Emmy knocked out in boxing gloves

Armenia’s representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Emmy went on stage in the Dusseldorf Arena “in boxing gloves” to perform her “Boom boom” song and was knocked out.

Sport is definitely not Emmy’s strength, as she was soon out of breath jumping around with 4 Greek dancers.

Emmy and her protective mother Nadezhda Sargsian had long been dreaming of her participation in the Eurovision. Not only dreaming, but planning, working behind the scenes, kicking up scandals and more. I’ve never been a big fan of Emmy, not least because I still remember her horrible performance in the “New Wave” singing contest in Yurmala back in 2003.

Still, for the first time ever since participation in Eurovision, Armenia has failed to reach the Grand Finals. And I have conflicting feelings. I want to shout on Emmy and Nadezhda’s face – there, you happy?

But than, this is Armenia dropping out and I understand how emotionally hard this is for Emmy. And I’m really sorry for her. Wish there was a way to change things… or at least the stupid song she was made to sing.

One question that still bothers me is why didn’t the Armenian Diaspora vote for Emmy? Did they have conflicting feelings too? And why the Europe didn’t vote for her? Emmy looked really hot on stage, even as her voice faltered and went out of tune all the time.

PS: I really liked Georgia and voted for it.


15 thoughts on “Emmy knocked out in boxing gloves

  1. re: Diaspora

    My guess is the novelty has worn off and people do not feel compelled to watch this contest simply because Armenia is participating in it.

    This is anecdotal but I have a feeling that the divide between the Diaspora and Armenia keeps widening especially during the past three years. Every day Armenia loses a little more of its credibility which I find extremely worrisome and very dangerous for the viability of Armenia as an independent entity.

  2. the performance was mediocre, her voice is horrible in this performance compared to others. then again our so-called “stars” such as Emmy are not used to singing LIVE on stage, dont forget how they cheat themselves and us with their lip-syncing to their own audio files all the time.

    I agree, she does look hot, especially on this months cover of EL STYLE amsagir (dam, I want some of Emmys boom-boom chaka chaka too LoL :-P), but thats all Emmy is, another pretty/hot face who sings mediocre and thinks: my looks and rich parents will get me all the fan favorites.

    Emmy jan, you should’ve went with AYO by DH and you could’ve made the finals just on song alone as did Sirusho with Qele (her performance was not all that great either, even DH came out and knocked her down for her lousy performance, but she got top 10 because of song, not performance). I’ve been posting all over youtube that Emmy WONT MAKE IT TO THE FINALS WITH THIS KAKA-KAKA SONG and THAT ITS A CORNY STUPID SONG and EUROPE WONT VOTE FOR HER and ESSENTIALLY BAG ON HER FOR BRINGING IT TO EV and everyone was offending me, calling me HATER, LOSER, JEALOUS. ara what I gots to be jealous of?? she is a girl, she is a singer, she is elitar and I’m a guy, dont sing, and a nobody to boot. I’m not her competitor to be jealous of her or anything of her, I’m no where near her world.

    anyway, I heard 3 years ago that her rich b***h mommy was kicking & screaming to Armenia’s ESC officials: why you sending Sirusho Mirusho, what, our Emmy is not good enough for you? hele 1st of all rich b***h mommy: Sirusho and her family are MORE elitar than you, she can actually sing and has an amazing voice and oh yah, she is married to evil mafiya DON-QOCHARYAN family, and lets not forget Siranush is much more BEAUTIFUL and ATTRACTIVE than Emmy 3 years ago , but Emmy has now come around with her more maturer and finer looks this year vs. last 2-3 yrs when she was dressing like stupid hip-hop mip-mop ghetto girl hanging out with STUPID saco, ooppps…I mean SUPER DUPER saco…who eats 1 to many tacos. thanks alot to Emmy and her rich b***h mommy, you ruined it for Hayastan this year, apres halala dzez. hopefully, next year or year after EV Armenia will send wonderful very beautiful and very talented REAL Armenia pop singer: Silva Hakobyan. lets not forget Silo won that UK contest 3 or 4 years ago. so she has the talents and song writing skills (with her sister Mane) to take on EV and definitely get in top 10. unfortunately, EV is politically charged and a very fixed show, so we wont be winning it anytime soon, but we can keep up our name in EV by sending talented beautiful singers who can actually sing and write good catchy tunes that will be remembered by our Euro neighbors

