Kocharian “suddenly” remembers “the people”

Former President Robert Kocharian expressed concern on Tuesday about the Armenian government’s unfolding dialogue with the main opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), saying that it could result in a dangerous “collusion behind the voters’ back,” RFE/RL reports.

“If the dialogue concerns establishment of civilized rules of political struggle and renouncement of its radicalization, of course, my assessment is positive,” Kocharian said, arguing that political stability is good for economic development and the conduct of democratic elections. (Yes, you read right!)

“But if the dialogue concerns parameters of imitation of political struggle (for corresponding bonuses), this is most likely a collusion behind the voters’ back,” he warned. “This, by the way, is a direct path to standstill and growth of corruption, since the opposition immediately stops fulfilling its main function, namely prompting the authorities to work better and restraining their appetite. People would be the ones to pay for that collusion with their already scanty resources.”

I find it amazing, how the former President, known for his arrogance towards the people, suddenly remembers them. In one single interview, he has used the word ‘people’ more times, than during years of his presidency.

Is it because he sees a deal between opposition and the authorities could threaten his precious skin? Or is it because, for some reason, he seems to think, that he stands a chance if he runs for presidential office again?

Whatever the reason, Kocharian seems to  think, that his period of presidency “stood out by positive changes in the quality of people’s lives.”

“It is obvious that over the past years the level of people’s life significantly deteriorated, and irrespective of objective or subjective factors of that deterioration, people are inclined to compare. And the more ordinary people compare, the harder the politically committed opponents try to discredit me. Unfortunately this is the internal logics of the current processes, which does not much depend on my activity. I am sure that the people is not that naïve not to understand that,” Kocharian has said.

I’m speechless.


15 thoughts on “Kocharian “suddenly” remembers “the people”

  1. @Observer,

    Every time you have an article written about this guy, or the other past/present presidents, my blood boils and I just want to vent on here. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to precisely write the way I feel about the situation in Armenia for the last 20 years. It’s not that I’m lost for words, its that I can’t begin to put two words together that would make sense. I’m sure I share the same thoughts of millions of Armenians worldwide. Maybe I can come up with something on your next post.

    Hope all is well with you and your family.

    • @garo
      I want you to know I responded to your comment, but observer is not approving it for obvious reasons. hence you dont get a notification that I responded to your original comment, but I want you to know I responded to it and its 100% TRUTH and REALITY

      RECOGNIZE MARCH 1ST 2008 !!!!!!

      • @Anrdranik,

        Is your response to me or about the presidents? What does it pertain to?

        • @garo
          you know me by now, every comment I post will have a jab at you gor-gors and your denial of March 1st 2008 GENOCIDE and Hayastancis

          so if you want to read it, ask Observer to approve it
          maybe he’ll do it for you, I dont know !

          or go to Observers recent human rights issue blog and you can read a related comment there

          • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you have some serious mental issues.

          • antranik needs some healing. allergic to Armenian unity. the tongue has no bones, that’s why you see him writing pages rather than doing any good to Mother Armenia.

  2. Hilarious.
    Opponents trying to discredit him?
    No one needs to try to discredit him, he’s gone and done it all by his lonesome.
    And a great job at that, I must add.


    P.S. Just realized, that of course, to dis-credit, one must have credit to begin with…

    • @IA
      qocharyan???…life in prison????
      that will NEVER happen…..NEVER !!!!!!!

      didn’t you get the memo?
      criminals never go to jail, NEVER !

  3. @garo
    so then you admit it?????
    you deny March 1st 2008 and as a GENOCIDE
    thank you for your subtle admission

    and @harut
    ooooohhhhh mr big time, you must have all the money & power in the world helping Hayastan on a daily to tell me to do good to my fatherland.
    yah, ok, sure, I’m going to do good for Hayastan with my piss poor lousy $500/mo. unlike you, I have to find work or sell goods/services to make my money to live, unlike you I dont sit on my ass and wait for the money to come POURING into my bank acct.; and I’m not allergic to Hayastan’s unity I want my Hayastan to be very united. however I’m definitely allergic to haters, discriminators, and DENIERS such as the gor-gors denying March 1st 2008 and denying it as a GENOCIDE. and harut, you need to go back to school and PAY attention in biology/health class- the tongue is the thickest strongest MUSCLE in the human body, it doesn’t have and/or need bone.

  4. The value of life is good Health, happiness, family and friends, get rid of this money complex my friend and reclaim your status as a true HAY

  5. @Observer,

    Any idea what all this is about? Are these people for real? Is he gearing up for a run at office again?

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