“Music of Komitas is my everything,” Alin Goyan

You have to listen to this, to understand what made the young and promising lawyer abandon her comfortable job at the Court of Cassation and go to the conservatoire.

“Music of Komitas is my everything,” Alin Goyan told Radio Liberty.

You know she means it, when you listen to her beutiful modern interpretations of the great Maestro (Krunk, Chinar esGarun a).


6 thoughts on ““Music of Komitas is my everything,” Alin Goyan

  1. After a grueling night, I wake to this sound and the “I don’t know his name” blog. Life is beautiful, spiritual.

  2. Observer jan, thank you for posting this, shat shnorhakal em :)
    ayspisi blogner shat em havanum, ay ayspes mer hin pat’mutyunic temayov

    merraaaaaaaaa eli, nran dzaynic merra u verj
    hinadaryan u avandakan Haykakan axjikeqi dzayn@ u verj
    only REAL Armenian female can have that real Armenian sound/voice
    I die for her, I die for such a sound. I die for the real Armenianness

    Alin jan, yes qo dzaynin merrnem, yes qo kyanqid merrnem
    ba du mer luysn es quro jan, du mer huysn es, du mez tankn es eli u verj

    we Hays are the children of light, we are the ppl of the sun
    we must go back to our ancient roots, to what is natural for us, to be of AR

  3. Thank you. I absolutely love this music. Truly Armenian, and is sung very beautifully. I wish we could keep the music that nicely emphasizes our identity!

  4. Yeah I also love the gor-gor Christian Komitas Vardapet, he is the best.

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