Armenian Americans call for justice

Armenian Americans organized a protest action in Los Angeles today, calling for the U.S. President Barak Obama to fulfil his pre-election campaign pledge and pronounce the word Genocide in describing Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey in 1915.


6 thoughts on “Armenian Americans call for justice

  1. This is getting sooo boring, what is the propose . Get over it the Turks outsmarted the Armenians , YES the stupid Turks outsmarted 1,5 million Armenian villagers. And they still do , Armenian is today a Mafia style dictatorship , weak, pathetic and tragic. Today the genocide continues , Armenians marring non Armenians , Karabagh war , Corruption in Armenian , 2 million Armenians that have left Armenia , HELLOOOOOOO the GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AND YOU ARE BICHING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED 100 YEARS AGO………………

    • You know, I think you are right.
      I bet if someone kills your mom and dad today in their house, after raping them both in front of you, your child will also find boring remembering them and will be sure that your parents were outsmarted.

  2. @Pat
    could not have posted a better comment myself, you nailed it on the head.
    you can knock the gor gors all you want, it won’t bother me one bit. in my opinion they deserve 100%, especially it for their insubordination towards Hayutyan & Hayastan. so in a glum way, I’m sord of glad that osama obama or whatever his camel name is…is breaking his promise. I mean I knew he would from the very beginning when I saw him ‘TAKING’ all that millions of dollars genocide tool making money that they were happily ‘GIVING’ to him in 2007-2008 thinking: “yalla, we’ll do like the jews do and BUY our way into ‘official’ recognition” . he is a typical politician, its part of the political industry to sell an idea, take the money, and not deliver.

    pfff…what alot of good that did ha? you could’ve taken that money to the poor of Hayastan and feed/shelter the homeless for a 1 year, but nope…unwinable genocide revenge war is more important to all the haters of Hayastan out there in the gor-gor land

    However, if you not a stanci, then ara you have NO business knocking down Hayastan. so for your own (and political) sake, I hope you are one ha…ushadir !

  3. I forgot to mention,

    you know what I find so funny but still very insulting is that…this guy TANKIAN claims to be Hay, he’s your typical beirutci gor-gor raised in LA, he attended that FAKE Armenian school ALEX PILIBOS MILIMOS whatever it is in Hollywood (from K-12 grades) and he always speaks in english when he’s being interviewed by an Armenian radio/tv media outlet.

    now how is that a typic gor-gor raised in so-called “Armenian” environment in glendale, whos parent speaking gor-goreren language, and the school he attended teaches gor-goreren language, yet he always speak in english?? kind of odd ha. I wanted to point that out because many on youtube now are beginning to question his legitimacy as a so-called Armenian. I mean he does this duet with his big time gor-gor rich daddy singer, he always mentions genocide and that we should NOT forget our past, our culture, our identity and our blah blah blah gor-gor crap that he spews out during his concerts and appearances, but yet he doesn’t speak either Hayeren or even gor-goreren??? and he claims he went to so-called “Haykakan” varzharan in hollywood??? WoW, I dont even know how to process this now !

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