U.S. Companies Paid Bribes to Take Away Armenian Kids

Armenia -- Children at an orphanage.

Armenia -- Children at an orphanage.

Private U.S. agencies arranging international adoptions of children paid “gifts of gratitude” to Armenian officials getting an unfair advantage over possible local Armenian adopted parents.

This thorough report by RFE/RL was based on online correspondence between Ara Manoogian, an Armenian-American activist, blogger and human rights advocate, and a host of U.S. adoptive parents, who basically admitted of paying bribes.

Under the Family Code, Armenian children can be made available for international adoption only three months after their inclusion on that registry — if they are not taken in by Armenian citizens. This legal restriction appears to have been violated in at least two cases in 2007.

Speaking to RFE/RL Ara Manoogian said U.S. agencies involved in the process, like Hopscotch and Adopt Abroad must be banned from doing business in Armenia and compared their activities with human trafficking.

“For me, there is nothing more outrageous than cashing in on these voiceless children, who are being deprived of their birthright as Armenians as a result of the circumvention of the system in place,” Manoogian said.

PS: The facts revealed in the article are simply outrageous. The whistle has been blown. Something has to be done. Will concrete steps follow?


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  1. Banning foreign adoptions? Really? Is this is today’s version of Ara Manoogian’s odd crusade against foreign adoptions?

    I’ve been observing the Armenian adoption email groups for years now and the majority of families are adopting handicapped children.

    But moreover, are there enough Hayastan-based Armenian families to adopt all of these children, especially the disabled ones? I doubt it.

    Yes, it is sad that there is bribery in the system, but that doesn’t reflect poorly upon the organizations that faciliate adoptions. This is a problem with the Armenian government infrastructure. Banning these organizations won’t fix these problems.

    This isn’t selling kids. Please.

    • @Anon
      Yes, we will BAN foreign adoptions. is that a problem for you? are you even Armenian with that name: ‘anon’? sounds more like an indian name to me !

      The fact that this evil mafiya gov’t is selling our helpless-voiceless orphaned children to otars is a disgusting, insulting, and evil act to me as Cexakron-Armenian and to my fatherland: ARMENIA.

      We are not china or some over populated 3rd world sh*t hole country that can afford to “sell” its children to off-set the stress on the country’s economy and population balance. we are small population and we are a small PRECIOUS and PRICELESS people. we dont sell and/or give away our future to anyone….HASKACAR??? TO ANYONE !!!!!!!

      While it is natural and very customary for any couple to want to have their own biological offspring, there is MORE than enough orphaned children in Hayastan to be adopted by the locals. I for one dont want to have my own offspring, I’m cursed as it is and dont wish to extend that cursed to my own biological lineage, rather I’m very open to adopt any & all orphaned children under age of 15 in Hayastan. If I was a multi-billionaire, I would be the father-teresa of Armenia and adopt all the orphaned children and give them a big bright booming future so that Armenia can be a 1st class world country again and make sure that they remain in-house

      Ara Manukyan (AM) is a great Armenian. he is weird, maybe eccentric and does odd things and have a bizarre-neurotic character, but he is a great Armenian trying to do what is just and right. I dont know of any other ARMENIAN who would go to dubai and try to expose the sale of our helpless-desperate precious & priceless Armenian women being sold to camel sandni**er arab pimps to prostitute them. I dont know of any other Armenian who would expose the corrupt government owned personal private bank account of robik-serik-dodi-levon-rh: known as THE ALL ARMENIA FUND. I dont know of any other Armenian who dares to go to Artsakh to help the ppl hand-t0-hand with a fellow spyurrq: Nazo Berberian.

      Everyone wants to sh*t on AM and immediately knock him for doing GOOD, why? because they jealous of him?, because they dont want to do the same?, they dont want Hayastan to succeed?? they have a personal hate & discrimination agenda against HAYASTANCIS??? even our own Hayastancis dont do what AM has done and/or is doing. SHAME ON MY OWN STANCIS FOR NOT EXPOSING and HAVING THE COURAGE TO FIGHT THESE CORRUTPIONS and ACTS of EVIL….AY AMOT DZEZ!

      the fact that my own stancis are NOT screaming/protesting to stop the sale of our orphaned/abandoned children is a huge pain in my heart and in my ass. they have all the time & effort in the world to go to the public squares every week and show their undying support & love to a turk-jew LEVON, but they dont have time-effort or money to stop the sale of our women & children to foreigners???

      you know what, enough of this…just give the country away. I’m tired of fighting for a homeland that seems to not want to change or lacks the will & courage to do so. herriq e aylevs, yes chem karoxanum ayspes pashtpanel. yete [email protected] chi uzum poxel, ba inchi hamar yes nranc piti pashtpanem, ha? dra hamar [email protected] shat vat iravichakum e, qani vor [email protected] chen uzum poxel, apsos u shat AMOT !!!!!!!! yes nexvac em vor asem: yes ayl Hay em….kardum es Hayastan: NEXVAC u ZAYRACAC EM DZEZANIC !!!!! :**(

      • Andranik;
        Ara is just passionate about what he does, isn’t this issue about the abuses in human trafficking something that ALL haystancis should know about. We need some accountability.

    • Anon seems very cocky that they have some power in Armenia. My guess is this person hasn’t any connections in Armenia nor can speak the language but is merely a troll trying to keep their business$ alive.
      So what is Anon’s crusade? Maybe a letter writing campaign to members of Congress to nominate someone for an award that doesn’t matter.
      The bio fathers in Armenia do have a say about their children instead of them being wisked overseas to some wealthy couple willilng to pay big money for the pleasure of a few people in Armenia looking the other way.
      More than one father has recently stepped forward for DNA tests before their child was adopted away. But then Anon, knows this to be true and cares less about the bio families or their economic hardships that force them to seek the help of the state run orphanages just so their children have food and shelter while they struggle to find work in Russia, Dubai, Turkey and elsewhere.

    • Dear Anon and Another Anon:
      I would be curious to learn of your sources of information. Unless you live in Armenia and understand the sytem in which we live in you have no idea what you speak about.
      Drinking your Hopscotch Kool Aid is not the ideal source of true and unbiased information, but it wouldn’t be the first time this adoption agency gave out wrong information.
      Best to be a critical thinker with his information and pay attention to all sides of the debate. There is a 5 year decline in foreign adoption cases exported from Armenia. These numbers are continuing to (as you put it) dwindle year after year for a reason.

  2. This story, which I expect will not get any legs, is really an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill. A sorry individual named Vanessa Kachadurian is in the fight of her life against a civil lawsuit against her for among numerous crimes, slashing the tires of an adoption agency director, flooding the home of the same person, writing inaccurate information on the web about others, and harassing numerous people via email and blog posts. She is hoping this information will save her…unfortunately it will not. Vanessa, give it up. Your assets will soon be depleted. For more information, search “Vanessa Kachadurian Hopscotch”

    • @another anon
      I just researched this “VK” and I found that it seems she is another AM, trying to expose & fight the corruption in Hayastan, specifically against the illegal evil trafficking of our helpless-voiceless women & children. it so happens to be she is gor-gor as well. as I’ve mentioned in the past NOT all gor-gors are anti-Hayastanci, but majority is (some 99%). I commend her and her efforts for trying to speak out against our mafiya and their evil acts on the homeland and ppl. I wish more gor-gors would be like AM & VK, apres to both of you.

      AM: I know you read Observers blog and I know you’ve read my comments defending you, and I know you received my recent email to you. its too bad you dont join forces with me, instead you ignore and keep me aside like some plat of pickles that you will get to whenever you can…thats wrong and insulting. you only making it worst for yourself by not joining forces with me and/or allowing me to help. but then again, you did not help me when I needed it

    • Are you going to blame Kachadurian for everything? Seems like this lawsuit is frivilous and already has been amended because it was poorly written. Checking the pacer account 17 months later it is no farther along and never will be.
      We think you have a lot more to worry about than Kachadurian. The threat of depleting someone’s assets will be interesting, I am sure the judge will find that interesting.
      Lastly, Kachadurian has not invested one dime into her civil lawsuit. Malcious Prosecution is a terrible thing. Dragon Lady should get a life and quit looking over her shoulder every minute regarding the true circumstances of her adoption.
      Sounds like your troubles are much deeper in the Armenian Governmental structure than with Kachadurian, that is the least of your problems at this point.

    • BTW ANON;
      It was interesting reading that complaint how Hopscotch admitted about the arrest of her Adoption Facilitator in the Republic of Georgia. Yet, side steps and says it was because of “polticial reasons”
      Are we to understand that someone who worked for Hopscotch on her payroll was arrested yet Hopscotch Adoptions claims “it was politically motivated?”
      If anyone believes that story, then I have property in downtown Yerevan to sell you for 36,000 drams. What a story that is.

      • So what is the circumstances of the arrest of Hopscotch’s employee?

    • ” fight of her life ”
      me thinks that sounds like a threat.

  3. “This story, which I expect will not get any legs…” Another anon, does this mean Hopscotch will keep bribing Armenian officials?

  4. I’m not sure how anon concludes that there is no sale of children going on. The legs are already in place and those that deserve a kick in the butt will feel them soon. May I suggest that those who knowing or unknowingly purchased a baby to consult with a lawyer, since you can be sure someone will be contacting you sooner or later.

  5. well here is even more proof that gor-gors are indeed anti-Hayastan and want to destroy the Armenian race. look who the owner is of HOPSCOTCH adoption agency


    a god dam ameriGaci (with a g) gor-gor name: garabedian

    I just sent a severe threatening email to this hopscotch mopscotch ch’gitem inch-scotch letting them know that REAL Armenians will not tolerate the buying and re-selling of precious priceless Armenian children of Armenia. I told them I will hopscotch up & down on their lily white amerGaci ass’s.

    typical gor-gors, this goes to show that they indeed are very anti-Hayastanci and whats even worst is that I would expect this caliper of corruption and evil from a stanci to sell/re-sell our own, but not from a gor-gor.

    ok gor-gors, you want to play this kind of game ha

    • Gor-gors are the ones that were traitors with the Ottomans and sold out our people and assisted in the destruction of Armenian familes, homes, etc,.
      History does repeat itself.

      • @A.H.
        Apres, finally someone who has the balls to come out and ADMIT the truth.

        indeed the gor-gors are a destroyer of nations & races, they destroyed themselves and their own gor-gor race and then blame GENOCIDE for every evil act of hatred & discrimination of their part. hence why they have an identity crisis, but lets face the reality; they know dam well who they really are….crypto-gorgor arabs & turks who have stolen the Armenian identity for their own profit & political gain. they should immediately STOP the claim of Armenian identity and come out of their g0r-gor arabo/turko closets and ADMIT their truth and agenda; which is to secretly, but slowly destroy the Armenian identity & nation, dissolve-assimilate it into that of camel arab and dog turk. the proof is in their youtube vids and their FB accounts. they show it and thinking: no one is looking at my FB/YT other than those who are same & like minded as me. well guess what you turko & habibi gor-gors, I monitor your FB & YT accounts every day and I can provide proof here; that for example: stambulci gor-gors are indeed TURKasers and inline with turks on every level

        prime example:

        look at his “activities & interests” section
        notice there is TACAM (turkish-american cultural assoc. of michigan)
        notice how his FB is in turkish and all his friends are TOORKS

        what happened? I thought they claiming to be Armenian???
        since when does real-Armenians promote TURKISHness and USE TURK LANGUAGE for everything??? I dont know, I’ve never met or encountered any real Hay who does the opposite of what it means to be Hay

        all 3 gor-gors (turkasers, arabaser, amerikaser) are indeed very anti-Armenite, very anti-Aryanite, very anti-Kavkasian. they want to destroy Hayastan, they want to destroy Hayastancis across the board, but they cant be very open and transparent about it, they have to be very covert in order to fulfill their evil hate-filled agenda. because they know dam well what will happen to them if majority of Hayastancis wake-u and get wind of what their true intentions are towards us. However, I find the problem with my own stancis is that THEY ARE A SLEEP AT THE WHEEL and these gor-gors are driving the car for them. ARA WAKE-UP, sa art’nacreq, miavoreq, ev k’shi dzer sepakan mekenanner !!!!!


  6. What about this poor yahudi woman in America that was promised an Armenian baby by Hopscotch Adoptions and was all set to adopt , even had a court date. The baby’s father came forward and now the dreams of this couple are shattered after over 2 yrs of empty promises. Didn’t they have enough money for officials? or did the Armenian Adoption Authority find an Armenian Couple that was willing to out bid them?

    Entry from her 3/10/2011 blog.

    “Today, ten days before we were supposed to board a plane bound for Armenia, we received word that our adoption has been suspended. A man has stepped forward claiming this may be his child and, until paternity is proven or disproven, our court hearing is canceled.
    We are ready to be parents to this little girl. Her crib awaits, our plane tickets have been purchased, announcements made, paperwork completed. In my mind she is already my daughter and I have loved her fiercely for seven months. I have met her, held her and bonded with her. This feels like it must be a bad dream, yet I am fully awake”

  7. Bareve Andranik;
    Shat amo’t !!!
    That same adoption agency is telling these religious Amerigatzi adopting our children that our hospital and medical systems are poor, dirty, starve the children, no running water, etc., They believe they are “saving” an Armenian child from the clutches of our evil country.
    Yet, these special orphans still command upwards of $30,000.
    Shame on Armenia for allowing this to happen to our special needs orphans they have rights too, or did people not notice.

  8. Hopscotch adoptions at one time claimed they were in contact with pregnant women in Armenia “Before’ these women had chosen to give up their children for adoption. I think the U.S. State Department would have a problem with this practice. I would certainly hope Armenian adoption authorities would look into this claim and not allow it to go on. If poor pregnant women are being talked into giving up their babies by telling them the baby will come to America and have everything this is so very very wrong. I sincerly hope a serious investigation is underway to look into the records of all adoption children.

  9. I suspect that “Anon” who claims has “been observing the Armenian adoption email groups for years” and “another anon” who attacks Vanessa Kachadurian, could very well be from Hopscotch Adoption, Inc. and know Robin Sizemore or Sizemore herself is posting comments as “Anon” and “another anon”, i.e. anonymous, especially when bringing up Kachadurian’s name.

    In addition to having filed a lawsuit against Kachadurian, Hopscotch Adoptions people have been stalking her on Internet sites and on stories and comment sections which shed light on Hopscotch’s activities such as bribes which they call “gifts”. Notice “another anon” accuses Kachadurian of criminal activities without proof and tells her, “Vanessa, give it up. Your assets will soon be depleted”, apparently believing that Kachadurian wrote the above article or comment. When corporations with money such as Hopscotch Adoptions, want their critics and adversaries out of the picture, they file lawsuits against their opponents to silence, to retaliate, to intimidate and to bankrupt them, in hopes of depleting their opponents’ assets as “another anon” clearly threatens Kachadurian, “Your assets will soon be depleted”. Now everyone can see the kind of agency Hopscotch Adoptions is.

    Hopscotch Adoptions states on its website that it “is a not for profit, international adoption agency”. Yet, Hopscotch and Sizemore, in their lawsuit against Kachadurian, demand monetary compensation for “irreparable harm” in lost business. It is difficult to believe that an adopting agency is truly “not for profit” whose owner, founder and employees earn good income and who often travel to various countries, have highly paid attorneys to file lawsuits against individuals to harass and to profit, pay bribes to officials and get paid thousands of dollars per child by the adopting parents.

