Casinos and darkness en route to Yerevan airport

Most flights from Armenia to Europe are scheduled very late at night. This makes air-travel a nightmarish experience in this country. Try waking up at 3 A.M. to your flight a couple of times and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Oh, well, that’s what you get for living in a small insignificant country like this.

PS: I’ve streamed this video live from my mobile phone when traveling to Zvartnots airport. The quality of the video is pretty bad, but you get the idea.


3 thoughts on “Casinos and darkness en route to Yerevan airport

  1. @ Observer

    “insignificant” lol, you don’t sound too happy. I haven’t been reading too many positive things lately about Armenia, whether it’s on your blog or around the news.

  2. I wrote this post after traveling to airport at night and arriving to Vienna airport where I had to wait for my connecting flight for more than 7 hours.

    I could go out of the airport and spend some time in Vienna – but no – with my Armenian passport they wouldn’t let me (I didn’t have a schengen visa).

    Of course I was quite frustrated, because I knew that all these inconveniences happen to me just because I was born in this wonderful, but still – ‘small and insignificant’ country.

  3. The drive from Zvartnots was a very depressing first impression when I visited Armenia after more than a decade of absence. All the crumbling buildings, shoddy construction, cheap casinos and the general filth was very eye catching. But you get used to it after living there for a month or so and the drive back was not as bad.

    Hopefully things have become cleaner now as I have not visited there since March 1.

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