Online media considered most objective source of news in Armenia


Online media are seen as the most trustworthy news source by 54% of Armenians, beating TV (47%), Radio (45%) and Newspapers (44%), according to “Armenia 2011 Media Public Opinion and Preference Survey” published this week.

The study administered by the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) has revealed, that online media and social networking sites are also used more frequently and are considered more important than either radio or newspapers.



The study contains a wealth of useful information, along with alternative data on Armenian internet penetration rates.  It shows, for example, that 26% of Armenian households are connected to internet, while 32% of Armenian households own a computer.

Accessing social networking sites and using instant messengers like Skype, are the top reasons why Armenians use internet, with Odnoklassniki social network dominating the scene accounting for 80% of social network users, followed by Facebook with as little as 15%.

All of this information has important implications as Armenia heads into parliamentary and presidential elections in 2012-13. Existence of objective online media and further growth in internet penetration can potentially make or break an election in this country.

Sadly, I have my doubts on this account…


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