    See “Not for profit” Hopscotch Adoption’s IRS “Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax” showing Total Revenues for 2007 and 2008, signed by Robin Sizemore: http://www.slideshare.net/HomelandisSecure/hopscotch-adoption-irs-returns

  10. The Court is perplexed by the overreaching injunction relief sought by plaintiff (Hopscotch Adoptions and Sizemore) against defendant (Venessa Kachadurian) and writes, “this Court is concerned that plaintiffs pursue their requested relief to retaliate and intimidate….”.

    It is worth reading the judge’s writing in its entirety here:
    ORDER to Deny Ex Parte Applications for Temporary Restraining Order 7 and for Expedited Discovery 9 , signed by District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill on 12/7/09.

    Excerpts follow:

    “[…] this Court is concerned about free speech issues, especially given plaintiffs’ reliance on apparent limited, stray comments by Ms. Kachadurian. This Court is perplexed by the overreaching injunctive relief sought by plaintiffs and inability to police or enforce such relief. Although plaintiffs identify finite, limited comments by Ms. Kachadurian, they seek sweeping injunctive relief touching on areas irrelevant and remote to plaintiffs’ claim. The scope of plaintiffs’ proposed injunctive relief is unreasonable and unacceptable.”

    “In addition, plaintiffs seek to impose expedited, heavy-handed discovery on Defendent based on mere supposition of a danger of destruction or deletion of potential evidence. Plaintiffs offer no concrete support of such danger and rely on painting Defendent as a lunatic capable of evidence destruction and deletion in the absence of identifiable irreparable harm or good cause for expedited discovery. Like their requested temporary restraining order, plaintiffs’ requested expedited discovery is overbroad, unreasonable and unacceptable without a connection to identifiable need. Defendent alleged attacks on ATWA is not directly relevant to plaintiffs’ requested relief.”

    “This Court does not grant overreaching injunctive and discovery relief on an ex parte, unnoticed basis, especially when such requested relief lacks defined, adequate support. Although plaintiffs may have meritorious claims for monetary damages, this Court is concerned that plaintiffs pursue their requested relief to retaliate and intimidate….”

    Dated: December 7, 2009 /s/ Lawrence J. O’Neill

    Hopscotch Adoptions v. Kachadurian
    The opinion of the court was delivered by: Lawrence J. O’Neill United States District Judge

    Before the Court is Plaintiffs’ Motion for Default Judgment. (ECF Nos. 23 & 24.) On November 15, 2010, the Court set aside the entry of default as to Defendant Vanessa Kachadurian. Accordingly, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Default Judgment is moot and is hereby DENIED.

  11. I read the lawsuit that Hopscotch filed and from my understanding of their claims, they really don’t have any lawsuit since in fact they HAVE done what they are claiming in their lawsuit they have not done. I really hope that the defendant files a countersuit so they are first in line to collect what they are entitled to, since I’m almost sure they (Hopscotch) and Robin Sizemore is going to soon be flooded in lawsuits and quite possibly jail time of federal charges including those for human trafficking.

  12. Wow Vanessa,

    You havc certainly had a busy evening with your rantings and impersonations…too bad nobody that matters is reading this blog.

    • Another Anon;
      Since you are “reading this blog” than you must not matter?
      Strange, since I am giving my name here and do exist. I only know of Vanessa and her work in Armenia we know many of the same people in Armenia. But I do know Ara and the writer of this blog and believe me they DO matter as does the truth.
      Something that you apparently have a loose relationship with- truth.
      another anon, I have heard you closed your blog down from public view and put a password only access on it. What is it that frightens you so that you no longer want to share with the world.
      Another anon, with friends like you, who needs enemies. keep up the good work and dig that hole deeper and wider.
      Soon you will need a backhoe instead of a shovel. You really need to look in the mirror, assume your own responsibility and not blame others for the shortcommings in Adoptions.
      This story has been long overdue, and do not believe it will be the last.

    • No Sonia it wasn’t me.
      Get it through your stupid head that robin has many enemies.
      She can try to buy the truth with a lawyer who failed,
      With free PR proclaiming some sort of victory.
      But you need to ask yourself an ethical question.
      Am I happy with building my family while another family in Armenia was destroyed?
      As you sip your chardonnay, look at your new $100K remodeled kitchen and keep refering to your daughter as a purchase. I wish you the best of luck trying to supress freedom of speech /truth or another’s person’s point of view.
      You have turned off more people with your mouth and caused more damage for your dead beat friend Sizemore than you realize.
      Stop bothering my family, friends and me.
      you are a sad and pathetic woman with too much money and time on your hands.

  13. Lusine, Vanessa, whoever you are. Are you saying that the “special needs” children are better off living in the orphanage instead of a family that can provide the best medical services in the world? I don’t think anyone would disagree that a child is much better off with a family than in an institution.

    • @another anon
      america has the WORST medical care system in the world and ontop of that we have to PAY out of our own pockets for it, even when we paying insurance trillions of dollars every year

      europe/uk is by far much better, speedier, and more efficient and ITS FREE for all citizens and even visiting tourists and/or resident aliens [edited by administrator]

  14. On January 10th 2010 the Wallstreet Journal had a moving reserch article by several well respected Adoption experts that say that Orphanages are not as bad as we once thought. In fact this knowledge is why organizations like Unicef DO NOT SUPPORT International adoptions for any child and they work on programs to support poor families with or without specail needs children to help them raise their children. Its ignorant of any American to think that with all of our glut and waste we are “BETTER” for a child. its this self entitlement thinking that supprts Human Trafficking of children. People thinking that just because they have money they have more of a right to a child than the childs own parents. The European “Rights of a child” efforts is a horrible program. Go to parentalrights. org and watch the efforts in this country to block this very scary effort. Seems many people really have not thought about the big picture of International adoptions other than their own wants and needs. These are people here not things.

    • Oh really? Orphanages are great? I shall tell you a little story. My adopted child was in a room with 15 other babies, who were newborns to 12 months old. Two caregivers cared for these babies 24 hours in a row with no relief. !!! They did the best they could, had the children’s best interest at heart and were caring, but 24 hour shifts with that many babies is unfathomable. The maximum number of children one can care for in the US is 6 and those are not all infants. Back to the story: I took my young baby from the orphanage and bonded with her for two days. It was then arranged for one of the caregivers to watch my baby while I went to a meeting. My baby screamed hysterically the whole time I was gone and quieted the minute I returned. The caregiver was quite shaken that should couldn’t soothe my baby. I am sure my baby was afraid she was going back to the orphanage as she recognized the woman from the distinct, orphanage, smell from her clothing. Baby was so traumatized by her stay there that she shut down & fell back developmentally. It took over a month for her to regain her previous milestones. My child was considered autistic & underwent therapy for years. She is fine now. I know of another child who was adopted as an older child & I could write a book on how she has been detrimentally effected from her stay in the children’s home. I can also tell you stories of children meeting their adoptive parents then hopefully, obsessively waiting for their return because they cannot wait to receive special attention and thrive.
      Adoptive parents are typically trying to satisfy two needs & there is nothing “greedy” about them. They have a deep desire to have/expand their family and/or have a deep desire to parent a child who is less fortunate & needs a forever family. It is symbiotic. I certainly agree that corrupt practices need to be ended, agencies need to be monitored, but most of these practices stem within Armenia & its’ government.
      Ara Manoogian will tell you he was the facilitator for his cousin for an adoption and that it cost him somewhere around $200 (to file paperwork). If all of you are so bent on helping end corruption in adoptions in Armenia, why don’t you step forward and become a facilitator for no fee? Or adopt children as your own? Americans & Europeans are not set on stealing your revered, pure bred Armenian children as Vanessa Kachudurian contends. They simply are adopting children who need a forever family.
      As a final thought, do some research into what happens to the children who “age-out” of the orphanage. Then come back & convince us how splendorous it is to spend one’s childhood in a orphanage.

      • Dear Otar;
        I am sure we know who you are from your horrid description of our orphanages. However, it would be nice if you could at least be consistent , you openly advertise Armenian orphanages as the cleanist and the children well provided for in eastern Europe country (little hint – we are not Eastern Europe)
        So how is it that an Otar was able to walk into any orphanage? This is not permissable unless you are adopting and even then it is monitored. Your description of the orphanage and it’s lack of care is highly exaggerated. I never heard anyone say “Europeans were stealing our Armenian purebreds”
        However, I have heard and have it on good authority that Armenia prefers Europeans over Americans that have a sense of entitlement because they pay for a services. Whereas the European all are conduct their adoptions through their governmental social ministry dealing with Armenia’s social ministry . Their adoptions are paid for because of the 0% population growth. It is not commercialized as it is in America.
        As far as Ara facilitating an adoption for his cousins that was not in ARmenia but in Nargno- Karabagh when this independent process was LEGAL in Armenia AND encouraged by Armenia because it would insure our children were in an Armenian home with an Armenian soul.
        And please, stop refering to our orphanages as “institutions” as well as the fact there is now more housing for the aged out orphans who are getting trained for jobs and skills.
        Your information is very outdated and inaccurate.

      • First of all, I’m not sure why if you had already legally adopted the child, why on God’s green earth you would take your baby back to the orphanage to be watched, knowing what the conditions were. On the other hand, if you removed the child from the orphanage prior to your adoption being completed, then someone in Armenia at the orphanage broke the rules and allowed you to take the child with you, which is clearly another issue that needs to be addressed. What happened to your child in the situation you described is that YOU raised the bar of expectations, amount of love and stimulation your child became accustomed to. When your baby was returned to the orphanage, it was use to this new level of interaction and attention you had been providing 24/7 that in order for the orphanage to provide the care/attention that your child was now accustomed to, s/he was not going to get from the 2 women who were taking care of 15 other babies.

        In terms of your story to say that those 15 children in the care of 2 women to be inadequate, is only a realistic claim if the expectation is that those children are going to receive the same care and interaction as you accustomed your child to prior to receiving legal custody.

        Let me tell you my adoption story which is very similar to your adoption story but is the exact opposite of what you have shared.
        When I helped my cousin adopt from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh), I was the care taker of the baby from birth to the time that my cousin arrived to complete the adoption. For the most part, I put my life on hold to care for the baby from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m., which time I took her to my neighbor’s house so I could get rest.

        When my cousin arrived, the baby was 2 months old. We started to get the baby use to them, which we were only given 2 weeks to transition, as the Artsakh part of the adoption only took 10 days to do. The transition was not all that smooth, as the level of care and most especially time I was able to spend with the baby was greater than what my cousin could do as she had a 7 year old son, a mother who was knocking on deaths door and a mother-in-law who was also sick and a few months later passed away. All the above were dependant on my cousin, thus she had only so much time she could devote to the baby. As an end result I learned years later and was not told at the time so I would not feel bad, the baby cried most of the time for a solid year. I’m sure part of it was due to our separation, but I’m also sure that I was providing for her in a way that she never saw again, but nonetheless expected. In my care, she cried only when she was hungry or wet, which never lasted more than a minute. She also had her 15 minute distressing cry each day around the same time. And the care my neighbor provided her during her first 2 months, for the most part she cried the minute she woke after I dropped her off, until I would pick her up, to which the minute she heard my voice, she would stop. When I saw that she bonded with me (a little over a month old), I tried to be less involved in interacting with her and allowed others to hold her whenever possible. One day when picking her up from the neighbor’s house, the usual crying stopped the minute I walked in, but this time I didn’t pick her up and instead sat down for tea, in an attempt to start the detaching process. That whole attempt went over like a ton of bricks, as she stopped crying, but when it was time to go, I picked her up to walk home and during the whole walk home and a few hours to follow, she would not look me in the eyes and laugh as she usually would. Babies even weeks old do understand what is going on around them.

        The bottom line is that in the conditions that Armenia had and has to offer today to children in orphanages, to overly stimulate a baby and raise the expected interaction level beyond what can be provided prior to a grantee removal from the orphanage, is not only a bad idea, but as you saw yourself, can result in serious developmental problems. And to raise the standard of care in the orphanages to the level you and I have provided can cause major issue for the parents adopting.

        The reality is that a child who is not receiving a high dose of interaction and care is not necessarily detrimental to their future. To increase stimulation and care to a child that is not use to that level is much better than to raise the bar and then take it away. That’s what we should be worrying about.

        Sorry to say this, but if we agree on what I’ve written above, if your child was traumatized by the shocking experience you described, the only one to blame is you, as I am to blame for my cousin’s daughter crying for a year as a result of what I did.

        I would hope that everyone understands that there are risks of being an orphan, though generally most children in Armenia who are in “orphanages” are in fact in children homes and for the most part have parents who just can’t afford to take care of them at this time due to poverty (caused for the most part due to corruption, the same corruption that is fed by the $40k paid to buy babies) , thus are not orphans. Point is, that for the couple hundred orphans in Armenia, a system should be put in place and closely monitored that protects the true orphans from the let downs they face with visits from potential persons interested in adopting. I would say that those who are true orphans over the age of 5 or so should not be cared for in orphanages, but should be placed in foster care and from there, possible persons interested in adopting can meet the child in a social setting, with the impression that they are there to visit the foster parents, at which time they can meet the child, but the child is not left with hope that they are going to get adopted.

        In terms of the corrupt practices stemming from the government and from within Armenia, I agree. At the same time in 2003, we worked hard to eradicate these practices, which we did, but they evolved into something else and then business was back to normal and the selling of children continued. For that reason, though we are going after the Armenian government and persons in Armenia that engage in these illegal practices again, this time we are going after the agencies and persons outside of Armenia also (since we have solid evidence that can lead to convictions) , to not only eliminate them from the system, but to set a new standard of how adoptions should be done. And by doing this, we are also providing some protection to other countries where children are being sold, as those same agencies are doing the same thing in those countries.

        There is a process in Armenia for adopting children that is intended to protect the best interests of the child and it does not allow the use of facilitators (this rule was adopted following our 2003 article). For this reason, I will not facilitate any adoption for anyone other than myself if my wife and I decide to adopt in the future.

        As I stated above, a foster care program is needed in Armenia for orphans who have no parents, which could potentially lessen the effects of not having a family.

  15. The European and Canadian health systems are free but sub-standard. Either way, the medical needs of these special needs children are addressed much better in a family that has access the care not available in Armenia whether they are in Europe or North America. We all know that the health care system in Armenia is not ideal.

    • @another anon
      stop KIDNAPPING Armenian children and selling them off as a product to dumb white hillbilly americans as if they are a brand-new shiny car on a auto-lot

      and I’ll take Euro-Canadian health care system any day over CRAPmerican sub-standard cookie-cutter priv. corp. insurance owned/controlled system.

      and ANY health care medical system is IDEAL any where in the world if you PAY the price for it. I can easily receive top notch euro-canadian quality health care in Armenia if I pay well for it

      oh also, I hope HOPSCOTCH gets a big dose of CANCER !!!!!!
      because you are one big dose of cancer on this world
      you human trafficker, you evil corrupt profiteer jack-ass loser
      I pray someone nabs you and sells you as a product of slave-labor some where in middle of india or mexico and we can all sit back and LOFAO at you

    • Another Anon;
      The healthcare in Armenia is superior and we have many people from India and elsewhere that study medicine here. The problem is access to the care, and this as in your America needs to be overcome with education.
      The Orphans of Armenia are cared for and are some of the best orphanages in the world. So Hopscotch Adoptions tells would be clients.
      One foundation for the orphan’s surgery is headed by the First Lady of Armenia. There are a couple of private ones as well, as I previously stated founded by local Physicians and supported by Diaspora and Haystansi.

