Robert Kocharian Fan Club Seeks Second Term for Ex-President


Former President Robert Kocharian has an unofficial Fan Club, which has registered a domain name and opened a website on May 10 and a professional quality promotional video vox-pop on May 30th, one day ahead of a key opposition rally in Armenia.

The initiator of the page is someone called Suren Hovnanyan, who is apparently working for, judging from his website registration contact details.

I wasn’t able to varify if this person is related to Suren Hovnanyan, Head of the Center for Effective Policy and Research who conducted exit polls during the 2005 Constitutional referendum and 2007 Parliamentary elections, or Suren Hovnanyan, who works as a TV Producer at H2 TV. Which would make it clear, if this is a private initiative, or something coming directly from Kocharian and his team.

But this is certainly something very interesting.

Special thanks to Garo for the hint.


20 thoughts on “Robert Kocharian Fan Club Seeks Second Term for Ex-President

  1. ЛАцацрир. Только ты можешь вызвать мои слезы в этой стране :-)
    Чтобы мы делали без тебя. С вашего разрешения утащу к нам :-)

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  3. the domain name is 2rd, I guess that means yerkrord (the 2nd in English). That will not do. Not good enough. I thought he is the one and only, not the 2nd.
    Suren H might get himslef into trouble.

    Ironically is one of the newspapers that Kocharian took into court and if I am not mistake cashed on.

  4. Es sayti [email protected] miayn cicax e arajacnum. Et 2-rd naxagahi kerparn enpes e baroyazrkvel (i mijayloc vaxuc), vor espisi voch mi naxadzernutyun chi karox voreve azdecutyun toxnel normal mardkanc vra. nra veradardzn antuylatreli e, korcanarar erkri hamar. bolor aylandak ishxanakan avanduytneri knqahayrn a [email protected] VOCH KOCHARYANIN!!!!!!!

  5. aheeeeeeee I was waiting for Observer to blog about this. ara you know I live to comment about this devil of Hayastan.

    well, I posted many negative insane calls for his head on a plate comments on the video and in typical censoring fashion, all “comments have to be approved”. its more than obvious this is some tactic political ploy to prop him up and push his name in the media in a positive light. those ppl praising him and claiming that Hayastan was better during his rule are either paid well to say it on camera and/or have connections to him and his evil mafiya regime. which means that their good way of life is secured by painting him in a good light.

    anyone Hay who dares to praise this robik mobik or his serjik perjik needs to have their brain examined. I suppose your money and comfortable city life is more important than the state of the entire nation, ha???

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  7. Նենց տպավորություն ա որ էն մարդկանց ովքեր կուզենային Ռոբերտը նախագե լինի հատիկ հատիկ գտել են ու նկարել են: Ինձ թվում ա իրա ընտրազանգվածը մոտավորապես էսքան ա, ոչ ավել:

  8. Here’s an official explanation about the website:

    Exclusive interview of the Head of Robert Kocharian’s Office to Mediamax Agency

    The idea of the project and the website itself belong to an initiative group, which had worked over its creation for about a year. These are people (mainly youth), who not only share the political views of the second President of Armenia, but also are real professionals in the sphere of internet technologies. This website became a result and product of combination of these qualities.

    The Ex-President’s office, naturally, will support this project by any means and will contribute to its development. We have already prepared a large volume of materials on President Kocharian’s activity in 1998-2008 and we are going to pass those materials to people, who organized the website, in the nearest future. At the same time, we are not going to interfere with creation of the content: it is the prerogative of the project authors.

    Using the occasion, on behalf of Robert Kocharian and his office, I would like to sincerely thank the founders of the website for the wonderfully completed work, for the principle attitude and patriotism.

  9. The lady who starts to speak at 2:17 in the video is the very same lady who briefly repeats her preference for Kocharian at 3:06 – she’s even wearing the same clothes!

    Of course, Yerevan is a small town, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera went around town during the course of a single day and ended up crossing paths with the same people, but the editor of the video ought to have been diligent enough to realise this glaring oversight, which makes it seem like the whole thing is a poorly-organised set up.

  10. Wow, neroxutyun bayc asum en *o*z*n eresin en dqel asel e ancrev e galis

  11. Wtere is Armenian National GOLD fund?Kocharian sold to IMF !Who keep talking with PANTURKISTS azeris?Kocharian-Cargsjan tandem.Ewerybody know turkish-azeri final goal is PANTURKISH UNION !And Armenia will be destroed!This is reality approved by western power.We need MIATSUM today and stop any stuped talks with Panturkists!

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