Videodiary of climbing Mt. Ararat

My friend Tigran Baghishjanian climbed Mt. Ararat last year and has put together a video diary of his journey. The film is in Armenian, but I guess many readers of this blog will appreciate it.


8 thoughts on “Videodiary of climbing Mt. Ararat

  1. Hello Ditord , what tour compant from Armenia has this trip , i would love to go this summer ?

  2. you cant climb Ararat from our side of the border, turks dont allow it.
    how was he able to penetrate the border and get passed our enemies milatary border guards with out them raising hell over it?

    Also, our patriarch Hayk Nahapet gave us specific instructions that this mountain is very holy & pure to the Armenian ppl and that we are FORBIDDEN climb it. (same how moses told his jews, you cant climb mt. sinai or zion or whatever it is, thats its too holy & precious to the jewish ppl) which I understand why our father Hayk gave us this order, because he knew that every Hay would want to climb Ararat not only for holy moly and admiration reasons, but for pride and prejudice reasons: aha look at us, we are Hay, we have this glorious large mountain as a our symbol…yev ayln

    anyway, for 15 years now our enemies have been climbing our Ararat and made it into ugly tourist attraction for the religious nutjobs who go to turGAY thinking: wow ara I’m going to climb the mountain Noah landed on. the reason Hayk forbid his ppl to climb Ararat was not because he did not want us to see the world from atop and/or experience something majestic of nature, but as NOT TO SPOIL and/or SOIL the mountain. the turks have been climbing our Ararat for while now and in the process setting up 3 base-camps for climbers to sleep on the mountain over 2 days & nights and in that process they PISSING & SHITTING on the mountain, not insultingly…BUT LITERALLY PHYSICALLY…using our Ararat as a toilet.

    Ararat (or Ayrarat as they use to say in Hayks time) is suppose to be unspoiled and unsoiled. we dont want and/or need to humans climbing a majestic piece of nature and the biggest most important symbol to Hays all to soil on it. you think there is toilets on Ararat for these jack-ass tourists to use??? they piss & shit behind small lava boulders that have been there for more than 1 mill years now. all this excrement is becoming petrified and the turks dig small pits into the mountain and tell the tourist: lan dzo oghlu moghlu, go and make your borat style kaka & pee pee in the hole we dug for you.

    also, they are leaving behind TRASH all over the mountain. what you thinking? that those who climb Ararat are having a good eco-green organic heart to CLEAN UP after themselves and bring the trash back down with them??? we can thank the turks for soiling/trashing our Ararat, as they’ve soiled and trashed the entire world now

    Its every Hays dream to be near Ararat and even want to climb it, and in 2005 a gor-gor penetrated the turks, using an assumed turko name, telling them: I’m amerikaci-turk and I came to visit my homeland, blah blah blah. so they allowed him in and he toured around “western” Hayastan and made his way to Ararat and was able to join a climbing expedition team and as he made his way to the summit (peak), he pulled out our flag and raised it above his head and the turks went ape shit, telling him: ulak dzo chojukh mojukh gla gor mla gor what you doing lan? dzo you cant do that here, oghlum moghlum choghlum you told us you are turkish-american.

    you can see that gor-gor in the picture here in this guys youtube channel background. I dont know if the owner of the channel is the same guy, but maybe he is just using the pic for a background?? ch’gitem !

    the bottom line is Ararat is not meant for us to go and play on it like some playground for children. its meant to be admired adored and revered by the ppl she gave birth to: The Armenaks-Hayasas-Nairians

    thats OUR Ararat, not theirs
    Kecceh mer Hayutyan, Kecceh mer Hayastan
    Kecceh mer Hayaserner/Hayrenaserner

  3. I forgot to mention best part of the video; 9:40 – 11:25
    the words he speaks and when the Aram song “Masis” begins to play, arden shatov shutov lacs yekav. yes ayl uzum em Araratin gagatic kanqnem im Hay axperneru hetn, ev goram HAYSTAN; bayc eli da anorinakan e mer Hayr Hayk Nahapetic orenqov

    de inch eli, yes ayl voxjuynum em im angin Hayerin
    im sax tank Hayerin caver@ tanem

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