MIAK Party and Political SPAM

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In a witty analytical piece, Mediamax news agency blasted MIAK (United Liberal National) pro-presidential youth party’s initiative of sending “personal e-mails to members of governments, parliaments, representatives of political parties and NGOs, and the worldwide media as well as major international organizations.”

As announced on TV, MIAK is planning to send out 4mln emails from 8 April to 8 May 2011. The party are saying their project aims to “introduce the history of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to stakeholders and interested people worldwide.”

Those, who understand how the e-mail works in the modern world, will probably agree  that the usefulness coefficient of MIAK’s campaign is too low, if not zero. Ara Tadevosyan, the Director of Mediamax nails it:

“I do not rule out that a few of MIAK’s 4mln letters can really be productive by appearing in the hands of people, who are really interested in our region and the conflicts in it. But wouldn’t it be more reasonable not to hold a PR campaign “astonishing” the TV audience by the “magic” figure of 4mln letters, but to carry out preparation works instead and send the document to the universities and research centers, where they can really be useful?

I advise the ones, who still consider the news about 4mln letters impressive, to search for spam prices on Yandex. This is the answer you will receive: it will cost the customer 4 000 – 7 000 Russian Rubles to send advertisement to a few millions of addresses. This means that the matter concerns approximately AMD 50 000.”

All I can add, is that there are parties who send political SPAM and there are parties, who are political SPAM themselves.


6 thoughts on “MIAK Party and Political SPAM

  1. When you start calling things like “The Truth and Facts”, you immediately lose any credibility in front of your audience. It being spam doesn’t help your cause.

    But can we expect more from the titans of modern thought in the Armenian government? Probably not as they are stuck in their provincial rut.

  2. Can’t agree more with Independent Armenia. It is a damning indictment of us as a nation that these “titans of thought” are now governing what is left of us. This is a horrible idea and will only make Armenia a laughing stock – no doubt Azeris and Turks would be delighted…

  3. the history of Artsakh is simple and clear: IT BELONGS TO US HAYS u verj !

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