  16. Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 1 of 17

    BENNET G. KELLEY (SBN 177001)
    Internet Law Center
    100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 950Santa Monica, CA 90401Telephone: (310) 452-0401
    Facsimile (702) 924-8740
    [email protected]

    Kimble, MacMichael & Upton5260 N. Palm, Ste. 221Fresno, CA 93704Telephone: (559) 436-3808
    Fax: (559) 435-1500
    [email protected]







    Case No:



    Plaintiffs Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. (“Hopscotch”) and Robin Sizemore
    (“Sizemore”) bring this action to enjoin and seek damages from Defendant


    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 2 of 17

    Vanessa Kachadurian (“Kachadurian”) for her continuing acts of harassment and
    cyber-smearing of both Hopscotch and Sizemore. These acts are part of an
    ongoing pattern of conduct against several international adoption service
    providers that dates back to at least 2005.


    1. Plaintiff Hopscotch is a not-for-profit corporation duly organized and
    existing under the laws of the States of New York and North Carolina, having its
    principal place of business in High Point, North Carolina. Hopscotch provides
    international adoption services for children in Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana
    and the Ukraine. Hopscotch is an accredited intercountry adoption agency under
    the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect to
    Intercountry Adoption (as implemented by the “Intercountry Adoption Act of
    2000”, 42 U.S.C. §§ 14901 et seq.) (“Hague Convention”).
    2. Plaintiff Sizemore is a resident of North Carolina. Sizemore cofounded
    Hopscotch in 2006 and serves as its Executive Director. Sizemore was a
    contract worker for Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. (“CAS) for eleven years
    prior to founding Hopscotch. In 2008, she received the Congressional Angel in
    Adoption Award for her many years of service as an adoption professional.
    Sizemore is also an adoptive parent herself.
    3. Defendant Kachadurian is a resident of Fresno, California. Upon
    information and belief, Kachadurian is a sales associate with Smith Kline
    Beecham in Fresno and has never worked in any professional capacity in the field
    of domestic or international adoption.
    4. On information and belief Kachadurian uses a number of online
    aliases and email addresses including, inter alia, [email protected];

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 3 of 17

    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Laura
    Garabadian; [email protected]; [email protected]; Lisa; [email protected];
    Ruzanne; [email protected]; and [email protected].


    5. Plaintiffs’ first cause of action arises under the Computer Fraud and
    Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1030 et seq., and this Court has subject-matter
    jurisdiction over this action pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1030(g) and 28 U.S.C. §
    6. This Court has jurisdiction over the state law claims under 28 U.S.C.
    § 1332 because the Plaintiffs are residents of a different state than the Defendant
    and the value of the matter in controversy exceeds $75,000 and/or 28 U.S.C. §
    1367 because these claims are so related to the first cause of action that they form
    part of the same case or controversy and derive from a common nucleus of
    operative facts.
    7. Venue in this district is appropriate, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1391,
    because Kachadurian resides in this district and, as a result, many (if not all) of the
    events giving rise to the dispute occurred in this district.

    A. The Hague Convention
    8. The Hague Convention imposes obligations upon the home countries
    of both the adoptive child and the adopting parent as a prerequisite for approving
    international adoptions. Specifically, it requires that

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 4 of 17

    the child’s home country have determined the child is
    adoptable and such adoption is in the best interest of the child,
    while also ensuring that consent to adoption is freely given and
    not induced by payment or compensation of any kind, and
    the adopting country determines that the prospective adoptive
    parents are eligible and suited to adopt.
    9. The Hague Convention became effective as of April 2008, and
    Hopscotch was among the first agencies to be accredited thereunder.
    Kachadurian’s Adoption Efforts
    10. On information and belief, since at least 2004, Kachadurian
    unsuccessfully has sought to adopt a child through various international adoption
    agencies. This included a 2005 application to Across the World Adoptions
    (ATWA) in Pleasant Hill, California to adopt an Armenian child.
    11. On information and belief, Kachadurian retaliated against ATWA
    after her application was declined by
    Sending a series of harassing and/or annoying emails and
    packages to ATWA ;
    vandalizing and defacing ATWA’s office by spray painting the
    Star of David on it;
    vandalizing the home of ATWA’s Executive Director by
    flooding a portion of her property;
    vandalizing the car of an ATWA employee by putting nails
    into her tires on at least two occasions; and
    cyber-smearing ATWA with claims that it was a “virtual baby
    broker” and calling its Executive Director a “criminal,”

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 5 of 17

    “retard” and a “Jewish Princess [who] love[s] to take your

    money then lie to you.”
    ATWA obtained a temporary restraining order against Kachadurian as a result of
    these actions.

    12. On information and belief, Kachadurian continues to make false and
    disparagement comments about ATWA and/or its officers and employees.
    Kachadurian’s Unlawful Statements About Plaintiffs
    13. Since 2006, Kachadurian has included Hopscotch among the targets
    of her rage as it has one of the most active Armenia programs among U.S.
    agencies. Sizemore has placed 80 Armenian children with American families
    over the last seven years which far exceeds placements by all other U.S. agencies.
    14. At no time, however, has Kachadurian ever been a client or an
    applicant with Hopscotch, CAS and/or Sizemore.
    15. During this period Kachadurian repeatedly contacted current and
    prospective Hopscotch clients, via blog postings and direct email contact, and
    provided false and misleading information about Hopscotch and Sizemore,
    including – but not limited to – the following statements made via email and
    various postings on blogs and internet chatrooms:
    Hopscotch and Sizemore engage in illegal practices;
    Sizemore was fired from her previous job with CAS;
    Sizemore’s firing was due to her engaging in such illegal or
    unethical practices; and/or
    Sizemore’s conduct is somehow connected with the arrest of
    Hopscotch’s in-country facilitator in the Georgian republic.

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 6 of 17

    16. By way of example, Kachadurian has made the following postings on
    various blogs and internet chatroom sites (for privacy purposes only the recipients
    initials are used):
    Example #1
    September 27, 2009

    Robin was terminated from her contract at Carolina
    Adoption Services; there was issues of the Georgian
    government being bypassed and birth mothers getting fees
    for relinquishment. Today, Georgia has a very cool attitude
    toward Robin. Business has dropped off so she has created
    a niche with SN kids and poor African nations like Ghana
    that don’t have a strong Adoption law in place. All said and
    done, in Armenia, Georgia and Ghana you could do an
    independent adoption if you had someone in the country
    that could act as your facilitator. This is all that robin
    does…finds someone in country to handle, shuffle
    paperwork to the correct place and pay $$$ whenever they
    have to. She is not well liked in these countries, but her
    money( or your money) is welcome! See attach memo
    describing how one of her past facilitators in Georgia was

    Email to M.L. from [email protected].

    Example #2
    July 6, 2009

    You are either naive or believe the crap that Hopscotch and
    Partners for Adoption is selling you. Do you understand or
    know of all the fraud involved in International Adoptions?
    It borders on Human Trafficking.. Money can buy an
    American a healthy baby in most 3rd world poor nations,
    many poor pregnant mothers will gladly relinquish their
    babies for $100.00 USD. Do you understand this?

    The woman that started Hopscotch was fired from Carolina
    Adoption Services, there was a ton of dirty adoptions in


    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 7 of 17

    Armenia and Georgia. It was so bad in Georgia that the in
    country facilitator (Mariza) was arrested.

    Email to J.K. from [email protected].

    Example #3
    March 16, 2009

    Please do your homework on Hopscotch and other agencies.
    Robin Sizemore worked with Carolina Adoption Services as
    the Armenian Coordinator and was fired from there in 2006
    because of too much money being thrown around Armenia.
    Check with Carolina Adoption Services on their

    Posted By: “Ruzanne”, URL: http://fullquiverarrows.

    17. On information and belief, Kachadurian is of Armenian ancestry, and
    she disapproves of Armenian children being adopted by “odar’s” (which is a
    derogatory Armenian language term used by Kachadurian to refer to non-
    Armenians). Kachadurian has referred to Sizemore as “an Odar . . . that pimps
    out our special needs kids to odars and a few Armenians that are not connected to
    Hayastan [i.e., Armenia] will use her for a few healthy babies she claims are
    18. To frustrate Hopscotch’s efforts to facilitate adoptions of Armenian
    children without regard to ethnicity or ancestry, Kachadurian mischaracterized the
    Republic of Armenia’s adoption laws and standards by stating that Armenia
    requires adoptive parents to be of Armenian heritage and practice Christianity.
    Ironically, Kachadurian berates “odar” adoptive parents for ignoring needy
    children within the United States while seeking foreign adoption herself.
    19. On information and belief, Kachadurian’s conduct caused families
    seeking foreign adoptions to (i) terminate their contracts with Hopscotch

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 8 of 17

    (“Hopscotch Clients”), such as the D. family who terminated their contract in May
    2009 and/or (ii) to withdraw adoption applications previously submitted to
    Hopscotch (“Hopscotch Opportunities”) such as the K. and N. families in March
    and July 2009 respectively (families are designated by their initials to protect their
    privacy). Kachadurian’s actions also have caused some hesitance among potential
    adoptive parents in doing business with Hopscotch.

    20. While the service fees charged per adoption for a particular
    international program are considered to be proprietary, Adoptive Families
    Magazine’s 2008 Adoption Cost survey estimates the cost at somewhere between
    $25,000 to $30,000 on average, and more than $35,000 for adoptions from Eastern
    Europe. Accordingly, the loss of even a few placements annually can become a
    significant loss to a small company such as Hopscotch.
    D. Kachadurian’s Refusal to Cease Her Unlawful Conduct
    21. Kachadurian’s three-year course of conduct to annoy and/or harass
    each Plaintiff shows no sign of abating. On or about June 17, 2007, Hopscotch,
    through its counsel, demanded that Kachadurian “immediately cease and desist
    from all defamatory communications about Hopscotch and Ms. Sizemore and all
    actions intended to injure and interfere with [their] business and reputation”.
    22. Kachadurian responded to this letter using the email address
    [email protected] to falsely imply or suggest that she was authorized to
    practice law in violation of California Business & Professions Code Section 6126.
    In her response, she dismissed Plaintiffs’ demand by asserting that the “letter is
    good for one thing…wiping your ass with it. . . . Bring it on”.
    23. Kachadurian also retaliated against Plaintiffs through a series of
    defamatory postings and emails over the next two weeks. In one such posting,

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 9 of 17

    Kachadurian stated that Plaintiffs’ “had some BS attorney in NYC try to
    intimidate-it won’t work, it was worthless. My family is full of atttorneys [sic] and

    24. Hopscotch and ATWA and their clients are not the sole victims of
    Kachadurian’s ongoing abuse and harassment, since as recent as November 21,
    2009 Kachadurian sent unsolicited abusive emails to a prospective adoptive parent
    of a child in Kyrgyzstan who had nothing to do with Hopscotch or ATWA and
    had no prior relationship with Kachadurian and made the same allegations that
    babies are being sold and the country’s law did not allow such an adoption while
    calling the recipient “one belligerent wench”.
    25. Kachadurian’s conduct is unlawful and serves no legitimate purpose.
    Singling out Plaintiffs for abuse because of Ms. Sizemore’s ethnicity and religion
    can have no legitimate purpose, is in violation of the federal hate crimes law (18
    U.S.C. § 425(b)(1)(2)) and in frustration of the intent of both the Interethnic
    Adoption Act (42 U.S.C. § 1996b) and the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (42
    U.S.C. § 14901).
    (18 U.S.C. §§ 1030 et seq)
    By Hopscotch against Kachadurian

    26. Plaintiffs hereby incorporate and adopt each and every allegation
    contained in paragraphs 1 through 25, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth
    fully herein.
    27. On or about July 9, 2009, Kachadurian improperly accessed the
    Armenian Weekly blog to make a posting under the name of Jeanne Sobie, a
    Hopscotch contractor, stating that Hopscotch has “sold . .. many babies out of

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 10 of 17

    Armenia” and that they “mostly adopt out sickly children from Armenia for a
    mere $26,600.” Kachadurian’s accessing the Armenian Weekly was done without
    any prior authorization and for the sole purpose of harming Hopscotch in violation
    of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

    28. On information and belief, Kachadurian previously had engaged in a
    similar tactic by registering under the name of a human resource official during a
    dispute with a former employer over information it allegedly provided as part of
    her adoption evaluation.
    29. As a direct and proximate result of Kachadurian’s unlawful
    conduct, Hopscotch has suffered damage to its reputation and by way of costs
    incurred in seeking to mitigate that damage.
    30. Kachadurian’s unlawful conduct has caused Hopscotch, and if not
    enjoined will continue to cause, irreparable injury. Accordingly, Hopscotch’s
    remedy at law is not adequate to compensate it for these inflicted and threatened
    injuries, entitling it to remedies including injunctive relief as provided by 18
    U.S.C. § 1030(g).
    By Plaintiffs against Kachadurian

    31. Plaintiffs hereby adopt and incorporate every allegation contained in
    paragraphs 1 through 30, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth fully herein.
    32. The statements made by Kachadurian set forth in paragraph 16 are
    entirely false and defamatory on their face since, inter alia,
    At no time has Hopscotch or Sizemore engaged in any illegal or
    unethical conduct with respect to the conduct of international

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 11 of 17

    Sizemore left CAS of her own will and accord and was not fired by
    the agency for any reason, let alone for any improper reason; and
    While Hopscotch’s Georgia facilitator was arrested, her arrest was
    politically motivated occurring during a period described by the CIA
    World Factbook as one of “widespread protests” over the
    government’s attempt to “manipulate national legislative elections”
    that ultimately “led to the resignation of Eduard Shevardnadze” who
    had been president since 1995. Despite her arrest, no formal charges
    were ever made and the allegations were dismissed by the United
    States embassy in Georgia which has continued to renew her multi-
    entry visa every year since then.
    33. Kachadurian made the statements listed in paragraphs 15-16 and
    similar defamatory statements with knowledge of, or in reckless disregard as to,
    their falsity
    34. The false and defamatory statements published by Kachadurian,
    when considered alone, without innuendo, tend to subject Hopscotch and
    Sizemore to hatred, distrust, ridicule, contempt, or disgrace, tend to injure them
    within the profession, and/or attribute to them conduct, characteristics, or
    conditions incompatible with the proper exercise of a lawful business, trade,
    profession, or office.
    35. As a direct and proximate result of such statements, Plaintiffs have
    suffered actual damage to their reputation and business.

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 12 of 17

    By Plaintiffs against Kachadurian

    36. Plaintiffs hereby incorporate and adopt each and every allegation
    contained in paragraphs 1 through 35, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth
    fully herein.
    37. Kachadurian failed to use reasonable care to determine the truth or
    falsity of statements set forth in paragraphs 15-16 and similar defamatory
    38. As a direct and proximate result of Katchadurian’s unlawful
    conduct, Plaintiffs have suffered actual damage to their reputation and business.
    By Plaintiffs against Kachadurian

    39. Plaintiffs hereby incorporate and adopt each and every allegation
    contained in paragraphs 1 through 38, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth
    fully herein.
    40. By repeatedly mentioning the arrest of Hopscotch’s Georgian
    facilitator in blog postings and emails (i) despite the fact that the arrest was
    politically motivated and had nothing to do with Hopscotch’s operations; (ii)
    despite the fact that there are no current international adoption programs operating
    in Georgia (excluding pending applications) and (iii) which were displayed in
    contexts that had nothing to do with Hopscotch’s prior operations in Georgia,
    Kachadurian clearly understood or acted in reckless disregard of the fact that such
    a pairing would paint Plaintiffs in a false light in a manner that would be highly
    prejudicial to Plaintiffs.

