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It is always a pleasure to watch interesting and talented people making good music.

“The Armenoids” Project stands as a “processor” of the universal popular music, and it is based on this processor that a “manual” of today’s global popular music is designed. This “design work” is carried out by way of factoring in the differences and similarities among the world’s civilizations and integrating the best musical technologies of each and every civilization.

In terms of its classic musical genre, the sound of “The Armenoids” Project is typified as Progressive Folk. Ever since 2004, however, the Project’s creations have become so well-liked model compositions for the modern popular music standards that, in tribute to the Project, its musical style has become a trademark category.

The Armenoids: Edgar Rostomian, Lena, Samvel Sarian and Ruben Harutyunian. Photo by

The Armenoids: Edgar Rostomian, Lena, Samvel Sarian and Ruben Harutyunian. Photo by

“The Armenoids” is the reality’s mirror into the past and the future, together with many shades, and their crossroads is the popular music “clock.” One hand of this clock embodies the past, whereas the other hand represents the long-standing cultural content and the modern technologies.

“The Armenoids” Project’s debut album Glocal was a synchronization of the global and local ideologies. So, considering the centuries-old history of the civilizations and the challenge of preserving the common global values, we face two contrasting poles where, no matter how enticing the new local technologies may be, each nation continues to preserve its identity and tradition, and, thus, putting into effect the well-established ethnic formula: “All are different yet equal.

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