All set for a dialogue – whatever that means


The regular readers of this blog deserve an apology – I didn’t write for more than 15 days. I can explain myself. I was on a very busy business trip and having a lot of great time along the way.

Prague is a great place to wait for the end of the world, which didn’t happen again. This city is like a big party, which grabs your mind and doesn’t let you think of anything, else…

Meanwhile, news from back home was mostly good with a Presidential Amnesty being put in place and all looking set for a political dialogue to happen in the country.

I returned from Prague and dived back into work – it was the day of the release of the two most prominent members of the Armenian opposition remaining in prison: Sasun Mikayelian and Nikol Pashinian. You may have noticed – I’ve removed the banner calling for the release of Pashinian and am happy as hell about it.

As for what’s ahead – no idea. When you add Ter-Petrossian, Serzh Sargsian, their “dialogue” and Nikol Pashinian into an upcoming May 31st rally, add to this all the talk of divisions between the more radically minded oppositionists and those who’re more for the constructive approach, the whole thing becomes unpredictable.


6 thoughts on “All set for a dialogue – whatever that means

  1. @observer
    no need for any apology. why you apologizing? aper you are free person. if you dont want to blog for few days, so what? its not as if you answer to your readers. you not making money from this blogging are you? if yes, then I suppose you have to answer to them, but if not…then ara dont apologize. du azat mard es u verj !

    I only sent you the email to find out if you still alive, I was concerned aper jan. very happy to know you still alive & kicking, ay apres :-)

    glad to know you were enjoying Europe. must be very nice visit Prague. I’ve seen it on tv many times in movies, documentaries, etc. etc..its definitely one of the most beautiful cities of central Europe, next to Vienna & Budapesht

    miayn te karevorn e vor du hang’stutyun u lav zhamanak anckacreciq. I hope it was not expensive for you to visit. I understand most of Europe is very expensive to stay there for few days. I think 1 week in standard lodging and eating normal and maybe lil shopping will cost $4-5K?? iroq ch’gitem, bayc etenc en asum [email protected]

    K’nereq, I will have to disagree Observer jan. I want to be in Yerevan or Stepanakert for end of the world. I want to be in my birthplace and be surrounded by my people. when I die, I would like to die in Yerevan or at very least guaranteed be buried there as close to our Ayrarat as possible. Europe can have themselves. I want Hayastan for my end of world days :-)

    on an off topic note…
    yesterday was the DRA’s birthday: Mayis 28 1918
    btw: I will die for the priceless precious girl in this video u verj

    • No, I’m not making money of this blog – on the contrary, I spend money on it all the time… and I put a lot of effort into it and I know its worth it and is something important to me.

      I generally think, that blogging for money is bad, because it takes away your sincerity.

      And I also think, that when people expect the blog to be updated every day, it should be updated every day, or I should apologize, so let’s leave it that way.

      Thank you for your letter. That was nice of you.

      • @Observer
        I thought wordpress is free? and if not, how much does it cost you monthly to keep this blog? I feel bad that you have to pay to express your interests/thoughts/opinions ev ayln. you should create ad space on here and market the space to big or small buisnesses to pay to ad on here. you receive enough traffic, yes?

        also no, it should NOT be required to update every day. so what you take a few days off from it. I know its very time consuming to write/post all these bloggings and moggings. so yes, you should benefit from it in some form. at least a small profit, considering you dont make big money and have a family to feed/take care of, che?

        lav aper, im [email protected] chi vor yes dzer gorceri xarnvem. miayn te grum em ayspes out of care and respect. especially you are Hay. I want all good Hays in Hayastan to have a good life and benefit from their work, not just eat crumbs that fall of the table of the rich and elitar

        I wish someone would PAY me to blog. I would blog mog all day. here we cant make money honestly anymore. you have to be crook/evil son of bitch to make some good money. at least enough that you can set aside for retirement and old age. otherwise, someone such as me will be working well into his 70’s or 80’s before I keel over and die from working to make what is considered as “pocket change” by the rest of the Armenians here in hotac-merica. in fact, I can provenly admit that I am definitely the poorest Armenian in america. there is NO Hay in america/western country more poor then me. seriously, if there is…pfff please someone prove it cause I dont believe that there is. show me one 1 Hay in america/western country that makes less than $15K/yr

  2. It was an intermission — Soon time for the next act to begin; script is either unwritten or a closely guarded secret, but the audience is intrigued and waiting for a colorful new cast addition… :)

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