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 13 of 17

    41. As a direct and proximate result of Kachadurian’s unlawful
    conduct, Hopscotch has suffered actual damage to their reputation and business.
    By Hopscotch Against Kachadurian

    42. Plaintiffs here incorporate and adopt each and every allegation
    contained in paragraphs 1 through 41, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth
    fully herein.
    43. Hopscotch had entered into business relationships and/or executed
    agreements to perform adoption services for the Hopscotch Clients.
    44. On information and belief, Kachadurian knew of the relationships
    between Hopscotch and the Hopscotch Clients.
    45. Kachadurian purposefully contacted the Hopscotch Clients intending
    to causes such parties to breach, reduce and/or terminate their relationship with
    46. The Hopscotch clients did breach, reduce and/or terminate their
    relationship with Hopscotch and Hopscotch suffered damage to its reputation and
    business as a direct and proximate result of Kachadurian’s conduct.
    Hopscotch Against Kachadurian

    47. Plaintiffs hereby incorporate and adopt each and every allegation
    contained in paragraphs 1 through 46, inclusive, of this Complaint as if set forth
    fully herein.

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 14 of 17

    48. The Hopscotch Opportunities would have resulted in an economic
    benefit to Hopscotch.
    49. On information and belief, Kachadurian knew of the relationships
    between Hopscotch and the Hopscotch Opportunities and engaged in unlawful
    conduct intending to disrupt these relationships; and
    50. The Hopscotch Opportunities were disrupted as a direct and
    proximate result of Kachadurian’s wrongful conduct.

    WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs requests judgment against Kachadurian, as

    For a preliminary and permanent injunction restraining Kachadurian
    Further violating or otherwise frustrating the purpose of 18 USC
    §§ 1030 et seq; 18 U.S.C. § 425(b)(1)(2); 42 U.S.C. § 1996b; or
    42 U.S.C. §§ 14901 et seq;
    Posting further defamatory statements about Plaintiffs and their
    officers, employees and agents (“Hopscotch Entities”) and to take
    appropriate remedial measures with respect to postings still
    available on the Internet;
    Any further annoyance or harassment of any adoption service
    provider and/or from interfering with any adoption service
    providers on the basis of their race ace, color, religion, national
    origin, disability or sexual orientation;

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 15 of 17

    Misappropriating the name or likeness of any Hopscotch Entity
    or other adoption service provider;
    Otherwise engaging in acts of unfair competition and interference
    with any Hopscotch Entity or other adoption service provider;
    That the Court order Defendant to file with the Court and serve on
    Plaintiffs within thirty (30) days after the service on Defendants of such
    injunction a report in writing, under oath, setting forth in detail the
    manner and form in which Defendants have complied with the
    For general and special damages in a sum to be proven at the time of
    For punitive and exemplary damages, as allowed by law, in the sum to
    be proven at time of trial;
    For attorneys’ fees and cost of suit incurred herein;
    For prejudgment interest; and
    Such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.

    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 16 of 17


    Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 38(b), Plaintiffs hereby demand a trial
    by jury on all issues.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dated: December 1, 2009. KIMBLE, MACMICHAEL & UPTON
    /s/ Christopher E. Seymour
    Christopher E. Seymour5260 N. Palm, Ste. 221Fresno, CA 93704
    Of Counsel:
    Michael Garabedian
    267 Carleton Avenue, Suite 222Central Islip, New York 11722
    100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 950Santa Monica, CA 90401


    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 17 of 17


    I, Robin Sizemore, declare under penalty perjury under the laws of the
    United States that:

    1. I am the Executive Director of Plaintiff Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. I
    am over the age of eighteen and otherwise competent to testify.
    2. The allegations contained in the foregoing complaint are, to my best
    recollection, true and accurate.
    Dated: December __, 2009

    _/s/ Robin Sizemore

    Robin Sizemore


    Case 1:09-cv-02101-LJO-GSA Document 1-2 Filed 12/02/2009 Page 1 of 1

    • Sonia;
      Let me explain a Complaint to you. First of all anyone can file a complaint over any stupid reason. The above complaint was amended about 6 times because of inaccuracies “on information and belief”
      Not to mention it had names spelled incorrectly (including mine) There are attorney’s that will take money over the most frivilious cases and Bennet Kelley happens to be one of them. His legal ethics are known throughout the west coast, harassing my family, putting my 81 year old parents down as “witnesses” was just plain stupid. His website where he stole the Federal Court Seal and my photo graph can be found at slideshare.
      You can also google the garbage he has done to lawyer Dan Balsam the spam fighter, even cyber squatting on his web site. It seems crooked lawyers like Kelley find clients as crooked as them.
      Robin Sizemore paid over $100K+ in legal fees and in the end had to abandon and withdraw the case. It didn’t even make it to Summary Judgment. My homeowner’s insurance paid my legal fees, and paid off robin $85,000 after she signed off on a declaration that there is no guilt associated with Ms. Vanessa Kachadurian and that she could not in the future every go back on Ms. Kachadurian.
      This was after she read the mediation report and how those clients dropped their contract with hopscotch for other reasons. They didn’t know me Sonia, but they sure knew who you were.
      Here is the mediation brief so everyone can read it, and learn why Hopscotch abandoned and withdrew their case some 22 months later. I represented myself pro-se for the first 13 months, meanwhile Kelley charged your client $400.00 an hour. For an estimate of $170,000 in legal fees.
      My fees 0, even my hotel room and gas was reimbursed.
      Garabedian was not any part of this as he is not licensed to practice law in California. They couldn’t find an Armenian Attorney on the West coast to handle this because they know about Adoption corruption.

  17. Hopscotch has brokered at least 80 (!) adoptions in Armenia since 2004, meaning that it has spent at least $400,000 (four hundred thousand dollars) on “gifts” to Armenian officials and paid another $800,000 or probably more to its Armenian middlemen. A large part of that $800,000 must have also ended up in the pockets, or rather bank accounts, of the same Armenian officials. Good for those officials! I’m sure they appreciate the largesse of Robin Sizemore, the honorable owner of Hopscotch.

  18. Another Anon;
    Armenian Special Needs adoptions should be cared for by the country of Armenia and not dismissed off as if they don’t matter. Armenia is working to improve these conditions and will have something equivalent to the ADA which you have in America.
    Just because they are handicapped and special needs isn’t a reason for ridding the children of Armenia to foreign hands. Many of these people have multiple children (over 10 children) and recieve disabillity payments from the government on all the children – this is largely the source of their income.
    Armenia isn’t in the dark ages as Hopscotch Adoptions would hope her paying clients would believe. This was shameful the negative things said about Armenian healthcare in relation to the latest adoption to America.
    If Hopscotch is so willing to help our children perhaps she would like to do the adoptions for free instead of charging over $25,000. The Sisters of Charity Orphanage does a fine job in caring for these children and many are getting the operations they need thanks to many in country people working on this and our diaspora. But then, I don’t imagine that Hopscotch Adoptions would want us to care for our children then she wouldn’t have her hands on any fresh inventory.
    As far as you continually disparaging the name of Vanessa, I think you should work on fixing your reputation in Armenia with the officials so adoptions don’t stop to America. You are focused on the wrong thing and it only harms your agency when Armenian citizens are attacked.
    Attack the system, or try to work it out with all the officials that Robin claims to know and be friends with.

    • Vanessa has disparaged her own name be opening her big fat mouth all over the internet.

      • I would rather a person have a “big fat mouth all over the Internet”

        than be a “big fat liar who sidesteps questions on the arrest of her adoption facilitator and why Carolina Adoption Services dropped her like a hot potatoe”

        Answer those questions once and for all and stop blaming others for your professional shortcommings.

      • No sonia, you are the blabbermouth,
        Other parents are so turned off by you bragging about your money and how you paid good money for your adopted daughter.
        you objectify her like all your other materialistic items.
        You never went to Armenia before your purchase/adoption and probably will not go back for a long time.
        Hopefully it is to find Analea’s bio family and reunite them so they can know of each other.

  19. Andranik that was a bit over the top, but I understand your feelings. Try and restrain yourself from such comments. Let them be the ones that look bad, their reputation speaks for itself.

  20. Anush Williams
    Antranik is saying he doesn’t understand why you have an American last name and if you speak Armenian?

    Antranik, I believe she is married to a hye. hamazi em.

    • @Lusine
      she’s not married to a Hay. if were married to a Hay, she would be Anush something-ian/yan, not william milliams.

      so in fact, she’s either married to otar or her dad is otar or maybe she’s using a bogus name? really I dont know, I’m speculating here!

  21. Isn’t bribery a standard operating procedure in Armenia? I am yet to encounter a situation where bribery did not make things flow easier in Armenia.

    The question is whether these children are better off after the adoption. Before that is discovered, all this outrage is pointless. If Armenia cannot provide better lives for these children, they should not be deprived of a chance for a better life.

      • @IA
        so then you’re for the ASSIMILation/ABOLISHment of the Armenian race?
        come on already, just admit it, you hate Armenia and the Armenian race. its better for you we just completely dissolve-assimilate ourselves, sell out our identity completely 100% in full with out any pre-conditions ALL FOR THE BIG MONEY. why we wasting time to fight for our existence and preservation of the race & homeland. aylevs verjacnenq ameninchic che, inchi hamar pashtpahnum enq mer [email protected]? vajarrenq mer yerexanner u kananc, ayd [email protected] amena karevorn e kanc te mer [email protected] mer [email protected] mer [email protected] ba mer yerkrin

    • I’m sure those babies are better off after adoption in the U.S., but that is not the problem. The problem is, that one would expect at least the U.S. companies not to be paying bribes and trying to get things done legally.

      • You know, they got Al Capone for not paying taxes, not that he was a gangster.

        There are many ways to skin a cat. This is not concerned about the well being of the children in question, or the “gifts and gratuities” paid as bribes. This is a crusade to keep these children away from adopting parents abroad.

        • Well, I’ve been learning a lot since posting this story. My first concern was the bribe issue. It has been a lucrative business for Armenian officials.

          Now, I’d hate to ruin the life of families and their adopted children, regardless the fact, that bribes were involved in the adoption process.

          But no companies should pay bribes and make money on children, I’m absolutely certain about that.

        • The adoptions by these so called international adoption agencies has nothing to do with what is best for the children in question. For these agencies and the government officials they have and are bribing, it is a business of how much money they can get for a child who by law should have gone to a native of Armenia. And believe me when I tell you, there is in fact a shortage of orphans for natives, thus the reason Adopt Abroad, Hopscotch and such agencies are having to purchase babies, since on a level legal playing field, very few if any children would end up in the hands of non-native Armenians. To come in and circumvent the system that is in place today, at the end of the day equates to child trafficking, which is a very serious crime and a human rights offence against those children who are the real victims of this crime.

          At the end of the day I hope we can all agree that the illegal practices of child trafficking from Armenia needs to be eliminated all together at any cost and those who have engaged in this crime are punished.

          • Then, Ara, what needs to be investigated is why the children on the registry are not being adopted by Armenian citizens. If there were 2 who slipped through, why were there others who were adopted by foreigners? Did the Hyestancis decline their referral? Speaking of which, have you yet relinquished your citizenship to America to become a citizen or were you able to establish dual citizenship as you desired?

          • Otar; Not that you have any say about our adoptions or it is any of your business$.
            What needed to be investigated and is being investigated is how some infants are “reserved” by individuals under the 6 month requirement timeframe and not shown to or introduced to locals or other people. Getting a referral of a 24 day old baby, is suspect and more than likely part of the Physician adoptions that was arrested for arranging adoptions of newborns before the birth with the bio mothers. I assure you more than 2 “slipped by” money makes things happen for you in Armenia.
            Hyestancis are not even shown the referral because most cannot afford to outbid an American.
            Whether Ara “relinquished” his citizenship to America or becomes able to establish dual citizenship is not any of your business or has anything to do with this story that broke in Armenia and America.
            Why don’t you answer the question about Adoption Jihad? As usual trying to push blame elsewhere. oh, that is right you saved a poor little Armenian baby that was abandoned because no one wanted the baby (or so you were told) or they put a slight medical issue on the birth certficate like “crossed eye”
            While you are at it why don’t you answer the question why these agencies have temporarily closed their Armenian adoption program?

          • It is clear that the referral and system for natives needs to fixed. As of now, the children are going the highest bidder and the natives who have the right to adopt the chidlren that you are paying bribes to get are being deprived of their right to adopt.

            As for my citizenship, what does that have to do with this issue? It really is none of your business.

      • To clarify, I do not condone corruption and bribery. I have found that it is the only way to do business in Armenia, though.

        Will it ever change?

        • I’ve known you long enough virtually, to understand your concern, no need to clarify.

          And yes, corruption and bribery are not the only way to do business in Armenia.

          I’ve been running an NGO for 6 years and I’ve never paid a bribe.

          I also registered a small company and ran it for 1 year and didn’t pay any bribe at all, although I eventually shut it down because business wasn’t good (or maybe I’m not good at business). One of these days, if time permits, I’ll write about that experience.

        • My biggest surprise was the transparency of the “gifts and gratuity” in the expense quote. They openly show that this is a necessary cost of doing business which could very well be against the American law.

      • I am really sorry I started all of this. I am seeking help through a therapist now and realize that I am just an angry person who is go to ridiculous lengths to get revenge for not being to adopt my own child from Armenia. Maybe someday Bennet Kelly will be my friend.

        • Oh so now this group of baby snatching bandits are posting words by Vanessa? Again, they better look to Armenia for redemption to turn their buisness around, Ms Vanessa has no say in why Armenian Adoptions have ceased to Hopscotch Mopsctch. These other agencies are at least being honest and not accepting money or applications for their “on hold” adoption program. Can’t say the same about Hopscotch Mopscotch who continues to accept money and applications with false hopes to some parents who have been strung along for over 2.8 yrs. These poor naive would-be adoptive parents are clueless and believe every word that is told to them because they are trusting about a subject they know nothing about Armenian culture and governmental systems.
          The Ms. Vanessa my family knows of in fact has children, so I think you are incorrect. Some people avoid parading their child’s photo dangerously on the Internet, a sign of someone trying to prove something weak or lacking in their life.
          Who is Bennet Kelly? Is he the attorney that his law practice went out of business? Or the one that had to team up with other law firms and create radio and TV shows to stay afloat? while they soak their client for empty promises as she does? I really hope Hopscotch Mopscotch gets part of her money back from these people, now she knows what it feels like to give big sums of money for empty promises.
          When you lowly attack like this, it only means you are losing and have no other means to debate.
          I hope the administrator is keeping your IP addresses if Ms. Vanessa needs it. Because it really shows just how creepy and distrustful your little band of Otars are. If you think your business in Armenian Adoptions was poor before, we are sure it will be non-existant after this. As I said earlier, stop attacking the individuals and start talking to the Armenian authorities to straighten out your issues.

        • This is Vanessa Kachadurian, I did not write this comment.
          This is more of the tactics of Robin Sizemore, Sonia Vigiliante et al.

          Sonia is very immature and needs to grow up. I hope that one day she can take the blinders of and see what really happened surrounding the adoption of her purchase. Bennet Kelley is a boob, and has even tried to get the Turkish Gulen Movement after me. A tactic that is backfiring on Sonia and Bennet.

          Poor Sonia Talbot Vigiliante tries so hard to show her Armenian roots and justify her purchase of a poor peasant single mother’s child. The one that is angry is Sonia, as she continues to stalk my friends and witnesses.

          Sonia you attacked my FLICKR account and made comments about those ugly hair Armenian eyebrows. But you paid a poor peasant woman for those very same Armenian features so you could boast all over about your purchase.
          the only person that goes to ridiculous lengths is you. Read your above post.