    btw: the gor-gors dont vote for EV, if they do…they vote for their host countries, never for Hayastan. dont forget they hate us and wont help us in any way, unless it benefits them by keeping us down. hmmm…kind of peculiar that gor-gors dont have any pop-stars like us to send to EV, nor do they have any sport professionals (such as our King Artur), nor do they do anything on a social/pop-level to promote Armenia and/or Armenian identity/culture to the world, other than yelling-kicking-screaming WAAAAAAH GENOCIDE like an infant 24 hrs a day – 7 days/wk. its ok gor-gors, we know darling…we know you hate on us and dont want us to get ahead, but its ok…we have built an empire of social-media-entertainment networks with out you and we sending our pop-stars to EV and singers such as Sirusho are well known in Europe-Asia-Aus yev ayln. oh thats rights, I forget, gor-gors dont allow their females to: sing, drive, walk/shop alone, speak out of place, etc….hmmm, kind of like those arabs do ha??? yaaaah come on, you know you do! :-)

    for your comparison boom-boom vs. AYO
    with out a doubt AYO is more catchier tune and Euro-esque

    also, I want to mention that if Armenchik should decide to do EV in the future, I can assure you he will BREAK records and everyone will want to come to Hayastan. in fact, I think that when EV officials decide to fix it that Hayastan will win that particular year, it will be Armenchik who reps us that year…that will be awesome and NO, stop campaigning for Tata to do EV, I mean really? Tata in EV? he’s too old and mature for EV and he cant sing angleren anyway. he’s straight up pop-style RRRRRRRABIIIIIIIIZ jaaaaaaaan. send Razboy or Arsen

    • Andranik,

      Most of the singers you’ve mentioned are awful. That is why they do not and will not get the “gor gor” vote.

      • @hagop
        thanks for admitting and showing your hate & discrimination towards Hayastancis. we understand that you hate & discriminate us alot, but we dont dare to tolerate it, especially you stealing our identity to claim it for your selfish-selves and using it to make BIG money & power, living the a-list celebrity paris hilton lifestyle. whilst Hayastan is sitting in fear, corruption, poverty, violence, crime, etc… and unlike you gor-gors who hate our singers and will never give us a positive vote, we stancis will vote for any singer regardless of their performance/talent, because thats what patriots do, thats what real Hays do. we will give as many votes as we can for our homeland to get recognition and keep up our name in such a contest as EV. however, I bet if your lebanon mebanon or syria myria was in EV, you gor-gors would go into overdrive sending in so many votes you would overload EV’s sms voting system and crash it completely

        Armenchik, Sirusho, Silva, Tata: all AWFUL singers??? Lmfao at you
        of course thats typical of any anti-Armenite to say, because you gor-gors hate on us, you discriminate us. you jealous of us that we have such wonderful bright talented and BEAUTIFUL looking singers/entertainers and what you have? ha? aheeeee you gor-gors have this….

        allah u akbar makbar, walla yalla habibi
        praise to your mohammeds, to your allahs, mullas, and cleriks
        praise to your hezbollah mezbollahs and hammas hammus mammus

        you gor-gors have a long way to come, gor-gors could never reach our heights, our status, or do anything we do. you lack the talent, the will power, and above all: you lack BEING ARYAN-KAVKAS ARMENIAN

        • Andranik, you’re being offensive again. Please stop. The fact, that someone doesn’t like Armenchik and Sirusho doesn’t make them any less Armenian.

          On another note, there may potentially be quite a lot of other nationals, who love those singers. According to your logic they would be Armenian?

