The Waiting Game

Armenian National Congress continues to insist, that the authorities should form an official delegation to hold dialogue with Armenia’s largest opposition force on pre-term elections, despite continuous refusals by representatives of the ruling party and now the Chief of Staff of President Serzh Sargsian himself.

“We are waiting for the position of the current authorities, represented by [Armenian President] Serzh Sargsyan, after which we will make assessments,” said Armenian National Congress (HAK) press spokesperson Arman Musinyan, in response to a question by on HAK’s take on a statement made today by Chief of Staff of the President of Armenia Karen Karapetyan.

As previously reported, Karapetyan, in response to a question by Novosti-Armenia, had said that the fact that dialogue between HAK and the authorities has begun is simply so obvious that speaking about it is, at the very least, odd.

“As for the suggestion of negotiating on pre-term elections and forming a delegation, well, in this case, both the proposed format and the question posed, to a great extent, are simply an end in themselves and — it wouldn’t be difficult to guess — unacceptable,” he had said.

This fresh exchange of ‘niceties’ comes a day after deputy-chairmen of Serzh Sargsian’s Republican party, as well as the party’s speaker said they refuse to engage in dialogue on pre-term elections.

Karen Karapetian is as close to being the representative of Serzh Sargsian as it gets. Moreover, Karapetian’s response is almost humiliating for HAK. Still, the opposition force is holding the pause in such a self-assured manner, that it seems they actually know something.

Do they?

And what will the HAK say, if tomorrow Serzh Sargsian repeats the exact words that his representatives have uttered?

I’m really intrigued…


8 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. tell LTP to come have meeting with me
    guaranteed I can solve all the problems at that meeting
    once and for all, finish all this with one bullet

  2. Observer jan, so do you think Serzh Sargsyan will let all his party leaders down and will say Yes to a format and subject of negotiations? Especially, given that

    1. He, as the country’s president is expected to comment over a format that does not even include the leader of the movement demanding that format.


    2. The only agenda and subject of negotiations is his and his party’s immediate step down for extra elections.

    Which president would do that, especially given opposition’s fading popularity?

    And my next question is, what if the Republicans are indeed stupid and they sit around a table and start negotiations about how they are going to step down and lose power earlier than they actually can. And those negotiations finish 15-20 days before the real, constitutional elections day. What does this give to HAK?
    Or worse, the so called “negotiations” do not even finish before the next elections:)

  3. jan, some answers to your questions can be found in LTP’s last speech.

    i myself would like to mention that you look at the processes from a specific angle, while you need to change that angle… and then many things will become a lot more clear.

    if you need help with that, I am ready to chat with you via GMail chat ;)

  4. Privet bro!:) it’s always a pleasure to Gmail chat or “garejri shurj” chat with you:)
    I liked the “specific angle” thing:) as if yours is not :))

  5. This is part of the negotiation itself.
    HHK officials want HAK to drop the pre-term elections requests, in exchange they say that they would forming their delegation and sit for negotiations also put some of teh demands in parliament for voting.

    HAK will wait till the end of this month as there might be some developments (like in Kazan) and announce its proposition.
    Initially HAK had a number of demands and it decrease them down to 3.
    now we may have a situation of bringing up another batch of three instead of streight forward demand for the “final solution”.
    Both parties want to show that they are the masters of situation. this ia natural for rivals.
    Personally I prefer the negotiations to be public rather than behind doors.

  6. Wtere is Armenian National GOLD fund?Kocharian sold to IMF !Who keep talking with PANTURKISTS azeris?Kocharian-Cargsjan tandem.Ewerybody know turkish-azeri final goal is PANTURKISH union !And Armenia will be destroed!This is reality approved by western power.We need MIATSUM today and stop any stuped talks with Panturkists! Again armenians so naive think azeri and turks will open communication after all okkupaed territories reseuve back?NEVER! Turks will keep blokade antill all armenia become emty.Sargsjan doing what western power say! We dont need giveup our land!

  7. Don’t worry, in the future the gor-gors will take over and bring life to the Armenian people.

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