          You and your dead beat friend Robin Sizemore. As her how her adoptions in non-hague Countries like Ghana and Morocco are going? She can slide under the microscope a bit better there.

          I now understand why in the deposition, when Robin was questioned about your bizarre behavior Robin Sizemore threw you under the bus “I do not agree with Sonia’s behavior and have told her so”

  22. I’m not sure if the children being adopted are better off in the U.S. Economically they are probably better off with the couples that had money to purchase them. On the other hand, being adopted by a native Armenian couple would be better for an Armenian child, since they are less likely to have possible identity issues later on in life. Also, who is to say that living in the U.S., a country that is always under threat of terrorist attacks and economic collapse, is better than living in Armenia? I guess the opinion of what is better for the child is relative to what is important to the person sharing their opinion. I for one don’t think that money or material resources should be considered when deciding what is better for the child, since there are no guarantees that tomorrow that money and wealth will be there for that child. A child who grows up in poverty and knows nothing different is no less happy than a child who grows up with nice clothes and material wealth.

    If you are wondering why the natives are not adopting babies, it’s clearly because a native will only pay $80 for the adoption, where those from the West are paying $40,000, much of which are filling the pockets of Armenian government officials in the form of bribes. The fact is that under the corrupt system in Armenia today, it’s not about who has the right to adopt or what is best for the child, but who is willing to pay the most to fulfill their desire.

    As for the “special needs” children that “another anon” mentions, it was clear back in 2003 when I did the initial investigation and now in 2011, that many of these children are registered as “special needs”, but in fact have no medical issues. One woman who adopted a “special needs” baby admitted that in fact her baby had nothing wrong with her, but was placed in the special needs orphanage so that the natives would not adopt this very healthy baby. I would guess that many of the “special needs” children that were adopted outside of Armenia were in fact normal. This of course would not be difficult to determine by a simple medical exam administered today.

    And to elaborate on the paying bribes to foreigners, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 was written to stop bribery, “greased” palms and kickbacks by U.S. companies dealing with public and private officials overseas. The act is designed to punish guilty parties, through fines, give-back of related profits, even jail time for individuals. This is something that the adoption agencies who engaged in paying bribes, as well as the persons adopting should think about and should have considered before paying bribes. If it gets to the point of prosecuting, hopefully the courts will be a little forgiving for the persons who were misadvised to the legalities of paying bribes by the adoption agencies.

    BTW, many Armenian adoption programs have been put on hold following our story. Need we say more?

    • @AM
      hey Ara, why you not acknowledging my defending of you and your actions in this??? do you hate & discriminate on me that much you dont even say “thank you” to a fellow Hay for defending your crusade against all this evil corrupt shit.

      wow, not even a thank you or acknowledgement from AM to me
      apres qez, halala, create more animosity amongst the Hays
      how about admitting the fact you TURNED ME DOWN to help this lady
      come on, give me that much

      • I told you why I had to turn you down at that time. As I told you then, I was in the middle of the murder investigation of Nazareth Berberian, the Armenian-American businessman and humanitarian. At that time there was no way I could drive out to the regions. I did ask you to contact Edik Baghdasaryan of HETQ to ask him to deliver your generous gift and at the same time let him do a story. Again, sorry I could not be of more help to you at that time.

        Please accept my gratitude to you for your support in this matter as well as everyone who has chimed in.

        • @AM
          sure sure, as if the editor-in-chief of a popular-busy publication is going to take time off of his busy schedule all to drive 2 -3 hours north to Alavedi to give a distressed Hayrenagic $500 cash and spend another 2-3 hrs to drive back to Yerevan. sure sure that will happen and serjik perjik will come out to resign and hand the country back to the ppl of Armenia, sure sure that will happen too

          you could’ve easily handled this favor/request after you finished your crusade-investigation into Nazo’s death, but you didn’t, you ignored me and played this “I dont have time for this” game on me. funny how you so quick to help others, but not so quick to help me to help the woman

          here is proof for everyone who has been suspicious that I’m Ara Manukyan posing under an assumed name: Qaj Andranik 2.0, here is the proof that I’m not AM and that AM knows who I am and really hates & discriminates me for essentially defending him on blogs, joining sides with him against that evil hater/discriminator of Hayastancis: RAFFI “KOJIAN” KOYOUMCIGOLU, and offering him my support in his cause-crusade against the evil & corruption in Hayastan. yep, thats AM for you. oh and lets not forget how at one time in 2007 AM assumed I’m RK posing under a phony email/name. like really?? RK would pose under a phony email/name all to pretend to throw his support your way just to pretend to be against himself???

        • Not yet. We probably won’t see justice for Nazareth, his family and friends during the rule of the present government. In time we hope those who are behind his murder will be punished.

      • Let the adopted parents adopt to the letter of the law and not by paying bribes. If they had done this from the get go, this would have been a non-issue and today they would not be facing possible criminal charges.

        One other option for children in orphanages is foster care. Armenia should consider starting such a program and the sooner the better.

        • That is unfair. Adoptive parents are given a fee schedule. Many adoptive parents follow the rules/fees given & know nothing more. When we adopted, I compared Armenia’s program to several others. The fees were essentially identical for other programs in countries with children of Caucasian descent. This was true for more than one agency. And the age of the child upon adoption was also the youngest aside from adopting within the US. I believe these criterions are still true.
          I believe what is getting muddled here is your valiant attempt to end corruption in Armenia versus laying blame on agencies. Whether an agency offers $40k or $1 USD should be moot if the registry rules are being followed (that children go to Armenia nationals first). I understand that potentially two babies were hidden from teh registry. That should also be an issue. As for the special needs criteria, that was/is an issue in other countries who have adoption programs. A simple fix to that issue is to provide specific diagnoses that are allowed. The diagnoses list is way too obtuse.

          • Fee Schedule? Why don’t you state the truth!!! There is NO fee schedule from Armenia – each individual Adoption agency has their OWN SETS of fees and charges what they feel based on the current economic conditions. For instance:
            Hopscotch Adoptions use to put an income requirement on her adverstisement of $100K and charged upwards of $38K for a healthy infant. Now that the supply of healthy babies has dried up for Hopscotch, the market is now “special needs” which Hopscotch advertises the fees erronously as “And this country has recently lowered their fees to $26K” That is untrue and you know it.
            Show us where Armenia has a set of fees such as these? You can’t show us because it doesn’t exist. They only have fees for documentation and court fees which are standard 80% of the fees are the Adoption agency fees and what goes to the in-country facilitator for “operating costs”
            Geez, you cannot even tell the truth accurately. Shame on you Otar, you have this sense of entitlement to our children. Mind your own business.

          • Sorry to break it to you Otar, but ALL of these so called adoption agencies are paying into a corrupt system in order to buy babies for their clients. Reality is that under U.S. and Armenia law, the adoption process that involves ANY gifts is illegal, period. Bottom line is that you and so many others have been taken by these agencies and now are facing potential legal problems since ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the law. With this said, there is much blame that the agencies face and this will be clearer to you when you read about the FBI raiding their offices in the future.

            In terms of babies being hidden from the registry, it’s worse than what you are stating. Children were being concealed by intentionally misclassifying them as having defects when in fact they were healthy. This was not the case of potentially 2 babies, but dozens if not hundreds of babies over the last 20 years. For instance, Hopscotch is best known these days for helping to adopt babies with defects, yet if you look at the pictures of their reunions or befriend the people who have adopted with their help, you not find many children with defects.

            Today in Georgia, where Robin had problems with the government due to the way she was doing her adoptions, their policy on international adoptions is that only children with non-correctable defects can be adopted. This has probably been implemented as many children who were being adopted with the help of people like Robin, had minor or no real defect, but had been registered to have defects which in the U.S. would not be considered a defect as they could be corrected with a minor cosmetic operation.

            I agree that simple procedures can and will be put in place to eliminate these problems in the future.

      • We make adoptions more affordable for Armenian citizens so they can adopt the children instead of pricing it out of their range. We also must improve the local services for our handicapped children. There are only a few hospitals that service pediatric challenges and a hand ful of social workers that are fully trained to work on their cases. There have been many improvements in the last 3 years but we must work on continually improving this and changing some of the older stigmas associated with raising handicapped children.
        Today, there are many families in Armenia strapped with the hardships of raising a handicapped child with little resources or education. lets use the bribe money to invest in these current services. There is a wheelchair and walker center that just opened up to fit the pediatric sizes. many improvements.

      • Aram,

        these are good ideas. There needs to be a state policy to make sure that adoptions in Armenia happen efficiently and help the adopted parents financially. I don’t know if foster care exists in Armenia but that is another great way to make sure that the welfare and well-being of these children is protected.

        The well being of the children is the most important issue in my view.

        • A foster system was entertained back in July 2003 when AM first spearheaded the adoption efforts. The SSM released a statement with details and it sounded productive. I’m not sure what happened with it.

          • You are not sure what happened with the Foster Care program because you have NO SKILLS in reading or writing Armenian. Mind your own business Otar, we have some foster care programs through the Armenian Relief Society and they won’t be hurt by local police as they were in the Republic of Georgia.
            Go away you terrible Otar liar, shame on you and your agency. Hypocrites! No wonder the orphanage directors no like you, for saying terrible things about them.

  23. @Observer
    Aper, what NGO? you have your own NGO? it helps the poor & helpless?
    ba asa enker jan, yes ayl uzum em imanam, cavt tanem

    • It’s a Media support NGO called «Բազմակողմանի տեղեկատվության ինստիտուտ»

      It tries to give voice to the voiceless, and I guess it is at least as important, as helping the poor and helpless.

      • @Observer
        urax em aper, ba indz asa vonc karam dzer NGO’n ognel?

  24. Yeah, right…they are going to charge every adoptive parent of an Armenian child with criminal charges…What are you smoking these days Vanessa?

    • Hopefully not, but there is a very real possibility of criminal charges since in fact what some of those who have adopted from Armenia have done is clearly criminal in the eyes of the law in Armenia and the U.S.

      I don’t know what Vanessa is smoking (if anything), but I for one am not Vanessa and have not smoked anything, not even cigarettes.

      I for one suspect that you are someone who has adopted from Armenia and paid bribes to buy your child, thus see things as you do, am I right? I would go so far as to say that you and I have even spoken on the phone and you admitted to what is written in Emil’s story.

  25. Hahahaha!!! Ara, or whoever you are, you are really living in a fantasy world. Do everyone a favor and go back to taking your meds.

    • Another Anon;
      Can you consider locking away sharp objects. Calm down and answer the questions. Be specific and direct, instead of sarcastic. Do your agency a favor and be honest for a change.

  26. Independent Armenia: “This is not concerned about the well being of the children in question, or the “gifts and gratuities” paid as bribes. This is a crusade to keep these children away from adopting parents abroad.”

    Right! Why don’t we also allow poor Armenians to sell their kids to prosperous Americans and boost the well-being of some very patriotic officials in Yerevan in the process? Surely this will only make independent Armenia more independent.

    • Your logical leap is a little too much.

      If you research, you will see that a proportion of the children in orphanages are children from families that are poor (Սոցիալապես անապահով). These children should not be candidates for adoption because they do have a family who loves them but cannot afford the food, shelter and education.

      There are however children who do not have loving families and adoptive or foster parents are a better choice, regardless of their place of residence, than being in an orphanage.

  27. Independent Armenia: “To clarify, I do not condone corruption and bribery. I have found that it is the only way to do business in Armenia, though.”

    Indeed, child adoption is a form of business in Armenia & the US and it should be treated accordingly. Any stupid hayastantsi challenging this notion must be named and shamed!

    • The adoption agencies are a business that function to bring together people who want to adopt children and children who need to be adopted.

      Nobody disputes that.

  28. Besides adoption agencies putting their Armenia program on hold, there have also been blogs of persons who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Armenia taken offline. One blog that stands out is that of Sonia Vigilante of Potomac, Maryland. Her blog is titled “Our Armenian Adoption Adventure” and could be found at: http://www.adoptionadventure-sonia.blogspot.com

    The reason for it standing out is that the story that Emil wrote, quotes from her blog entry where she notes that her daughter who was born on or around September 17, 2007, was referred to her when the child was only 24 days old. This in itself is illegal. To cover her tracks, Vigilante doctored up her blog I would guess in hopes to erase her self-incriminating statements that she has been involved in illegally adopting from Armenia.

    Originally her entry of April 14, 2008 read in part:

    “On October 11, 2007, we received information on our daughter and some photos and videos. We instantly fell in love with her. She has beautiful large brown eyes, dark brown hair, and is very alert. Since then we have received numerous photos and videos, which are precious.

    In early December, Kevin and I traveled to Yerevan, Armenia, to meet Annalea. I was unfortunately sick and did not get to hold her very much. But Kevin did and it was a wonderful bonding experience for him. She even looks like his daughter!! We loved our stay in Armenia and the people we met.”

    Following the publication of the story, the blog went offline to the general public and came back on in the last 2 days with the edited version of the April 14, 2008 entry reading:

    “In December 2007, We received information on our daughter and some photos and videos. We instantly fell in love with her. She has beautiful large brown eyes, dark brown hair, and is very alert. Since then we have received numerous photos and videos, which are precious.

    Later that month, Kevin and I traveled to Yerevan, Armenia, to meet Annalea. I was unfortunately sick and did not get to hold her very much. But Kevin did and it was a wonderful bonding experience for him. She even looks like his daughter!! We loved our stay in Armenia and the people we met.”

    I guess the timing of the child having to be 3 months old didn’t add up since the way it read in the first revision implies that it was early December that they received information and photos. Only moments later the entry was changed again to read:

    “We received information on our daughter and some photos and videos. We instantly fell in love with her. She has beautiful large brown eyes, dark brown hair, and is very alert. Since then we have received numerous photos and videos, which are precious.

    In December 2007, Kevin and I traveled to Yerevan, Armenia, to meet Annalea. I was unfortunately sick and did not get to hold her very much. But Kevin did and it was a wonderful bonding experience for him. She even looks like his daughter!! We loved our stay in Armenia and the people we met.”

    It really does not matter how you slice it. Based on the dates of their travel to Armenia (which if their adoption is investigated will be discovered), the fact is that even if we stick to this newest version of the story, things won’t add up. Their airplane tickets and visas will most probably document that they traveled to Armenia before the child was 3 months old, which as I said above is illegal in terms of adopting a child from Armenia.

    Fortunately I had downloaded her whole blog before it went offline the first time and then again after it came back online. I’ll have to see what other entries have been doctored up.

    As of now, her blog is offline, but if you want a cached version of the entry in question, you can find it at: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:EO0IZ_J3EksJ:adoptionadventure-sonia.blogspot.com/2008_04_01_archive.html+our+armenian+adoption+October+11,+2007&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com

    It sounds by the actions stated above that the Vigilante’s as well intended as they may have been in adopting from Armenia, knew or now know that laws have been broken in relation to their adoption from Armenia, which by the way was carried out by Robin Sizemore of Hopscotch and instead of coming clean, are doing what they have to in order to cover up the possible traffkcing of their daughter, who the bio father never signed off, this according to Sonia Vigilante.

  29. No laws have been broken…it doesn’t matter anyway because all overseas adoptions are re-adopted in the USA and that supersedes anything that happened overseas. So go ahead and try to do your evil deeds and attempt to destroy a happy family. It will not work no matter how hard you try…although I do admit that I find this desperate attempt on your part to make a mountain out of a molehill very entertaining….

    • It seems you find it more than entertaining. Do you want to know whether the father of your adopted daughter knew of this arrangement or not? Sorry to inform you but the fathers in Armenia have more rights that any adoptive family, as such the latest adoption court date canceled as the father was able to be informed before his daughter was whisked overseas. You are probably right about one thing, most of these people are too poor to fight for the rights of their children. It would be the job of the International courts do decide. Having money means it protects you from the truth and keeps your child’s rightful birthrights from her.

