Gampr officially recognized as Armenia’s national dog breed

The Breed committee of the International Kennel Union (IKU)  has officially recognized the Armenian wolfhound Gampr as Armenia’s national dog breed.

Armenian Gampr is a breed of livestock guardian dog that originated at Armenian Highlands.

Gamprs are one of few natural breeds that were not subjected to hard selection by phenotype. They preserved the genetic variation that other dog breeds had initially. This genetic variation was promoted by spontaneous and, in some cases, intentional periodic matings with local wide wolves that happen even at present. Gamprs differ by their vital capacity, independence, mind, strong self-preservation instinct, ability of the trustworthy defence and protection of livestock, and exclusive friendliness to humans.

Their breast is wide and deep, with a little rounded chest. Lower breast line shall be lower than elbow joint. Stomach continues breast line, a little tuck in. Top of shoulders is a little noticeable at the back. Back is wide, straight, mascular and strong. Waist is short and mascular. Croup is extended, wide and straight. Height in withers in male dogs is 65 cm or more, and female dogs is 62 cm or more. Weight shall correspond to the total size of the dog, and usually varies from 45–50 kg to 60 kg.

PS: Gampr looks like one of the branches of the Caucasian Shepherd, and I’m sure we will soon hear of Georgia and Azerbaijan claiming, that in reality it is their national breed, not Armenia’s.


23 thoughts on “Gampr officially recognized as Armenia’s national dog breed

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  2. AFAIK requirements are too high for us to match them in order to register “Gampr” as an FCI recognized breed.
    pity, but that’s true, and the link goes to the advertisment of the exhibition.
    which doesn’t mean anything. probably just a commercial step.

  3. ok, I see, IKU /= FCI
    So, IKU is a Russian organization, and “International” is only part of the name.
    ok, it may do exhibitions in Ukraine, or Belarus, but that’s not international.

    • I think this blog post only talks about IKU and registering Gampr in IKU, nothing more. It does not claim that Gampr is recognized in every country and every Union of the world.

      Now, the word International. I actually do not understand why Union can not call itself International ( and why it should call itself differently) if it accepts registration appeals from different countries, actually from any country in the world.

  4. Dear, that’s very nice to speak to you face to face. So, www,, (I assume that www is the first name), you are of course right, it’s free to call itself as it wants, even Intergalactic which wouldn’t change anything

    • Very funny:) really very funny:))) I believe your learn those hilarious jokes from your internationally recognized dog:) keep rocking:)

  5. First of all, I do not have a dog.
    Should I?
    If you think, you may bite me by joking about “quality” of “my dog”, then your’e wrong. I don’t care. If I ever have a dog, I will take one from the street.

    And the fact that you’re went offtopic means you have nothing else to say on it

    • honestly, i like your this message more, and i am now serious.

      of course i did not mean to bite you, i just hope your assumptions about people’s first names could be smarter.

      you are of course right about offtopic, but then was i the one starting it?

      nevermind, kargin tghaes erevum u hamel chashakov ([email protected] naeci), lav eghir.

  6. Guys, I know both of you personally, you both are very very nice and intelligent ppl and I don’t think you need to argue here.

  7. I want a Gampr too, but I cant afford dog, costs $2-3k dollars per year to keep /maintain any dog in ugly expensive usa. just to feed a dog cost $100/mo. and to take to vet-doctor every year: $200-500 for 1 visit for physical check-up and whatever else: like deworming and anti-flea applications

    de inch, also there is Caucasian dog, very large, aggressive, and loyal to their masters. although is Gampr and Kavkas dog same dog? it seems there is some similarity, I dont know !

  8. I do not think it is a good idea to keep one in the city. It is not easy to train gampr city rules, and, they need more space and freedom.

  9. I’m watching a segment on Gamprs on ARTN TV via [email protected] shantum program, very interesting segment on this dog. very large and powerful dog, like us Armenians…large & powerful. ara dont mess with the Armenian Gamprs, LoL jaaaaan !

  10. when I move to Hayastan, I will get a Gamprr
    Jaaaaaan Gamprner jan, duq ayl Haykakan

  11. Armenia really needs to make breeding and selling this dog a profitable business. They need to market it to the Diaspora and dog fanatics. It will market Armenia to the rest of the world and create more pride inside the Daispora. We just need to breed the less aggressive, larger ones and market it the USA and Europe. Somebody, come on.

    • @mark b
      ara du GIZH es??? so the gor-gors will get more pride of being so-called ARMENIAN from exporting Gamprs from Armenia into the rest of the world??? LMFAO wow, where do you ppl come up with these ideas.

      you know what, stay away from us and leave our Gamprs alone
      we dont want to export our beautiful wonderful CAUCASIAN dogs to anyone. we prefer to keep them in land of CAUCASUS and keep them as CAUCASUS. we not selling out our race/heritage/culture/identity and OUR DOGS to anyone…ARA DO YOU READ ME??? TO ANYONE !!!!!!!!

      ay xelagar !!!!!!!

  12. Andranik,
    You are my brother and because of that I HAVE to love you. But you are misguided in your statement. Please reread what I wrote and your response. I live in SoCal and would be happy meet up and discuss FACE to FACE. I appreciate your passion but it is misdirected toward someone who wants to help.

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