          • @Observer
            Aper, I have to vehemently disagree with you on this. I’m not being offensive in anyway shape or form, there is NO insults/profane words in my comment to him, but for some reason you always try to use my way of exposing the truth as a way to claim that I’m being offensive. all I’m doing is pointing out the obvious and truthful facts and if thats considered offensive then whats next? because it seems that the world has turned the truth as being offensive and lies/deceits as being praised and accepted. well, I dont work that way. I dont believe in lies/deceits being the truth and if I’m wrong then for sure 100% I dont ever want to be right

            I never claimed that disliking Armenchik, Sirusho, Tata and others makes anyone less of an Armenian. there are MANY stancis in and outside of Hayastan who dislike Sirusho, Tata, and if you can imagine there are Armenchik haters out there as well (I know very difficult to accept & tolerate as they must be psychologically damaged),but I will never downgrade my own stancis for obvious biased reasons, same any gor-gor would be biased towards their own. however, gor-gor hagop takes a jab at ALL the singers I mentioned and of course as I mentioned in my response to him that its typical of all gor-gors to hate on us for obvious reasons, but they dont show it as openly as other do to us, they doing it more quietly and subtle. although, their denial of March 1st 2008 genocide and 2009 coming out party hate-filled protests surely was more than obvious versus subtle.

            All of Europe fell in love with Sirusho and her Qele-Qele, so what am I suppose to say? because they love Sirushik that it makes them honorary Armenians?? no, HELL no…just cause otars may like Sirusho or her Qele-Qele doesn’t mean that they are Armenian or would be considered more Armenian than those who dislike/hate her. to be Hay you must be of Aryan (noble blood), you must be of Kavkas, simply put…you must be of our patriarch HAYK NAHAPET and have the mind-heart-soul of an Armenian

            also, I’m simply implying and revealing the facts that gor-gors will ALWAYS hate & discriminate us no matter what the circumstances are, and that they should KEEP their fingers still/mouths shut from insulting our singers being sent to EV because they dont have anyone they could send themselves to rep Armenia as they claiming the Armenian identity for their selfish-selves, but are the complete opposite of being Armenian. prime example: the paul baghdad maghdad video I provided in my response to gor-gor hagop

        • Every victory, success, achievement of ANY Hayastanci, is a victory, achievement and success of ALL gor-gors. Nevertheless, Emma song was horrible, moreover, embarassing. So hopefully next time we can present our national identity without melting into the typical pop mainstream boom boom show me your legs songs.

          you need a better idea-understanding of Aryanism. Your views are called racism just as Hitler. If you want to get close to what a true Aryan is, first step is to purify your heart and eliminate hatred.

          Again, your attempt to divide Armenians failed, long live Hayastan!

          • @harut
            I see you still denying March 1st 2008 genocide by keep silent about it. thats how the turks did it to you gor-gors for a while until they realized they have to vehemently openly deny your genocide on a full scale across the board. how peculiar that turks recognize our March 1st, yet you gor-gors dont. hmmm… very peculiar, very interesting. it goes to show that you g0r-gors are such hypocrites you make the turks seem innocent. at least our external enemies openly/publicly recognize March 1st 2008 and YOU GOR-GORS dont. you see how you gor-gors are hell bent on GENOCIDE 24-7, always bringing it into everything and now I will be the same way towards all gor-gors. I will treat you gor-gors the same as you treat the turks and everyone else, because essentially you no better than that of your own enemy. then again, you gor-gors see us stancis as your enemies too ha? come ooooon, you know you do, dont even try to hide it. I’ve been to your secret anti-Hayastancis meetings, I have had much long experience with your gor-gors. I know you gor-gors very well, I know all about your secrets and your hidden threat agendas

            you gor-gors are in love with your beloved hitler, he was anti-JEW as you habibi gor-gors are. thats why gor-gors praise hitler; you gor-gors hate jews. you secretly behind closed doors deny their holocaust and lets not forget how you gor-gors are very supportive of terrorist orgs: hezbollah and hammas; and you wearing that ARAFAT scarf around your necks too… yalla habibi ARAFAT yalla! dont worry habibi, I know you confuse ARAFAT for ARARAT, for you its the same word and meaning, che? araFat…araRat: ara whats the difference? miyev nuyn!