  30. The only way the re-adoption can supersede the Armenian adoption is if the Armenian adoption was done legally. In many cases, I’m sure this would be the case, but in some of the cases that were noted in the story, the adoption was most probably done illegally, thus the re-adoption would be null and void.

    As for evil, it is not me that is evil, but those who have put those Armenian children they claim to love in such a compromising situation due to their illegal actions. I didn’t force anyone to circumvent the adoption process in Armenia. I didn’t ask them to effectively cut in front of a native who is waiting to adopt the child that was hidden from them when they were looking for a child to adopt.

    You talk about destroying a happy family? What about the happy families in Armenia that are torn apart and destroyed from the corruption that those who are adopting are perpetuating with the tens of thousands of dollars they willingly pay in bribes and then swoop in and take the children of those same families who are given no other choice but to sell their children since they see no other solution thanks to the corruption? I don’t think you fully understand how adverse the impact illegal adoptions have on the Armenian nation. You are worried about tearing up a happy family? What about all the happy families you have torn up in Armenia? And while we are at it, let me ask about the rights of the biological parents who did not relinquish their parental rights? Is it fair to them to have their child taken away from them? Yea, you may have a paper signed by someone you or your facilitator paid to sign off as the mother and/or father, but in the event of an investigation, if the DNA does not match, that paper is worthless as would be the re-adoption you think protects you from prosecution.

  31. I don’t know why you keep referring to “you.” I am not the person you think I am. As much as you would like to be right, you are wrong…hate to share that news with you. You are not an attorney….just a two bit journalist who writes stories that nobody reads. Keep on writing your fiction…

    • Another anon;
      I don’t know about “just a two bit journalist who writes stories that nobody reads” your Ethica picked it up and so did ACT (Against Child Trafficking) that sounds significant.

      • Another Anon, some of what you say mays sense but most of it is jibberish and sounds emotional. To piggyback on what Aram is stating this blog is popular reading with many haystansis, if you look at the stats above it is almost at 1/2 million.
        We read, we are not just uneducated Armenians that cannot care for our children as your agency Hopscotch Adoptions tells it’s clients. Most of us are educated and speak more than 1 language. Besides Russian and Armenian many of us speak English and or French.
        Most of your clients barely speak English correctly and need translators when they come to Armenia.

  32. Let’s see who reads Emil’s fact filled article that you deem as being fiction and what the final outcome will be. In 2003, the whole adoption process was changed due to the story that he ran. Back then we didn’t go after the adoption agencies. My guess is that not only will Armenia make major changes to the process, but the U.S. authorities will also get involved in investigating possible illegal adoptions from not only Armenia, but also other countries. You can be sure I’ll be advocating for that.

    BTW, if you are not who I think you are (someone who has adopted from Armenia), then who are you and why do you fear sharing with us your real name and what qualifies you to make the statements you have made? Could it be that you are in fact someone who has been involved with adoptions in Armenia. Maybe you work for an agency or are a facilitator on the ground in Armenia?

    • RFE/RL’s English version (where this article by Emil Danielian was first publilshed) is by far the most trusted and influential English language news resource produced in Armenia, which is widely read in Armenia and abroad by local and international organizations, including U.N., EU and OSCE officials who are directly involved in issues related to human trafficing, corruption, etc.

      In a much smaller scale, this blog is quite effective in reaching out to journalists as well as people working in international organizations looking to conduct research in issues related to Armenia.

      • Observer,
        Another Anon, doesn’t know about Armenian literature and does not read or speak our language. She is misinformed by someone who is biased and has a conflict of interest.
        To clarify, the wellbeing of Armenian children is not Hopscotch Adoptions business or responsibility. Hopscotch represents paying clients via a contract. This contract is to secure a referral and assist with the paperwork and adoption. Beyond that, Hopscotch or any other adoption agency do not have a say in the child welfare of adoptable children.

        The welfare of the childen in orphanages is suppose to be governed by the many layers of the social ministry offices down to the orphanage director who must sign off in their district (where the court date is held) the OK on the adoption. So the money would flow vertical and some times horizontal.
        Hopscotch Adoptions beyond her money has no control, clout or power in any process dealing with children in Armenia. In fact, is not allowed to freely visit any orphanage as she would have people believe. The orphanage directors forbid this, and have more power than you realize, they must also register the children on the adoption registry or be “influenced” to do this.

  33. what ….no comments from another anon? want to hear opinions on this adoption jihad. vi vi vi
    What happened to our Turk on this board, we can compare these people to Turks they perform what Armenians are calling in our media “White Genocide” and being paid well to do this.
    From a Haystancis point of view, Hopscotch is guilty of everything. Good luck in dealing with those Hays in Fresno, they can be brutal and savvy in their community. I would not want to deal with them in business or in anything besides pleasure. shad jarpeg.

  34. Ara,
    All good points. Perhaps my story wasn’t clear. I didnt take my baby Back to the orphanage. One of the workers came to our hotel room to babysit while we went to dinner with our facilitator. I also wasn’t attributing the delays to that brief 2 hour experience, but to institutionalized care in general. Pseudo autism is a term occasionally used to describe how some babies react to orphanage to single family care. It is a brief period where the child shuts down all stimuli and progress is either retarded or they fall back. They appear to be autistic, but pull out of it.
    I wonder if your cousins baby developed colic thus the reason for all the crying. Separation from a loved caregiver would typically subside after a week or so. Enough credit isn’t given to the intellect of babies. I have a bio child who spoke at seven months. It was quite apparent at five months she understood complex conversations. Her reactions were appropriate but surprising. Once she began to speak it was amazing to realize how much non-talkative babies grasp.
    I hope you and your wife adopt or have many children. It sounds like you’d be a great dad.

    • http://www.childhelp.org/pages/statistics

      Yeah right…America is a safe place for chidlren. Of the approximately 73.7 million children in the United States, about 5.8 million are reportedly abused each year. Of course this is how many cases of abuse are reported. I would guess that the real number could be as much as 10 fold, since most cases of abuse go unreported.

      What I think should concern us more is people from the outside of Armenia with greater economic resources, but bankrupt with cultural resources are trying to tell us what is best for our children.

      Bottom line is that child trafficking is going to come to a full stop in Armenia and other countries as a result of what has been uncovered and those who have trafficked will be punished to the letter of the law.

    • In Armenia there are very few child abductions or kidnappings.

      The U.S. Department of Justice reports
      •797,500 children (younger than 18) were reported missing in a one-year period of time studied resulting in an average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day.
      •203,900 children were the victims of family abductions.
      •58,200 children were the victims of non-family abductions.
      •115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. (These crimes involve someone the child does not know or someone of slight acquaintance, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.)

      see this link
      Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_children_are_kidnapped_in_the_U.S._every_year#ixzz1M78Xp81t

      Now where are Children safter Anon?

  35. Most of the abductions are by trashy people in low income areas. I would like to see the statistics for Armenia. In a country with a lesser population, there has to be adjustment for the numbers. Abuse is an entirely different animal. That crosses all religious and cultural barriers. p rents are screened quite extensively. In fact, I can think of several, who have failed to pass these various tests.

    • Though all this is interesting, it does not justify trafficking children from Armenia.

      Would the hard screening process you speak of include the home study? Accodring to people I’ve interviewed who have adopted, they report that it’s common for home studies to be edited to take out things that the Armenian government does not need to know which could prevent the adoption from being approved. Of course this would not be hard to prove as all one needs to do is check what the U.S. and Armenian governments have on file to see if they are in fact are the same. This will be another recomendation made for investigating illegal international adoptions.

  36. Ara, come on…this is not trafficking. And do you really think your work is going to change anything? You point out (or someone here did) that agencies are closing their programs…but the reality is those agencies closed the programs months/years ago due to the fact that the program is so small and very few children are available. Hopscotch and Adopt Abroad programs are still going strong and I doubt anything will change or anyone will be charged as you say. To be honest, such a small program doesn’t warrant the attention you are trying to bring to it. Why don’t you refocus your attention to all the prostitutes your country has exported.

    • Anon, it is clear that you are trying to cloud the issues at hand with ridiculous claims, some completely off topic and insulting. You are wrong with most everything you have so far claimed and your comments no longer warrant any further response, since the facts of what has and is going on needs no further clarification. If you re-read the RFE/RL articles and read the Hague convention in regards to adoptions, you will clearly see that you are full of yourself and really don’t know what you are talking about. Anyone with a gram of common sense can see that you are not interested in what is best for the children, but what is best for those who have illegally adopted from Armenia using deceptive methods and are deserving of being punished for their illegal actions.

      If you think that Hopscotch and Adopt Abroad programs are going strong in Armenia, said agencies may be telling their clients this, but there is little to no chance that the Prime Minister of Armenia will be approving any international adoptions prior to a proper investigation of what has gone on in the past and the methods used by these adoption agencies. You will learn more about this in the months to follow.

      You or those you support can continue to try to deceive good hearted and well intended people who are trying to adopt. Your misinformation will not save you. In time the truth will come out and those guilty will be punished.

      All those who have and are in the process of adopting from Armenia should consider trying to protect themselves and demand from the agency they have or are working with, a letter that states that what the agencies have or are doing and the methods used were or are legal in the U.S. and Armenia. Furthermore, they should agree to take full responsibility for any and all legal ramifications that may arise if said services they, their representatives, services providers or anyone employed, contracted and/or paid in any way by said agency in the U.S. or Armenia in regards to said adoption is found to have broken any laws. Further they should stipulate that in the event of such a situation, the adoption agency will provide a full refund of their fees and any expenses related to the adoption process including but not limited to the time you have invested working with said agency at a rate equivalent to your pay rate or in the event of not being employed, minimum wage. If they refuse to give you such a letter, I would consider consulting with a lawyer, since if nothing illegal has taken place, there is no reason to refuse providing such a letter. And don’t accept any verbiage such as “to the best of our knowledge” or “we believe”, since such vague statements have too much room for interpretation, thus will further complicate your recourse in the event of legal problems arising with your adoption. Of course, even without such a letter, one who has been deceived by an adoption agency and put in a legally compromising situation because of the agencies actions can seek damages from said agency in a court of law, though having such a letter as outlined above would be helpful to succeed in winning your case and getting what you deserve. If anyone happens to get their hands on a letter from their adoption agency, please forward it to me, since such a letter would be helpful to determine which truly are the honest agencies are and which are not.

  37. @observer and everyone else on here,

    I don’t know if you guys have realized it yet, but money buys everything. Yes, money buys everything. If you have enough of it, then you will most likely get what you want. Accept it or deny it, this is the case all around the world, not just in Armenia.

    Is it ethical in most cases? No. But it is what it is, and has been for centuries and will be for centuries ahead.

    • @garo
      you mean how you gor-gors have thrown 1/2 billion to usa congress in 10 years and 2M to oBama in 2007-08 and you still cant get them to utter the words: GENOCIDE publicly…is that what you mean by “money buys everything”? LMFAO at you !!!!!!!

      how about this…
      you gor-gors pay 1/2B a year to “the ppl” of Hayastan-Arcax-Javaxq and on top of that RECOGNIZE MARCH 1ST 2008, on your way out stopping by all 1000 villages/towns begging forgiveness for denying Hayastancis for 300 years, and maybe we’ll call it even and allow you to continue to claim Armenian identity for yourselves….maybe !

    • Your probably right Garo, but turning a blind eye to this and other problems because we believe that justice can only be purchased by the persons with deep pockets will not help to keep such problems in check. Though money may get people what they want even if in fact they are not entitled to it, by standing up against them, they will in the end quite possibly have a little bit less money to buy what they are not entitled to, thus the threat they pose in the future is reduced a bit. If this is the end result of our efforts, I’ll be happy.

  38. lifted from Ara’s own blog:

    “It’s plain and simple. This guy, Ara Manoogian, is an Armenian-American living in the Karabak area. He had some “problems” back in the states and fled to live in Hyestan. To supplement his income, he purportedly arranges adoptions of infants from the
    Karabak area for high fees.

    Trust me, if you list your name and e-mail address here, he will contact you looking to “sell you a baby”. If you are an Armenian couple, the fee is sort of reasonable. If you are anon-Armenian, he will “arrange things” but for a much higher price.

    He is currently trying to “shut down” the “competition” in Armenia. There are several other legitimate facilitators /agencies that operate in the country. They provide excellent service and assist institutionalized children in finding loving homes.
    (in the USA, etc..)

    He has approached several members of our Yahoo group and offered to handle transactions for them for exhorbitant fees. In the interim, he has attempted to ruin the reputations of all of his “competition” operating in Armenia.

    He thinks nothing of the children, he just wants the CA$H. As my medzmama used to tell me. “Follow the Money”.

    He tells everyone that Armenian children are “better off rotting away in dilapidated orphanages, than to be given to non-Armenian families”. Great attitude, huh? Screw the loving families that would take in these poor children. UNLESS they give

    (this includes OLDER children and children that have severe disabilities. these children would most probably be considered un-adoptable)

    Follow the Money !

    Ara Manoogian and his cronies are a bunch of thugs. The words “Fake, Phoney, Fraud” come to mind when I hear his name spoken.”

    I tend to think there may be some truth in this.

    • The above text was lifted out of context from a posting exposing a couple. All the statements they made were false and later on, they to me for what they had said. The entire posting that the above text was lifted from can be found at: http://aramanoogian.blogspot.com/2003/08/today-i-rested-as-with-all-nk-arts.html

      The false allegations followed the first RFE/RL story in 2003 regarding adoptions, which changed all the laws in Armenia and had an especially adverse effects on international adoptions. These changes complicated adoption from Armenia. They were clearly upset, out for revenge and picked the wrong person to try to discredit. Their acts of deception caught the attention of the Minister of Justice, who I was later told reviewed the case and found them unfit to adopt from Armenia. If they had only kept silent, they would have most probably adopted once the new laws which favored ethnic Armenians were in place.

      It seems now that Sonia Vigilante is out to try to discredit me for some reason. Of course we know that she will fail. She will certainly be slinging mud around regardless of the outcome. Of course this will only draw more attention to her from the Armenian and possibly American authorities, who will give her case a bit more attention than they would have otherwise. She for one is not my primary target (I’m more interested with the adoption agencies and Armenian authorities), though if I’m going to have to continue to waste time with her, I’m eventually going to come across some information that is not going to be favorable to her at the end of the day. Though she has completed her adoption a few years ago, I guess she understands that she is not quite out of the woods. From her own statements and what she has posted on the internet clearly document that there were quite a few irregularities in her adoption, which at very least can be deemed criminal based on Armenia law.

      • I wanted to share this message that was posted on the Yahoo Armenian-Adoptions group from “Angela Bedrossian” on Sun Sep 14, 2003 8:03 pm which reads:

        “We retract any previous statements made re: Ara Manoogian. We applaud the selfless efforts he has made in Armenia on behalf children and numerous causes. We particularly applaud his efforts to improve the adoption system of Armenia and its approaches to child welfare. We hope that he will find needed support for a simple, transparent system which assures the future of Armenian children.”

        I want to thank “Angela” and her husband and hope that people will answer your calling to support this and similar efforts, as this is what our nation really does need at this time.


  39. More from Ara’s website about Ara:

    I’m can’t elaborate on his criminal record, but know he left the U.S. during a criminal trial.

    Dear Hagop, no one sane would leave California to save Armenia. As others pointed out, things can be accomplished from afar.

