Local food products: I’ll follow the cat!

Երշիկեղեն հայկական սուպերմարկետում
My father-in-law’s cat won’t eat imported sausages found in Armenian shops, because it doesn’t think there’s enough meat in there. The cat comes from the noble breed of Van cats (Վանա կատու), it knows exactly what it likes and prefers pure meat and only a couple of local sausage types. 

Amusing? Sure. Here’s another food story: back in November, when price of my favorite Armenian cheese – Ashtarak Kat’s “Lori” went up, I predicted, that it will lose buyers.

Indeed, for some while the cheese was lying about in supermarkets and people frowned and avoided buying it. Me too, for a while, until I figured, that I can’t stand the taste of Chedder cheese much longer and started buying “Lori” again.

But now Ashtarak’s “Lori” has became a rarity. I’ve discovered, that it only exists in SAS supermarkets. And when I asked at STAR, how come they don’t have it, someone said because Ashtarak prefers to export most of its cheese abroad.

And by the way, my father-in-law’s cat prefers Ashtarak’s “Lori” too. Smart cat. I’ll follow it’s food habits. When we next meet, I’ll ask the kitty, what it thinks of khash.


7 thoughts on “Local food products: I’ll follow the cat!

  1. because Ashtarak knows that it can sell its products at the premium price outland vs. inland. everyone here in LA buys Ashtarak cheese, I have it in my frigerator. its so popular that even otars in glendale shop at our local Armenian markets and they buy it as well. recently I was visiting a otar-friends home and asked me…”you want Ashtarak cheese with your bread?”… I was not surprised because he shops at the glendale ranch market

    if the locals can’t/won’t pay, then as you predicted, it’s losing inland buyers and has to export more to us diasporans to keep up with costs and profits. dont forget there is a big mafiya tax applied to such a business, that has to be paid at the utmost priority. otherwise, you get ousted like Bijni mineral water company that was owned by a levonaser

    your father in laws cat is smart and has good taste. I dont want imported sausage either, I prefer local Armenian born-bred everything, especially meat & cheese

    • @Observer
      I forgot to ask: how much is the Ashtarak cheese there?

        • @Observer
          oh wow, andhanrapes da shat tank e eli Hayastani hamar
          1 kilo = 2.2 pounds
          so if its $7.50/kilo = $3.40/lb

          thats how much we paying here in LA, give or take 30-50 cents/lb. from competing stores. which makes sense due to being usa and its LA (2nd most expensive city in usa, 1st being nyc).

          here in america cheese is always expensive, but then again its expensive all over the world in westernized countries (north am., euro, aust, etc…) I’ve paid 10$ for 1lb of unbelievable cheese. I cant remember where it came from or what it was. this was several years ago, it was a one time thing as I swore I wouldn’t buy it again due to price, but it was very delicious cheeese. I mean I’m Armenian, inch asenq we Hays love our panir. I’m sure now its maybe 15$/lb. I dont know I haven’t looked at it since I had it, I’m afraid I’ll spend the money again just to have another taste.

          what was the price before the increase? or what is considered the norm for such normal parz cheese in Yerevan?

          • Before the price rise it was 1800 AMD = $ 4.86 per kilo.

            Other cheese brands cost less: 1200 – 1600, but after Ashtarak’s increase, others have followed their bad example :(

  2. @Observer
    derr ayd ayl mi kich tank e Hayastani economyn hamar
    but jumping from 1800 to 2800 is a significant hike in price
    I mean its cheese, I dont understand why cheese is so expensive
    its milk, which comes from the cow, what is so dam expensive about these cows. do they have super duper powers?

    which reminds me of a recent funny story, someone (I cant remember where) but it was announced on the news that some idiot decided to feed his cows chocolate and he thought that it would make the cow produce “chocolate milk” and that he was wondering why no one had ever thought of this and why everyone else was mixing chocolate with their milks when he can feed his cows the chocolate and it would produce out chocolate milk. LMFAOOOO so hard, what an esh.

    in the end, his cows got so sick, 3 of them died and 2 of them had diarrhea for days. I mean thatst how much chocolate he was feeding them. you cant feed animals chocolate, their inner workings doesn’t process dairy like humans does

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