Free Wi-Fi spots in Yerevan

Kornelij Glas has created a map of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Yerevan. Check it out, pretty useful!


4 thoughts on “Free Wi-Fi spots in Yerevan

  1. Yes, very useful project! I shared it on Twitter and the Tbilisi guys thought so, too–so perhaps they’ll get a map together there, thanks to Kornelij and company’s Yerevan initiative.

    Also, I found free WiFi here last year: Queen Burger‎, Tigran Metz avenue (near the Cathedral). Someone can check it out when they’re there to see if it’s still working.

    • I used to use the Queen Burger one when occasionally thereabouts. It was ADC connection, very fast. But they’ve shut it down since than.

  2. lav aper, urax enq Yerevani texnologianneru hamar
    huysov em vor amboxj mer Hayastan@ unena anv’char internet hotspotner

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