Holiday Planner: Bing maps provides driving directions to Georgia


Microsoft’s Bing Maps says: “Depart from Yerevan on M24 road and drive 5.2 miles, turn right onto highway A325 … cross over to Georgia… Arrive at Kobuleti, Ajaria, Georgia on the right.” Yep, looks like the Bing Maps is the best option for Armenians planning to ride to the Black See for an escape from summer heat in an affordable seaside location in Georgia.

For routing and directions inside Armenia, Google Maps is still my favorite, as Bing has neither detailed street maps, nor directions even inside Yerevan. Still, Google Maps directions hasn’t rolled out in Georgia yet, so getting driving directions from Yerevan to Batumi or Kobuleti, as in the example above, won’t be possible on Google Maps.

Meanwhile, some Armenians might prefer not to travel to Georgia for summer holidays, as public beaches have been established around Lake Sevan by a presidential decree, which are “aimed at providing free and efficient recreation and leisure for the population.”

One of the main reasons, why Armenians used to flock to seaside beaches in Georgia, was the fact, that it was more expansive to rent space and rest near Lake Sevan. Availability of free public beaches might reshuffle holiday plans for some.

Sure enough, the Black See is still more appealing with its warmer sun and salty water, so Bing Maps directions will be there to help.


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  1. I know someone in Yexegnadzor and recently she was in batumi for few days and she posted pics in her facebook,UUUUUUUUNbelievable, how can batumi be this caribbean meets southeast asia exotic place in Kavkasus/black sea coast? I saw bamboo trees, lily pads with frogs, tall and short exotic palm trees, the nice carribean kind, not the ugly LA breed. waterfalls like in brazil or something. I mean it makes no sense, how can black sea coast or Causus have such exotic locals? it snows there and its a cold/winter climate region (during winter months), so I am flabbergasted by the pics I saw of batumi. I can only imagine that sochi is the same, I dont know since I never been to either town

    • Batumi is a great place, and President Sahakashvili did a lot to attract investors and make the place a real tourist-attracting place.

  2. I took that road showed in google map in 2007 and it was horrible, I think we must of taken a wrong turn somewhere. As far as the route we took, there was no road for about 4 hours, unless they have upgraded it now. Let me tell you the scenic route was beautiful though!!!

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