Registration of a business in 15 minutes now possible in Armenia


A newly launched section in Armenian Government’s Electronic governance website lets an entrepreneur register a business in under 15 minutes from any internet connected computer.

The online registration of companies on tri-lingual (Armenian, Russian and English) website was announced about a month ago. Today I tested the system a little bit and was very pleased to find out that everything works like a charm.

“The citizen no longer has to knock at several doors to get registered in the register and to collect necessary certificates and documents, since the registration of a legal entity is performed by a “One Stop Shop” (OSS) principle, and in electronic version as well,” the Government announced in a press release several weeks ago, claiming, that the process previously lasting 10-15 days, will now take 15-20 minutes and involve payment of only one unified fee.

imageThe Electronic Register provides all the necessary fields and templates, including an automatically generated PDF application form and a standard charter template for any of about a dozen types of legal entities and institutions one can register, including limited liability companies, joint stock companies, branches of foreign companies, funds and charities, non-profits and non-governmental organizations.

The procedures for registration of companies has become increasingly streamlined in recent years. I registered and organization back in 2006 and the process took me a month. Last year I registered a company and it took me only 3 days, leaving me rather pleased and impressed. But this internet registration is simply WOW! It is indeed possible to complete the registration in 15-20 minutes.

I’m often critical of the Armenian Government, but progressive steps like this one, or the Interactive Budget which features quite prominently on Government’s website, should be recognized for what they are.

I’m impressed!


2 thoughts on “Registration of a business in 15 minutes now possible in Armenia

  1. I’m sure there is a ulterior deceptive motive behind something such as this

    we can never trust any governments EVER !!!!

  2. My friend,

    These wonderful things happen BECAUSE we are critical of the Government. And we should keep that portion of healthy criticism.

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