Norway’s mass murderer had ties with Armenian nationalists?

Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik

Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik

Christian fundamentalist Anders Berwick, the perpetrator of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history, had published a 1,518-page manifesto entitled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence.”

Armenian bloggers Independent Armenia and Unzipped brought to my attention the following lines in the diary.

March 2010
I have ended my “email acquisition phase” ending up with a grand total of 5700 Facebook contacts (2 accounts) and a total of 8000 high quality email addresses (representing all spheres of cultural conservative thought). I now have a direct way forwarding my compendium to a good portion of the most dedicated nationalist oriented individuals in all Western European countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, certain Eastern European countries, Armenia, Israel and even India.

After a quick look through a section of the text of the manifesto I concluded, that there’s nothing serious to be worried about. The fact, that there’s some “natinalist oriented individuals” in his mailing list from Armenia doesn’t make those individuals criminals. Still, as Unzipped rightly points out, there’s every reason for Armenia’s national security to look into that list of email addresses and call those people for interrogations.


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  1. More on this story, Breivik said he had 2 Cells in Norway and several abroad.

    Mr Breivik’s lawyer, Geir Lippestad, told reporters: “This whole case indicated that he is insane.”

    He said his client believed that he was in a war and that he would be vindicated in 60 years’ time.

    He said Mr Breivik had told him he was part of an anti-Islam network that had two cells in Norway and several more abroad.

  2. 1. He is not a “Christian fundamentalist.” Christian fundamentalism is a world view based on the fundamentals, i.e. the Bible. Its methodology is the literal and/or the textual and/or the original intent interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. There is nothing in the Bible, either textually or in its original intent, calling for a mass murder. In addition, there are tens of millions of Christian fundamentalists (evangelical Christians, traditional Catholics, traditional Orthodox Christians, Mormons, etc.) in the USA and a few in Europe, but they don’t go shooting children in a youth camp.
    2a. Calling him a “Christian fundamentalist,” is an example of a cultural Marxism. The American liberals (mostly secular socialists) are using this incident to smear Christianity.
    2b. He did not practice Christianity. He did not regularly attend any church. He had no Christian religious affiliation. He did not participate in a Bible study. He did not volunteer in any Christian charitable organizations.
    2c. There is NO EVIDENCE that he is a practicing Christian.
    3. Mass murder is a sin and a grave crime. He deserves to die. He should be executed, which is a Biblical view. Ironically, the social-secular-left and the cultural Marxists are the one opposed to the death penalty.
    4. The cultural Marxists incorrectly equate him to Al-Qaida. Of course its an intentional fabrication and a smear campaign. A blonde-blue eyed (nominally Christian) Norwegian massacring other blond blue-eyed (nominally Christian, or avowed atheists, but surely secularist) Norwegians is not anti-Muslim. Had he murdered Muslims, that would be a different story.
    5. Anders Berwick also had high opinions about Vladimir Putin.
    Breivik interviewed himself and then published the results. Here is the Q&A in full:

    QUESTION: Name one living person you want to meet?
    ANSWER: The Pope or Vladimir Putin. Putin seems like a fair and resolute leader worthy of respect. I’m not sure at this point if he has the potential to be our best friend or our worst enemy. He is very difficult to psychoanalyze. I would not want to be his enemy, that’s for sure. Obviously, he will have to condemn this [attack]. It’s understandable.

    Should Mr. Putin be interrogated?
    6. He extensively quotes Theodore Kaczynski – the notorious Unabomber) – a worshiper of the environment, claiming that the modern technological innovations limit the human freedom. Breivik shares the same views extreme views. Which member of the Armenian environmentalist movement should be interrogated?

    7. He was concerned and alarmed by the rise of Islam and cultural Marxism (The Bolsheviks also wanted to use Islam in their quest to dominate the world, and the Republic of Armenia suffered immensely of the Red and Green Alliance.) Both are valid concerns. Armenian nationalists are afraid of the Bolsheviks, neo-Bolsheviks, neo-Marxists, and their ilk and of the rising tide of Islamism (Turkey is one example). So, you have two bedfellows who share certain animosity to both ideologies (dangerous to say the least, or even lethal). Strange things happen in politics. Very strange things.

    8. He targeted the youth camp of the ruling Labor party (essentially a secular-socialist party which encouraged Muslim immigration). His methods of murdering little children is despicable. He does not deserve to breathe the same air as we do. He deserves to die.

    9. Is it plausible for an armed Armenian nationalist, with 1,500 page manifesto, to murder the children of the ruling elite at a summer camp? The Armenian ruling party is not culturally Marxist, does not consider Islam a “religion of peace,” does not invite mass Muslim immigration and is not openly secularist with a disdain of Christianity.

      • “Independent Armenia”

        First, I am an anti-Marxist! Marx (along with Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc.) were monsters in human form. Enough said. Marx’s ideas are responsible for hundreds of millions of death in Europe, Russia, China, Cambodia, etc. Including tens of thousands of Armenians who were murdered or perished because of the Bolsheviks (Russian Marxists).

        Second, Independent Armenia was occupied and brutalized by Marxists, i.e. the Bolshevik Russia. Surely you know that, since your nickname is “Independent Armenia.”

  3. If I have to be completely honest I approve of the things he says about Armenians in his manifesto which I have read parts of. He talks about very interesting topics and how Armenia should get the lands which we once had.

    I don’t think that any Armenian in this world would disagree with his new drawn map of how Europe and the Caucasus should look like.
    However I do not get why he included the Syrians/Assyrians since they are a Semitic group and have very little genetical resemblance to Armenians.

    I am a Nationalist and a proud one as well.

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