Ter-Petrossian dismisses critics, hails dialogue with authorities

Armenia -- Opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian addresses a rally in Yerevan, 08Jan2009

The leader of largest opposition force, the Armenian National Congress (HAK), criticised impatient people amongst its followers and said “open dialogue” with the authorities should be appreciated.

Speaking to RFE/RL’s Armenian service in Artik HAK leader Levon Ter-Petrossian dismissed critics, who say he has made  behind-the-scenes arrangements with president Serzh Sargsian. “There’s no need to talk of certain arrangements. No, its an open dialogue. We openly present our demands, our problems, our programs to the authorities and the public, and the authorities are openly responding to them,” he said.

Ter-Petrosian warned the Sarkisian government to hold snap elections and meet other HAK demands or face a popular revolt as he launched a fresh campaign of antigovernment demonstrations in Yerevan in February. But since than, he has toned down his speeches and narrowed down demands to 3 main points which the authorities seem determined to fulful in order to engage in a dilaogue with the opposition force.

More specifically, the authorities sanctioned HAK rally in Liberty square for the first time since 2008 post-election violence in Yerevan, promised a more thorogh investigation of those events which left 10 dead, and started releasing jailed oppositionists.

Ter-Petrosian insisted that his decision to back away from another standoff with the government has not disappointed many of his supporters who hoped for a quick leadership change in Armenia. “Naturally, there are impatient people, people not understanding the process, who think that issues could have been solved in a different way,” he added. “I am sure that the different way would have ruined those issues.”

Some of the quick conclusions that can be drawn from Ter-Petrossian’s words, are the following.

  1. Whatever you call it, “dialogue” or “agreements”, it seems clear, that President Sargsian’s ruling Republican party (HHK) will continue to remain in power for the next 5-6 years.
  2. Ter-Petrossian’s HAK will gain parliamentary mandates in the next year’s parliamentary elections.
  3. Some of the more radical forces among HAK will be pushed out and perhaps join movements like Sardarapat led by Karabakh war-veteran Zhirayr Sefilian.
  4. Other opposition forces, like Heritage (Zharangutyun) and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF-Dashnaktsutyun) will loose some of their parliamentary sits (or be completely gone from parliament) as they see increased competition from HAK.
However, the question remains: is all this good for the people or not?

10 thoughts on “Ter-Petrossian dismisses critics, hails dialogue with authorities

  1. So now Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his team is ready to see and accept Serzh Sargsyan as current and even as the next president. Hmmmmmmm.

    I just pray God the next Government does not adopt ANC’s hilarious economy reform policy, stated in their “100 steps”.
    I want to hope the next Government will be more capable, professional and progressive than today’s amateur, impotent and corrupt one.

    I also would love to see Artsakh issue finally solved during the next presidency term. I think it is time.

    • Well, this is just my and your speculation:
      “So now Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his team is ready to see and accept Serzh Sargsyan as current and even as the next president. ”

      But from what he says and does, that’s what I understand. Maybe I’m wrong? No idea.

      • And I think we are right in our assumptions.

        I think the seats in the parliament promised to ANC is the scarifies that Republicans made for Serzh Sargsyan’s next presidency term.

        In any case I am happy to see a dialogue, not a zombie-like, ultimatum-driven, blame-supported and utopia-like speeches.

        Finally, they wanted the power back – let them have it, manage it, enjoy it and be responsible for it.

        And finally, Republicans matured to understand that the person gaining so many votes in presidential elections should be given part of management. This just does not need any proof or explanation. This is just so damn clear.

    • Republican party (HHK) will continue to remain in power = Հանրապետական կուսակցությունը կպահպանի իշխանությունը:

      In other words, it will preserve majority in parliament.

  2. [edited by moderator]
    I find it hilarious how all of you give this ENEMY of THE STATE: LTP; the time of day and pay attention to what he has to say and demand. you give him power and make him wealthy by GIVING YOUR ATTENTION TO HIM. ara, if you want him out and to go away, then STOP LISTENING TO HIM, IGNORE HIM, STOP GIVING HIM YOUR MONEY, ay himarner: mi kich art’nacreq ev sovoreq, bac achqer’d yev teseq irakanutyun@

    how stupid are the ppl of Hayastan that they’re fools to believe in everything he says. so, then I can be the king of all Hays because I claim to be? or how’s about this 2000 yr old tale: I’m the son of god. I’m the god you all bow down to, but in the form of flesh & bone. now bow your ass’s down to me because I said so, and if you dont… I’ll walk on water and turn milk to wine and I’ll suicide myself and claim to die for your sins

    you all turn to this [edited] as if he is your jesus, your god, your all hail might leader. keep giving him the time of day and all your money, you’ll see what happens to you again, as it was in 91-98 and 2008

  3. It’s funny how “politicians” that have kept silent throughout the past three years, except to predict the demise of HAK and LTP, have come out of the woodwork to criticize HAK’s policies. :)

  4. The ARF should send a force to kidnap traitor LTP and take him to Lebanon so he can stand trial for treason of the Armenian people. If he is found innocent he can be deported to Baku, if he is found guilty he should be forced to clean toilets for hezbollah in Lebanon.

    • @ayf
      thanks for proving that your AYF is indeed a 100% pro-gorgor only/very anti-Hayastanci organization

      you just proved (and insulted) that Hayastancis have ZERO capability to prosecute such an evil criminal as LTP and that the ARF has no existence in Hayastan. when in fact the real ARF/AYF is in Hayastan.

      not only did you subtly admit this via your comment, not only does your AYF deny the genocide of 20 Yerevancis on March 1st 2008, but also you dis-acknowledge the existence of Hayastan by demanding that LTP be brought back to your camel lebanon; as if your arabastan is Hayastan

      we Armenians are not arab, we dont care about your hezbollah mezbollah hammas hammus tabuleh lahmajun terrorist orgs. we are Armenians, we are Hays, we are Aryan, we are Kavkas, we are of Hayk Nahapet & Garegin Nizhdeh, we have our own country known as HAYASTAN. something you and the rest of the gor-gors have no knowledge of and for some weird/obsessive reason are hell bent on destroying us and in process stealing it all away from us (hmmm..sord of like what turks do, eh?) and why would you want LTP to be prosecuted anyway? is he NOT serving your covert anti-Hayastanci/in line with turkish agenda? or you just still pissed off because he banned your hezbollah mezbollah terrorist supporting ARAB RF in Hayastan during his 1st term as tyrannical dictator.

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