    If you read his website daily, you’ll see that he has some major psychological issues. While it seems some of his intentions are good, he routinely goes off the edge with his threats to someone & claims for absurb,unobtainable actions as if he thinks he is God.

    Anyone who rambles on about himself & his mundane & apparently fictious days is missing a screw.

    A sociopath is someone who appears to be good (loving, complimentary, does good deeds, etc.), but at the slightest hitch flips out & becomes the true evil person that underlies. Couple that with a little delusion of grandeur & there you have it.

    • Again, the above text is taken out of context. You can find the full posting at: http://aramanoogian.blogspot.com/2003/09/i-know-i-should-not-subject-you-to.html

      The person who made the comment that Sonia Vigilante has selected to convince the reader here that I am a sociopath, signed his posting was clearly upset with the 2003 adoption investigation. Less than 22 hours after posting the above text, the following was posted:

      September 15 2003, 3:18 AM

      Can you please remove my above posts? I think I might have been a little premature in posting it. That was unfair of me. Sorry!

      – Gazu ”

      Again, I’m not sure what games Sonia Vigilante is playing, but it is sure to backfire.

    • Sonia, according to the RFE/RL article, you reveal in your blog that you and and your husband were first shown pictures of your future daughter and offered to adopt here when he was less than ONE MONTH old. This appears to be a very serious violation of the Armenian Family Code, which stipulates that ANY information about an Armenia orphan can be provided to foreigners only THREE MONTHS after the child is placed on the national orphan registration.
      Could you please comment on this. Do you basically admit breaking Armenian law?
      Also, how do you feel about the fact that at least $5,000 of your payment to Hopscotch ended up in the pockets of Armenian officials. These so-called gifts are bribes, aren’t they? (I wonder what would happen if you were to give such “gifts” to U.S. officials…)
      I do realize that attacking and insulting Ara Manoogian is much easier than answering these questions. But your answers would give us a better idea of how our poor kids (I’m a citizen and resident of Armenia) are taken abroad.

    • Sonia you obviously know NOTHING about our culture
      “no one sane would leave California to save Armenia”

      In California we have thousands who travel to Armenia on regular basis for business. Many have moved and open up think tanks to expand business and economy for Armenia so the next generation can thrive and grow strong /educated. We have SO MANY leaving every year from California to move to Armenia for this very reason.
      You obviously never heard of our hero Monte “Avo” Melkonian? Do yourself a favor and research him and how he saved Artsakh with an old beat up Russian tank. Yes Sonia, he was a brave Californian, highly intelligent and spoke about 6 languages.
      Marshall Mouseghian is another, he is a Armenian Attorney (so many of them) who moved to Hayastan and opened Yerevan Apartments and occasionally still contributes to newspaper articles as Ara Manoogian does.
      You have NO IDEA how many of us have moved back to Armenia.
      You poor misguided woman.

  40. I am going to go out on a limb here. The fact that Sonia was given a referral prior to the three months isn’t a big deal. It could be merely she was told that if this child isn’t spoken for by Hyestancis s/he will be your referral.
    In the states, there is a waiting period (variable by state) the biologic parents can change their mind. Adoptive parents are still given the referral with the knowledge it may fall through . This doesn’t seem very different. If the child was hidden then that is different.

    • Not a big deal??? It’s a violation of the Armenian Family Code punishable by the Armenian Criminal Code. I have saved the information contained in Sonia’s blog and think I should send it to the Armenian Justice Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office. Fortunately, one of my good Yerevan neighbors works as an investigator for the prosecutors, and he’ll help me get this stuff to the right people. Let’s see if they agree with you, Otar.
      I hope the prosecutors will start their investigation from Armenian orphanage directors, who have long been reputed to be corrupt in this country. I’m sure the directors would say lots of interesting things about local and American baby brokers…

  41. There is something I think we need to address on this blog. Some posters are using pseudonyms. Some of this pseudonyms are names of other real people thus committing a form of identity theft. Some posters are posting under several identities. Perhaps the owner of this blog needs to verify posters prior to posts. Some of these posts are slanderous wherein lies a huge problem.

  42. Hi Armen (aka Vanessa),

    This case is closed…already investigated and closed. Why don’t you focus on your other lawsuit…you have a lot to worry about there.

    • No, Sonia. This is indeed Armen, a native and resident of Yerevan. If you think that the adoption article is slanderous, why don’t you want to answer my questions and set the record straight? BTW, Radio Liberty (Azatutyun Radiokayan) is an American media organization financed by the US Congress, not Ara Manoogian. They wouldn’t spread lies about Americans so easily.
      Your refusal to give clear explanations only reinforces my feeling that I should alert Armenian government and law-enforcement bodies about your case and the article as a whole. As a citizen of Armenia, I have the right to know what the hell has been going on with those adoptions.
      Heriq eghav, bol eghav. Inch vor meky piti pataskhan ta es ameni hamar. Ed dzhbakht erekhaneri vra pogh ashkhately HANCAGORTSUTYUN a!!!

      • Vanessa, please, I can spot your writing a mile away!! Do you think I am scared? This article was a joke from day one. Vanessa oh Vanessa. Why do you spend so much time on this issue? Why don’t you work on your own defense? You have a bigger fish to fry there. And while you are at it, take up yoga or pilates…it is good for your body and soul. Breathe, breathe…

        • I don’t like to gamble (I like sure things), but in this case Sonia, I would give you odds of 1,000 to 1 that Armen is not Vanessa. If it’s the Armen I think it is, then in time he will make good what he is stating. Believe it or not, there are in fact some very well educated people in Armenia who stand by their convictions and take the time out of their busy day to do the right thing. The Armen that I know of is one of those people and in the past has been very helpful in bringing important issues to the top of some powerful persons to do list. I just hope for your sake that you crossed all of your t’s and dotted your i’s.

          • Ara, please stop with your threats…as much as you would like to think you have busted someone, you haven’t. My adoption was very much “to the letter of the law” as much as you would like to think or fabricate otherwise. Good luck everyone trying to make something out of nothing. I got my little Armenian princess and it was all very legal. Vanessa, on the other hand, was passed over because she was unable to pass a home study…sad sad story.

  43. I wasn’t suggesting we reveal our names. I was suggesting the admin make sure that each IP has only one e addy attached to it. Pseudonyms allow one to be more frank. ;)

    • That’s a wonderful suggestion Otar, but I would also add that people should use their real names too if at all possible, or alternatively an explanation of why they can’t. I have no problem learning that you don’t want to share your name since you have adopted from Armenia and are still not sure where this whole thing is going, thus don’t want to complicate things for yourself, as these comments could be used against you. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion so I can better understand who I am communicating with.

  44. Welcome to my blog. I am very proud of my family and how well I am raising my little Armenian princess, who I adopted “to the letter of the law.” I have done everything that would be expected of an Armenian American raising an adopted Armenian child. Take a look at the videos of both kids’ Armenian baptisms and all the Armenian connections we have in the DC area, including the former pastor of St. Mary’s. We attend church every Sunday and both children go to Armenian school. I am proud of my Armenian heritage and am active in political efforts for genocide recognition. My grandparents were both survivors who lost siblings and parents. Why would a fellow Armenian attack me? Why you may ask? Ara and Emil, you need to get a life. Why don’t you go after some of those non-Armenian midwest families who are raising their kids in the Baptist church.

    • Dear Ms. Vigilante:
      your comment:
      ” For those who doubt the fact that my princess is so much better off with my family than a poverty ridden single mother in Armenia, visit my blog…she is a happy girl enjoying life as an Armenian child should.”
      Is quite disturbing and it objectifies the adopted child you have purchased. Besides the fact it isn’t YOUR place to decide what is best for the children of Armenia or that you are more suited to be her parent thant her poor what was it?…ah yes single mother. This is the very attitude that sickens Armenians about Americans like you.
      As far as your remarks about your patriotism toward Armenia and you proud of your heritage…that is all NEW FOUND like right around 2007, where you became as your husband states “A born again Armenian at the age of 47” Wow, nice throwing around names and some money, but it doesn’t make you any more Armenian or a patriot…and it sure doesn’t make you the rightful owner of an adoptive child or give you that sense of entitlement you have.
      Ms. Vigilante, you need to get over yourself. Stop putting down Baptists after all it was a Southern Baptist from North Carolina which you purchased your child through. Stop embarassing yourslef.

      • Dear Anahid,

        Thanks so much for your keen interest in every detail of my blog. I am so glad that I got under your skin, because that really is the purpose of these posts on this particular thread. The ridiculous comments made (including mine) are all suited to the incredulous nature of this article. I suspect I do know who Anahid really is, but I won’t even go there.

        But I still stand by my statement that my daughter is lucky to be in our family as we are lucky to have her…a perfect match!!

        All the best,

    • Sonia, you might have done everything “to the letter of the law” but you did bring gifts to the orphanage workers and secondly you have no idea what kind of grease money was paid prior to your referral by Robin’s in – country facilitator.
      You have no clue what you are talking about, and unfortunately you believe Robin Sizemore because she was able to make her money talk and make “your family complete” (in your words) . Robin is not a very intelligent person but she is clever and understands that MONEY buys things in poor countries and can buy the truth in legal defense. Robin likes to align herself with adoptive parents that have money and some power. Poor Robin actually believes she is Armenian and likes to throw Armenian names around. I guess she believes it gives her class or credibility. Must be her marketing degree at work again.
      The attorney she used to try and harm me- is very unethical and has even stooped so low as to refer to “Armenian Mafia” not to mention. …
      Sonia, we know you were on ANCA facebook page stalking me and my family and friends. We had a discussion about the Turkish Gulen Movement and many of us were concerned about this group that is managing over 130 charter schools in the USA.
      You then shamelessly reported this information to Bennet Kelley who then contacted the Turkish Gulen Movement to attack me and other Americans.
      This is a testimony to how low you are as a human being. Not only do you buy a child from a poor peasant single woman in Armenia and objectify her as your possession “Armenian Princess” but you side with a shady Turkish Cult just to satisfy your sick hatred toward me or my friends. You are NO Armenian and I feel for your daughter being brought up from her true bio family, siblings in a rich culture. Maybe you will buy her all the right things and can afford anything as you so constantly boast about, but you will never buy the birthright of her culture and homeland. She is a child of Armenia, you are not.
      You should know that money can buy whatever you want in poor countries and in the USA too. Robin knows she can still sneak in 1-3 healthy children out of Armenia and has stuck her neck out by still telling non-Armenians she can get them healthy infants (like the non-Armenians in Washington State) they waited for over 3.6 years and continued on and finally got their wish an Armenian healthy infant. The mother is now in her 50s which is suspect that this was allowed and they are far removed from any sort of Armenian school or strong community. While at the same time the more honest agencies like Carolina Adoption Services will clearly tell clients you must have Armenian heritage as it is too difficult and so few healthy infants. CAS would like to stay on the right side of Armenian patriots and know that selling or adopting our children out to non-Armenians is morally and ethically wrong. There are plenty of Armenian couples worldwide and in the USA that are seeking a healthy Armenian baby. Carolina Adoption Services knows this and doesn’t wish to lose favor with Armenian people by performing what many Armenians have dubbed “White Genocide”. Robin on the other hand will not turn down an application or money. But if the wait is a problem, Robin has fast tracked clients to other countries like Ghana or Morocco.
      The truth prevailed in this flimsy complaint, you keep posting that stupid Complaint as if it was something to be proud of. In fact. Professor Volokh used is as an example of writing a poor complaint and infringing on freedom of speech. Remember there is no judgment in this case as it isn’t defamation when it is true. It had no legal theory, was amended several times as the causes of action didn’t even apply – come on “Computer Abuse and Fraud Act?”
      You need to educate yourself about the law and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
      Robin singled me out, to make an example of others that were reporting the truth about her behaviors and actions. Bennet Kelley doesn’t frighten me or anyone else from telling the truth. Robin is walking on the edge as her attorney Kelley does, playing with Moroccan adoptions (non-Hague Country) where couples must convert to Islam to adopt is just plain creepy and will end up backfiring on Ms. Sizemore.
      The same as the timing of her suddent birth of her first and only bio kid after time in the ROG with the son of an orphange director.
      Why you started jumping in this stupid Complaint and harassing me, my friends, my family I will never understand. Sonia, you believe anyone that says anything negative about your “not so clean Robin” is your enemy. Clearly you have blinders on and believe that I am every poster online.
      I hate to break it to you, but I am not. Dear Robin has many people that are not too happy with her.
      You keep refering to some misunderstanding with another Adoption Agency. You must understand about that agency;
      They lost all of their staff
      They have had a lawsuit for wrongful adoption “Reynoso vs. ATWA”
      They had to move to a smaller office when Guatemala closed, China tightened up, and Kazakhstan slowed down.
      There was only a DENIED restraining order because I live 3 hours away and could not be there when I was in Fresno at my older daughter’s birthday party.
      Additionally, this agency was just mentioned in a child trafficking article in Mexico as the only “American” agency able to adopt out of Jalisco. Wow, it’s not like the USA doesn’t have thousands of hispanic-American children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Now their main source of income is niche independant adoptions in Japan which is also non-Hague.
      Lastly, I want to remind you that since 2006 International Adoptions have slipped by over 62%. in 2006 there was over 22,000 children adopted by Americans from other countries. In 2011 it was just over 9,000
      Are you going to blame me for this too?
      You are dellusional if you think I have that much power and control. But the truth is International adoptions have dropped for these reasons:
      Countries shutting down because of human trafficking
      The economy, most people cannot afford $30K
      Less countries to adopt from, wait times too long.
      More children in the USA are being adopted.
      Adaption and ratifying on more laws to protect children from human trafficking.

      This same drop has also occurred in Armenia, in 2006 it was about 40 to the USA and last year (2011) it was a mere 22. In 2010 (18)
      These numbers will remain flat and the emphasis will be on adopting out the special needs children first and foremost.
      Why don’t you actually work at helping your fellow Armenians instead of trying to destroy them? Everytime our groups worked with a child that had cancer and brought them to the USA for treatment you would post terrible things under their photo and belittle their situation.
      You showed no class, no heart or compassion – only hate and poor behavior. Or when you bombarded our flicker account and said something about “Hairy Armenian Eyebrows” Yet, you paid upwards of $40,000 for those same features in AL.
      I hope this explains your misguided hatred toward me and other Armenians. There is no amount of money in the world that can buy you class or the respect of others. That is something you would have to earn.
      As far as your dead beat friend Robin Sizemore? Read the documents online and keep a fair balance. They will remain as long as I can, even though Bennet Kelley tried another flimsy motion to have them removed. Only this time he has gone too far and he knows it.
      Hiring an agent? Geez, everyone here on the west coast knows there are SO many good Armenian Attorneys and it’s no secret I know some of the top ones. Funny how none of them wanted to touch this case. and the poor bastard that was used locally to file the paperwork had his huge law office close because of the poor economy.
      It’s amazying the flimsy cases some Attorney’s will take to try and pay the bills.
      Robin paid an estimated $160,000 in legal fees and what did she really get out of it? Harassing me and my family will not be tolerated and your “idle” threats of economic ruin or “in the fight of my life” are just low class.
      I am still standing and far from economic ruin.

