Emmy in Eurovision’s Top Model 2011 poll

Armenia’s Eurovision contestant Emmy is running a close race with Azrbaijan’s Nikki on an online poll set up to decide which singer will be named the popular European music contest’s “Top Model.”

As with everything Eurovision, there’s politics involved in voting, polling, etc. Right now Emmy is second with 521 votes against Nikki’s 621.

Both girls look gorgeous, but I think Poland’s Magdalena looks better than anyone. She’s got 389 votes.

Still, I voted for Emmy. Of course I did… even though I couldn’t stand her in the past, I have to admit, she’s become more and more beautiful in recent years and above all, Emmy is Armenia’s representative in Eurovision, so I will support her as much as I can.

Meanwhile, the official video of “Boom Boom” song representing Armenia in the upcoming Eurovision contest was released on Saturday. It was shot by director Hrant Yeritskinian, and features German-Armenian boxer Arthur Abraham.

With an interesting coincidence, Abraham will be fighting on the ring with Andre Ward on May 10th, the same day when  Emmy is scheduled to perform in Eurovision 2011’s First Semi-Final. Good luck to both.


12 thoughts on “Emmy in Eurovision’s Top Model 2011 poll

  1. Oh, great! Emmy is now on the 1st place! I just checked, and she’s leading, having received 660 votes, against Nikki’s 655. I want to hope my blog-post contributed to that!

    • @Observer
      yes, I see that too.
      of course I gave my vote to her so we can win this part of the contest

      I viewed all the contestants for this ‘top model part’ of the contest
      with the exception of Spain (btw: who could pass for an Armenian) and us, really the rest are not very aesthetically appealing to me. I mean what the hell is with albanian girl? WOW, she is UGLY !!!

      Emmy puts all of them to shame in the looks dept. and I’m not even trying to be biased here, but judging on looks alone and not nationality.
      although Slovenia is not bad either, nice facial features: beautiful cheeks, chin, and nice eyes too.

      and why has Norvegia sent a black girl? Norvegia is land of blond hair-blue eyed ppl, but they sent a black??? vay if Hayastan ever did such a thing, I would denounce my own homeland and national identity. as it is Hayastan has become too much multi-cultralism /multi-ethnicity. 50k+ kurds, all the indians pouring into Yerevan in recent years, and now I’m seeing more blacks too. I DONT ACCEPT IT and if I were in leadership I would THROW THEM ALL OUT. a few here and there is fine, but those few turn into 10’s of thousands and that will easily multiply as Hayastan is giving more & more entry visas to such foreigners. I mean, lets bring in the turks too why dont we? what the hell we waiting for, lets hand the country over to foreigners (ahem: russia). I dont mind to be hospitable and open to tourist who want to visit, but I dont want my Hayastan becoming another america or UK.

      Hayastan miayn yev MIAYN Hayeru hamar !!!!!!

    • Nikki is Azerbaijan’s act… Andre[as] is a Greek name commonly used by Armenians for many centuries.

      And I have no idea where the name Emmy came from.

      • @Observer
        maybe after the Emmy awards show in usa? LoL :)
        there is Emma, so there is an Emmy too

  2. Emmy the beeeeeeest. Armeniaaaaaa gooooooooooooooooooooooooo..BOOM- BOOM,CHAKA-CHAKA YOUR KISS IS LIKE A LIKE A,BOOM-BOOM,CHAKA-CHAKA,YOUR LOVE IS LIKE A LIKE A……………….

  3. Emmy (born Emma Bejanyan, Armenian: Էմմա Բեջանյան); 12 April 1984

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