Cyber-granny has no clue what “Internet” is

Հայաստան Շաքարյան

Hayastan Shakarian has been arrested for single-handedly cutting off the Internet in Georgia and Armenia on March 28 Photo: AFP

…but that didn’t stop this ‘charming’ Georgian lady of Armenian origins, pensioner Hayastan Shakarian, from cutting a fibre-optic cable and kicking thousands in Armenia and Georgia off the Internet.

“Cyber-granny” (that’s what Armenian bloggers call her now) claims she was digging for scrap metal.

“I have no idea what the internet is,” Hayastan Shakarian told AFP.

The pensioner is facing up to 3 years in prison if found guilty for “damaging property.”

The Georgian interior ministry said Ms Shakarian had confessed to cutting the fibre-optic cable.

The company that owns the cable, Georgian Railway Telecom, said that the damage was serious, causing 90 per cent of private and corporate internet users in neighbouring Armenia to lose access for nearly 12 hours while also hitting Georgian internet service providers.

In case you’re wondering, Armenia has access to internet via Georgia and since Autumn 2009, via Iran as well. However, the commercial use of Iranian gateway started only since February 2010 and it has yet to gain market-share.

Meanwhile, although Georgian Railway Telecom insists that the 380-mile cable (which accounts for 90% of Armenia’s Internet) has “robust protection”, this was not the first time that it has been damaged. I can recount a half a dozen cases only in the past two years.


8 thoughts on “Cyber-granny has no clue what “Internet” is

  1. The epithet “cyber-granny” is fine, but there’s no beating the spectacular hashtag that has made her a mega-celebrity in Spain’s Twitterverse: #LaHackerdelaPala! – tagging your post with it in hope s that you will receive some Spanish visitors :))

  2. ara WTF!!!!!!!

    as if she knows what is the internet, as if she knew what she was cutting into. poor old Armenian woman digging to her way to get something to sell to get money to feed herself and they are treating her like this??? ara leave her alone !!!!!!!!

    she did not do it intentionally or knowingly. unbelievable that any authoritarian organization would even dare to dream about prosecuting her. seriously this ridiculous.

    ok I understand the internet was cut off and may have cause some temp. inconvenience to some ppl here and there, but they are treating her as if this was an intentional pre-meditated terrorist act. you dont chase down old tatiks for being clumsy and/or simply not realizing.

    I’m very angry !!!!!!!!

  3. For a 2 Mbps connection (unlimited downloads) I’m paying 16,000 AMD per month = $ 43 US. There are better deals out there, but not in my part of Yerevan.

    • @Observer

      iskapes da tank e Hayastani hamar, manavand dzer mbps’i hamarov
      I’m paying $55/mo. for my unlim. broadband cable internet via 10 megs down for my home and $30/mo. for my iPhone data 3G connetion via 5-7 megs down depending signal strength and area I’m in. here we call it megs down, meaning mbps download and everyone here pays same price. its only if you want higher megs down you pay more, thats the obvious part, but in usa general we dont pay higher or lower prices depending on location or regions.

      however, $43/mo. for 2 megs down whether unlim or not, is very expensive for Armenia. god dam mafiya ha, I bet mafiya is telling GRT: you must pay us a kick-back to bring your internet into our country

      why does Yerevan have different prices depending on neighborhood?
      all internet is the same, its only the mbps that plays a role in price
      I understand if you live in the kentron prices are higher for living costs (food, apartment, utilities, taxi, whatever) but for internet? that makes no sense

      • I live in Erebuni, where the phone line is not digital, so Beeline’s Hi-Line for 12,000 AMD is not available, Ucom and ADC, other major and lower cost internet providers also haven’t reached my side of Yerevan, they operate in the Center and more ‘respectful’ districts like Komitas, Zeytun, etc.

        So I’m self with rather few options.

        • @Observer
          ah I understand, its analog, not digital hispeed broadband
          how many megs down is Beelines hi-line service?
          and why is Komitas disct. more ‘respectful’ then Erebuni?
          to me all of Yerevan is the same, the center, the slums, the this, the that, ara its all the same to me. I love all of Yerevan, there should be no this side is more respectful than that side, that’s wrong and discriminatory. my ppl need to learn to love & respect each other equally and unconditionally (except for those who are very evil wrong do’ers and/or beat their gf’s & wives, they can GO TO HELL)

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