  45. @Ara,

    Like I told you before money buys everything. It’s not about turning a blind eye to this situation, it’s just about being a realist. Most people (99.9%) have a price that they would sell out too. This is life man, I’ve come to this realization. Just reading this article and the back and forth arguing makes my point even more valid. And you know what, reading you and Stepan talk about the Armenian Fund corruption is another point. I wonder how much Armenia Fund is paying Stepan to go to Artsakh and endorse more Armenians to donate. I can’t believe he would use children’s pictures to try to prove a point, which in this case is pathetic. “Oh goozek kidnal ov goodeh gor tser tramneruh, as yereghaneruh gooden gor”. BS man, what is all that crap about. Like he doesn’t know about all the corruption that is going on, and he’s sitting there and preaching something else. You know what’s funny? Stepan sounded like his guests, and you sounded like the Stepan when he had a television show. He’s in denial because he is being paid good money to market the Armenian Fund.

    I like what you’re doing, in trying to get all these stories out, and enlighten the people. But, like I said before, everyone has a price. Whether it’s a few bucks or millions, money will prevail. Look at the churches for instance, do you even know what goes on in churches??? I just sit here and laugh. When Stepan was talking about the Burbank church being built, my family was sent a pamphlet of stuff to donate to. I didn’t know it costs $5000 to buy a priest slippers, or the other ridiculous amount of money they were trying to reel in from the people. And lets not even get started about a lot of the priests. I think ditord had an article here about a priest having a Bentley, a gun, and who knows what else. Money Ara, money, will always buy the human souls. It’s been doing it for centuries, and centuries, and it will keep on doing it for eternity.

    • Hey Garo,

      Thanks for your support and for sharing your perspective of things. What you have said is very accurate. Taking what you said into consideration, I would like to think that by exposing what ills our world to the masses, should results in a price hike to those buying that which should not be for sale. Doing this eliminates those willing, but unable to afford the new exorbitant price. With this elimination of the less well to do, my job becomes easier in pushing for prosecution of a smaller and more influential layer of society. It’s also more manageable that way, since the smaller the number of people needing an ass whooping, the quicker the problem is solved. And when you whoop the asses of rich, arrogant, powerful people (I always get a warm fuzzy feeling with this happens), the less powerful don’t dare go where the more powerful failed and are tending to their wounds. This method of dealing with issues in Armenia has worked for me in the past. If it worked in Armenia, the land of the lawless, it should certainly work in the U.S., the land of God fearing, law abiding citizens.

      As for the Church, it’s been on my to-do list for many years. You may not know it, but my uncle is the Patriarch of Jerusalem and thanks to him (not because of his direct intervention, but by virtue of being a blood relative to him), people in the Church often confide in me problems. I often get to see what happens behind closed doors and in some cases have even confronted those who need a sermon from someone like me in order to see the light. I’ve published in my blog at least a couple of serious Church issues, one in relation to money collected to enrich corrupt officials in Armenia. I’m sure one day I will get around to addressing some of the core Armenian Church issues and at the same it will certainly do my best to bring the price of slippers down to at most, manufactures suggested retail price.

      Keep on the side of truth Garo, since with people like you (which I know are many) there really is a chance for a promising future. Knowing that your kind exists inspires me to keep on pushing.

      Take care and spread the word,


  46. Let’s close the loop. This issue is dead, right? I am waiting for the guys with the handcuffs, and all is quiet in the Vigilante household. No police cruisers or FBi agents knocking at the door…and we are so conveniently located in their back yard? How about the Armenian Embassy? I will be having dinner there in a couple of weeks and be sure to introduce myself to everyone…hey Ara, are you planning on attending? What about you Vanessa…oh that’s right…you can’t afford the plan ticket because of all your attorney bills…oh well, maybe next time, after you dig yourself out of debt. For those who doubt the fact that my princess is so much better off with my family than a poverty ridden single mother in Armenia, visit my blog…she is a happy girl enjoying life as an Armenian child should.

    Well I do have to say I enjoyed the banter with this group of losers with nothing better to do. I guess you are on to the next ambulance to chase. Too bad for you you didn’t catch this one.

    • Sonia;
      The Armenian Embassy doesn’t know you by name, I have to explain it ‘s the loud mouth that is married to an ex-practicing physican who now works at BAH.
      You don’t understand Armenian and they cannot even communicate with you.
      You have no clout in Armenia that is why you had to pay Robin Sizemore for the use of her dead beat facilitator that drives around in a black Mercedes in Yerevan. Did you tell them at the dinner party how you are buddies with the Turkish Gulen Movement? You and the Gulen Movement have a lot in common you both want to destroy Armenian Families.
      Try using your money for good and helping Armenia build their economy so parents can work and feed their children. Not resort to taking them to orphanages just so they can have a meal.
      Yep, I would say the Turks love people like you because you do anything you can to backstab them. Since you live in Potomac you should pay a visit to the Rumi Forum or other Gulen Lobbying groups, I am sure they would love to have you. But even they would never trust you.
      Keep trying to prove you are Armenian and are a Patriot, you are nothing of the sort.
      Even Nancy doesn’t relate to you.

  47. Sonia, I have to say as a fellow adoptive parent I am quite taken aback by your sense of superiority, self-righteousness and anger. While you think you are jolier than the birthmother and others, I certainly hope you don’t teach your child, a gift, these traits. Correct jolier to holier.
    Sincerely, another adoptive parent.

    You seemed so nice years ago on the Yahoo group. I guess that was an act to get what you wanted.

  48. Otar, I would love to take this off line with you. You do realize I am the subject of attack here and just want to reinforce that the attackers are the losers here, and I am the one who is providing for the orphan their government left behind. Nothing more than that. I do hope you are not really an Otar, because I don’t agree with Odars adopting healthy children in Armenia…just not fair in my opinion.

    The Armenian govt had it right the first time and for whatever reason the opened up the flood gates to ever tom dick and harry, with no preference given to Armenian ethnicity. That is wrong.

    Otar, are you one of the single women who adopted? If so I really would like to have a long conversation with you as to why a single non armenian should have preference over a traditional family with armenian heritage. I’ve got a doozie of a story about a single woman who recently brought her daughter home who had the nerve to visit my home and after one visit with no warmth toward my child or respect for Armenian culture, asked me to write her a letter of recommendation to the PM. Obviously I refused because her only reason to adopt from Armenia was because the wait was shorter. I saw recent photos of her daughter, who doesn’t appear to have any Armenian lineage…probably Russian. Not that it matters to her… it worked out great because the kid actually looks like her. But I am no fan of this selfish and insincere person to say the least.

    • Sonia, the Armenian government did not leave behind or fail the “orphan” you adopted. They just caved into the offerings you were able to give them, thus made sure that your daughter was not made available to a native couple who is childless and in need of starting a family. If you had not purchased your daughter for what you admit you paid, which includes many illegal bribes, you know good and well that the Armenian authorities would have never picked a woman pushing 50 (I did the math) over a young healthy (physically and mentally) native couple who would raise the child as an Armenian citizen.

      And don’t say that you can better provide for your child than a native couple. That’s a huge insult to Armenia. Believe it or not, there is a screening process for natives that adopt and one of the requirements are that they can provide for that child so it will not live in the slums (as you call them). With that said, you really did not do your daughter a favor and in fact did her a dis-service by depriving her of her birthright, culture and a chance to grow up in her native homeland. Shame on you!

      Not that it matters at this point, but I bet you can’t even speak, read and write in Armenian. I hope that you will at very least make sure your daughter and son have a chance to learn how to speak Armenian. Maybe with all your money that you are swimming in, you can invest some of it for the sake of your children and hire a private tutor for them. I’ll bet you could hire some intern at the Armenian Embassy to teach them, that is if you really are devoted to giving them the tools they will need to better understand their culture.

      I would wish you luck, but don’t see how that will help you at this point. You are too sure of yourself, think you know everything (which you really don’t) and this will be your downfall in the end. They may not come and handcuff you as your overly active imagination would lead you to believe, but at very least whoever takes notice of your case and should not let you off easy. You need a good slap on the hand for what you have done at very least.

      • Oh so what happened to your threat about lawyers and FBI coming to call? Is that not longer going to happen Ara? Now it is going to be a slap? Hmmm… You are a failure once again Ara…trying to make something out of nothing.

        I did not say my daughter was better off with me vs. another Armenian adoptive couple. Armenian nationals had a chance to adopt her and she was passed over. I am saying she is better off with me vs. the single birth mother who couldn’t provide for her. I love the way you mince words…of course you have lots of practice at that…it is apparently your job.

  49. Otar..uhhh…Marybeth??? Yes I know who you are. Feel free to contact me off line if you have something you want to say. We don’t need to air our dirty laundry on this website…although I will bet most who read this blog will agree with my position on this issue. I am doing you a favor by moving this issue to another forum. You should stay away from these websites…they are not for the faint of heart…especially otars who have adopted through Hopscotch. You are hated even more than I am :)

    • What is wrong with non-Armenians adopting through Hopscotch? And what dirty laundry do you hold over Marybeth that you would threaten her with? Sonia, you really are showing your true colors of not being a nice person.

      Who is to say that Armenians don’t look like what you think only Russians can look like. The little girl my cousin adopted in 2001 looked and still looks today like she is Russian, but both her bio parents are 100% Armenian. My son has light eyes, snow white skin and light hair, but I am the father and I saw him come out of his mother. We are both 100% Armenian. Believe it or not, pure Armenians are red hair, blue eyes. It was after the Turks moved in that we got the dark features. Of course the baby that Marybeth got could have been one of those black-market Russian babies smuggled into Armenia and registered in an Armenian orphanage as an abandoned child, so maybe in this case you could be right.

      • Ara, the single mother who visited my home is named “D”, not Maribeth. I just assumed Otar was Maribeth because there was a hit on my blog right around the time of her post from her part of the country. I do not have a beef with MB, but I do have one with “D”. “D” adopted as a single mother. She is local to dc and asked me to help her as an Armenian who would write a letter of recommendation. I was thrilled to help her until she visited my home, stared at my baby like she was a freak (no warmth, no touching) and then told me that she wanted to adopt from Armenia because it is easier and faster than Russia. A very cold and selfish person, the very next day she asked for the letter. I started to write it and deleted it. Just couldn’t do it and told her to find some other Armenian to help her.

        So not that we have set that straight, I have friends who have blond hair that are Hye. My comment about Denise’s baby was just directed to her as a sarcastic remark pointing out the irony that she started the adoption process in Russia.

        My apologies to those who were offended.

    • Actually Mary Beth you are not hated because you did an admirable thing, you adopted a child that had special needs and for this I applaude you. Sonia is bat shit crazy and has harassed everyone of my witnesses and myself. Threatening me with “A fight for her life” and “we will leave you homeless and bankrupt” is just plain creepy. Not to mention how Sonia continually tries to show others how she has a perfect life and perfect family. Her materialism and photos sent to others of her country club and boasting about having a nanny.
      I am Vanessa Kachadurian, and Robin Sizemore did not win a judgment against me. The mediation report can be read at http://www.vanessakachadurianarmeniavictory.weebly.com

      Hopscotch Clients are largely non-armenian and the ones that have Armenian blood in them like Sonia. Cannot read, write or have any connections to an Armenian community. They mostly live in the Eastern part of the USA, whereas the Armenians who are connected to their motherland are on the west coast namely California where 200,000 Armenians reside.
      Sonia keeps trying to justify the adoption/purchase of a 23 day old child that was under the old system pre-Hague.

  50. Sonia, I’m not an Otar. I addressed that in an earlier post. I am also not a single mother. I was on the yahoo boards for years. I disagree that non-Armenians shouldn’t adopt. I think that citizens should have first dibs, diaspora second and then those loving families willing and able. Children should not be raised in an orphanage or held there because of their ethnicity. I think we all agree on most points. The main issue seems to be how to stop the corruption. We adopted well before the registry went into effect and before ther were many agencies over there.

    • Otar, or whoever you are. My position is not that much different than yours. I wrote about this years ago: http://adoptionadventure-sonia.blogspot.com/2009/12/no-special-treatment.html

      As for your opinion of my anger/self-righteousness…you are entitled to that. I am not angry at you…I am angry at those to paint me as a criminal and use my name in articles taking things out of context. I am angry at a man who called my home and posed as a PAP from Texas trying to obtain soundbites for his article. I can act any way I want in an effort to piss these clowns off. Ara Manoogian is truly a mad man. I’ve done some research on him.

      Don’t be nice to these people…they will draw you in and then stab you in the back. It doesn’t matter if you are Armenian or not. Yes, I was once a very optimistic pre/post adoptive parent, but there are too many people out there who want to derail this program and hurt those who have already completed their adoptions. Send me an email sometime and I will share some of the emails I have received from our friend Vanessa…another very sick individual.

      • So everyone that disagrees with Robin Sizemore’s tactics is “sick”
        Wow, Sonia…………..I thought you were smarter than that, but apparently drinking all of that Hopscotch Koolaid has made you goofy as hell.
        Make sure you share those e mails with me as well. I did send copies of your sick e mails to the insurance company’s attorney who did send them to Robin’s dead beat Attorney. Robin in the deposition was questioned about your behavior. You may want to get a copy of the deposition where Robin clearly states “I was ashamed of Sonia’s behavior and didn’t agree with it”

        Nice buddy you have there. Seriously, get a copy of the deposition where Bennet Kelley makes a complete fool of himself. Is shaking like a little school boy and mis pronounces my name and tries to put a “dog and pony” show on for Robin that he milked over $160,000 out of.

        I gotta say, I hand it to those Hyes in Armenia, they still get big money out of Robin for the children with many serious non-correctable issues like Down Syndrome, Spina Bfida, etc.,

        Sonia you keep bashing me, my family and community. Why don’t you just take me to court like your dead beat friend? You try SO hard to convince people about your “perfect life and family” and all your connections (Armenian Ambassador)
        If this is so maybe you didn’t need to use a facilitator like those of use who are connected and conducted our own adoptions – remember independant adoptions were still going on when you adopted but you had to pay for the help because you knew no one.

    • So your going to the Armenian Embassy in a couple of weeks? What is the occasion for your visit? If you give me the exact date and time, maybe I’ll hop a flight to D.C. to meet you on Armenian soil where we can discuss Armenian law.

      If you think anyone on this site agrees with you, check out the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” rating. At least on this site your not very popular and no one seems to agree with you except yourself.

      Otar, thank you for saying what I was going to say. It’s clear that Sonia has a superiority complex. I also hope she does not pass on her less than desirable way of thinking to her children (bio and adopted). They don’t deserve to carry such a handicap in civilsociety . It will also distant her adopted daughter from wanting to do have anything to do with Armenia. I guess when one thinks they can buy their way around with money, they also start to think that s/he better than most, thus are very limited in who they cansocialize.

      Now that I better understand who Sonia is, the more I understand how important it is that Armenian adoption law must work. I’m sure from her negative comments about Armenia, the poverty stricken slum, the Armenianauthorities, including the Armenian Ambassador in D.C. will take notice of her and her illegally purchased of an Armenian infant.

      • Oh Ara, you don’t know anything do you. If you truly cared about things that really mattered for the diaspora, you would know what is going on there in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you do decide to go, and I’ll be sure to warn all my friends about you. Oh, yeah, the Armenian Ambassador is really reading this blog ha!!! Why don’t you send him the link. I would be glad to meet with him and tell him the true story about Ara, although he probably already knows.

        Ara, your threats are so empty and meaningless.

    • That Armenian Adoption Interest board is barely around, years ago there would be 40-300 posts a month.
      Now, it is just a sounding board for Hopscotch Adoptions and her fan club who tell would be parents to “be patient” “stay the course” “it will take 3-4 years to get your child but Robin will get you a child”
      Just more marketing of Robin Sizemores, who ironically possesses a Marketing Degree.
      If any of you want to adopt a child and cannot from Armenia, I suggest you use Robin for Morocco. You just have to convert to Islam under the Kefallah law.
      BTW Morocco is a non-hague country.

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