5 busses in Yerevan add free Wi-Fi to their services

Yerevan Municipality has installed Wi-Fi internet access in buses in Yerevan in an attempt to encourage the use of buses as public transport.

Speaking to Tert.am, Arthur Gevorgyan, the head of the press service of the Yerevan Municipality, said that they have already tested the Wi-Fi internet in five buses and that the program will not extend to minibuses.

“The goal is to increase the use of buses,” said he, adding that the program will be presented to the public on Thursday only.

Gevorgyan, however, did not elaborate the numbers of the buses already equipped with Wi-Fi.



6 thoughts on “5 busses in Yerevan add free Wi-Fi to their services

  1. we dont even have that here in america (wifi on busses)
    wow, apres Hayastan, apres mer Yerevan
    however, I’m curious how its done?
    how can WIFI be put into busses?

    high-speed internet line needs to be connected
    then that signal is routed via a wireless router
    which then disperses the internet signal in the air
    so again, how can wifi be put into busses with out the internet cable?
    or I am missing out on a technology that has been around?
    k’nereq, I’m confused


    BTW: today is Yerreguyn d’roshi or@ (The flag day of Armenia)
    today we celebrate our priceless precious Armenian flag, our Yerraguyn (tri-color). this flag of ours represents our hope, our dreams, our aspirations, our freedom, our culture, identity, race, existence, our struggles, our victories,, yev ayln yev ayln. love our flag, embrace it and cherish the homeland as if she is your own child. ay im sireli angin tank Hayer jan, yes dzez misht bolorid het em yev yerbeq yerbeve dzez chem morranum

    “The day of the Armenian tri-colour was celebrated for the first time on 15 June 2010 in Yerevan”

    now I want to see gor-gors try to top this. as if they would dare to do such a thing?? because they dont even celebrate my culture/identity, let alone my Yerraguyn. and whats even worst is they claim to be Hay???? ara merra cicaxic

    I wonder what it would be like if all red-neck hillbilly white americans (especially in the southern states) claimed to be “american” and DID NOT celebrate July 4th or flag day where every american patriot posts the usa flag on their automobiles, homes, buisnesses, etc etc etc…

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  3. Sounds nice from the headline but in practice is an idiotic idea. Maybe thats why I havent see such a service in any other place. Waste of taxpayer money.
    First of all encourage use of buses againts what, mini-buses? If so why, because minibuses are not safe? Then why not regulate the minibuses in the first place to increase their standards?
    Secondly, what’s the price rate? if it is free of charge people will never get off. If it is based on subscription how it will work (payment, login info, coverage)?
    Thirdly imagine usng a computer in a bus and not onlythat, using in Yerevan roads.
    Another pompus but halfbaked idea. Dont they have better things to do like introduce a homogeniouse public transport system that will meet the real demands and give better services.

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