Censored: Armenia’s Lost Spring

This documentary, which looks into the post-election developments of March 1, 2008, has been prevented from being screened in Yerevan’s “Moscow” cinema theatre.

The author of the film Tigran Paskevichian says he has also provided the film free of charge to TV companies for broadcasting, but none of them has expressed a desire to broadcast.

This is not a big surprise, as Paskevichian’s two other films: “Alienation” and “Election” had a similar fate.

The film is in Armenian and many readers of this blog will find it hard to understand, but I see it as my utmost responsibility to publish it here.


8 thoughts on “Censored: Armenia’s Lost Spring

  1. By the way, I haven’t even had time to view the whole film, I’ll try to watch and write more comments this evening. Meanwhile, if you have seen it already, feel free to comment.

  2. I can’t bear to watch…the blood boils. And the sons of b*tches got away with it too, that’s the worst part.

    • @Iso jan
      inchi hamar vor? thargmanutyun@ kariq ch’ka, nranq ovqer ch’giten Hayeren ba tox gnan sovoren ev ayl yete chen uzum sovoren de lav eli, dranq voch Hay en voch ayl mez het gorc ch’unen, de aydpes u verj !!!!!

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