Armenia marks the Constitution Day

The Armenian People adopted the Constitution of The Republic of Armenia on July 5, 1995. On 2005 the Constitution was modified in a nationwide referendum.

Depending on their political affiliation, experts say the current Constitution is “good” or “bad”.

I’m no expert and I like most of the things I read in our Constitution. All we need to do, is to make sure, that both the Armenian people, and the people in power are aware of the following articles of the Constitution:


3 thoughts on “Armenia marks the Constitution Day

  1. Happy Holiday Armenia!

    Let us all, especially those who hold power abide by our Constitution.

    Our state is only 20 years old.

    USA is 235 years old, and it’s Constitution was written 224 years ago, but some 30-40 years ago black guys still could not even sit near white ones. In fact some 30-40 years ago Americans still did not have and did not enjoy the rights which their Constitution declared centuries ago.

    I very much hope it won’t take Armenia so long to correspond to its beautiful Constitution.

  2. the constitution referendum of any country is a political joke
    no country upholds its own constitution, not even the USA
    go make freedom of speech by demonstration (aka: protest) by yourself, or with 1-2 others with you and you’ll see how the police handles you, but if you organize and gather large numbers of ppl, then you’ll see how the cops do nothing but watch and document it and photograph and try to figure out who you are.

    the constitution of any country exists only for “show”, it has NO power, no meaning, no anything. its simply made up and exists in form of black & white papers so that “the masses” dont go into chaos & anarchy and chase down those in power to mean to rule with tyrannical dictatorship

    all politics is a sharades, smoke n’ mirrors, a theatrics, its a play, it’s for show, it has ZERO meaning. the real politics is always done behind walls and closed doors. you all saw what happened on Oct 1999, March-April 2003 and again in March 1st 2008, every article of our so-called “constitution” was violated/raped by this tyrannical mafiya dictatorship

    however, the reality is that “the ppl” of any country do hold the power and can overturn any tyrannical org. crime mafiya dictatorship masquerading as so-called “democracy” under a republic flag of so-called “peace & prosperity”

    if you had 1M of our Hayrenagicner invade our H’raparak, storm the gov’t buildings, national assembly and other gov’t agencies/buildings in surrounding area at 1 time on 1 day with out leaking out that info to pro-mafiya sympathizers, we could absolutely take back our homeland and remove all oligarchs from power, starting with ss/rk/ltp/dodi and on down the list. you think it can’t be done?? how else you think those crazy camel arabs in egypt removed mubarak from power, you say on tv more than 1M crazy radical arabs invaded their tahrir square and did it peacefully, but unfortunately for arabs nothing changes for them, because arabs are backwards 1 brain/thought shared ppl, they dont have the ability to change things for their better. where as we Hays do, because we are of AR, we are ARyans, we are Kavkas, we use to rule the known world until arabs-jews & persians came along taking it away from us. it was us, the proto-Greeks and few other Euro whites that were ruling the known world at that time. we can do it again…. starting with our priceless and precious homeland

  3. Just like most of the stuff, the constitution is “dirty” as well.

    No wonder no one in the government, justice system and the society takes it seriously. The text is good but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

    But “Happy Constitution Day”, FWIW.

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