            I dont have to use words anymore to prove anything, I’ll just use the videos you g0r-gors provide as evidence and proof of your hate-filled anti-Hayastanci/anti-Hayutyan allah u akbar agenda

            we will open our borders, you cant stop us. maybe you stop us for a short time, but eventually we will stand up against your hate-filled agenda and bring prosperity back to our homeland. you dont own/control Hayastan….WE STANCIS DO, ITS OURS, WE LIVE IT, WE BREATH IT, WE BUILT IT, WE GROW IT, WE LOVE IT, WE ARE IT !!!!!

  3. I think that we have always over-estimated the power of the diaspora in this contest in particular and in other affairs in general. Around 10 million people vote in Eurovision each year…How many of those do you think are Armenian and were they EVER enough to propel us into the top 10 year after year? Somehow I doubt it…
    Trying to understand Eurovision is a thankless matter, there is really no rhyme or reason to it. Yes Boom Boom was god awful, but was it any worse than Jan Jan? Yes the lyrics were nonsensical but did Apricot Stone make any more sense? (at least to those whose moms did not give them apricots when they began to cry a lot?) Yes she was shrieking instead of singing, but was Sirusho really any better?

  4. Parev polor Hayerun,

    I am a european spurkahay and must admit neither did I watch the eurovision nor did I vote. but honestly, if Emmy’s song and performance was better, I would certainly have watched and voted. But just to throw up a [edited by moderator] on stage with boom shakalaka bullshit, If Armenians, Hayastanci and spurk voted for her, I would have been very very dissapinted by our artistic and cultural standards. I hope we never witness such cheap performance whicvh has NOTHING to do neither with Armenian melodies or spirit.

    To mr. gor gor andranik jan, your desperate attempts to split the Hayer will not work out. Thank to heaven and earth above and below, we have great ties to GREAT Armenians in Hayastan. Our hearts belongs to Hayastan, we worship eveything related to Hayutyun, and we do not shy out to speak to everybody in this world about the glory and majesty of Hayastan, and we will not spare any effort to help with all means possible to rise the great eagle, once again, once and for all. So, proceed with your desperate attempts to split the Hays, I guarantee you will be very frustrated.

    PS: one word about the gor gors artistic achievements, Charle Aznavour. this should put you to silence for the rest of your life. but of course, hate and anger knows no limits, and even we Armenians have our deficiencies and outliers turko-russki-mongo hybrids. Be a real Armenian and live up top the expectations of your patriarchs. Stop sowing hatred, some naive people would read and believe you.

  5. From a nation that was 3rd from bottom in this semifinal (Norway) the first rule for Eurovision is that voting is a bit tricky in this competition. And we are known to have plenty of 0 points songs in the long history of eurovision. Norway was at the bookmakers favorite. That went down the drain to say it nicely.

    Regarding to this years performance by Armenia, well. The voice sounded childish. But regarding to the diaspora, if i remember correct, only Russia that has a large armenian diaspora was able to vote in the first semifinal.

  6. YES, Emmy performed badly. Moreover, I have never been more disappointed in my life with Armenian artists as I was after her performance. But, I cannot blame everything on her. Often, people just don’t see their faults or weaknesses, and PEOPLE are the ones who help them in their ways. I would like to think that it was a common mistake of those who chose her for EV and those who actually realized it. It is easy to pick a point and dump everything on it. How about the 3 mil people who lives in Armenia? What about the people who don’t live in Armenia, but who voted for her? It’s all cumulative.
    I have experienced a state of shock for good 10 min when I saw the video in Youtube, as I had not chance to watch the EV itself. The embarrassment I felt, I think, I would not be able to forget for the rest of my life. But, it’s not the end of the world. We failed this time. All Armenians fell altogether. But, we are not dead. We must learn the lesson and make a better decisions. We must choose carefully the people to represent our nations with pride (and Yes, Sirusho did a good job!) from wherever we are. We are a tiny nation, and every step is counted as a long distance run.

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