ITU: Internet penetration reaches 37% in Armenia


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has released key 2000-2010 country data on telecommunications and internet statistics around the world. The study indicates, that the number of internet users has quadrupled in Armenia over the past two years.

On a very rough estimate that would mean, that more than 1 million 180 thousand people are online in Armenia. Wow! Frankly, that is somewhat unbeleivable. Even more so, if we consider the fact, that ITU identifies Armenia’s Ministry of Transport and Communication as the source of the data. As internet penetration figure has a promotional importance for the Armenian government, which has made IT a strategic priority,  it is very much motivated to inflate those figures.

But as a counter argument I would say, that if we add up the number of Armenians registered on social networks like and Facebook, we would get roughly comparable figures. So its not impossible, but the lion’s share of those users would probably be accessing internet through their mobile phones or using shared internet connection at work, at home or at internet cafes, etc.


8 thoughts on “ITU: Internet penetration reaches 37% in Armenia

  1. I’m not believing these numbers
    the entire population of Hayastan is 2.2.M
    the gov’t lies about it being so-called 3.2-3.5M
    in fact, I’m inclined to believe it maybe even 1.8-1.9

    so its impossible for more than half the country to be online
    no doubt internet has reached all 4 corners of Hayastan (and even Arcax)
    but I doubt that the rural areas have internet and if so, its such a lousy infrastructure/connection, they wouldn’t even bother trying to get online anyway. its not a secret that Yerevan and Gyumri have the best connection/infrastructure for most of things in Hayastan and majority of the population resides in both of these 2 large cities

    I dont know, but that’s my speculations

    • You should not believe or not believe. If you want to talk about numbers, you should count, not just say “this is real, that – is not”

      • numbers are the following:
        1. 182,000 registered users on Facebook, but we don’t know how many are actually active
        2. More than 2 million registered users on, but only 800,000 active/unique visitors on a monthly cycle (Source is ID Media, representative of that social network in Armenia, which I can confirm having purchased advertising on and monitored ad performance on a 3rd party stat-counter service)

        Add to this people who don’t like social networks and you could easily get 1 million users. The question is – how many of them are accessing internet with computers or equivalent devices (iPads, tablets, etc).

        • There is also a separate study, which shows, that “26% of Armenian households are connected to internet, while 32% of Armenian households own a computer.”

          As that study only shows “household” data, it doesn’t counter the ITU figures, because ITU says overall penetration, which means “households” + businesses, various institutions, etc.

  2. trusting these numbers, I agree with your odnoklassini and facebook remark.

    unfortunately, for a pretty big portion of internet users in Armenia “onlined” means having accounts in odnoklassniki or facebook.

    i also think skype is another major reason for some people to buy interet access in Armenia (relatives, friends abroad, etc..)

    some people using skype and odnoklassniki everyday do not even know that internet has other interesting things to explore:)

    I also agree with “the more the better” statement in terms of internet coverage

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