who is remaining Hay and who’s not, you can see it in their comments, in their favorites videos list of their channels, and their channel’s customized layout design. the Hayasers (such as me) show off our pride of being Hay on our yt channels and want others to recognize that we Hayasers/Hayrenasers are here and we not assimilating nor davachan-ing from our Hayutyan such as many others doing, and so publicly too. I can tell all of you this, I for one as a true Hay have abandoned american music for almost 9-10 years now. I listen only to Armenian content 24-7 non-stop. I dont use my radio in my car, unless its tuned into an Armenian radio station, otherwise I’m listening to Armenian music via cd or ipod. even when I’m standing around waiting for something or someone, I wont listen to the american crap being broadcasted thru speakers in the ceiling of some building I’m in. I turn to my ipod to listen to Armenian music.

    if I’m wrong, I welcome anyone to debate
    but NO insults or fights or provoking

  3. in my opinion, here is a perfect example of lousy content in lyrics and the video is not all that great either. the entire song is the same lyrics & verse over & over again from beginning to end

    and then again with this song of his, same lyrics & verse repeated from begin to end. does this guy think about what he’s singing or is he that big of a puppet that they put him in front of camera and yell to him: ARA JUST SING IT… well at least this video is more interesting than the above. I mean seriously if they had not casted Sofi Poxosyan for the sex appeal, I dont think I would enjoy this vid so much

  4. PPL, let’s be just. there are a lot of excellent musicians, film directors, clipmakers in Armenia.

    Those brought in the report are the bad examples, the copy-pastes, but that doesn’t mean all showbiz in this country is copy-pasted. It just means we’re highlighting the bad examples and are saying – no! Do real stuff, we can’t be fooled.

    That’s it.

    Other than that, I’m a big fan of bands like Bambir and Empyray, I like Ruben Hakhverdian and Lilit Pipoyan, I enjoy many songs by Sirusho and Shushan Petrossian, Hayko has an excellent voice and Arame has a unique manner of singing…

    • @Observer
      Well put, I agree !

      Also, we can’t forget wonderful singers-composers such as Ruben Matevosyan and Artur Meschyan. To me these men are original, not copy-pasted

  5. here is perfect example of copy & pasting Armenian music biz
    2 songs recently released back-to-back
    and both sound very close to each other

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