Yerevan shopkeepers loose their kiosks, jobs and chance to repay loans

Yerevan’s mayor Karen Karapetyan has ordered removal of small kiosks from Armenian capital’s central streets, despite the fact, that many of the kiosks are run by small businessmen, who are fully legally licensed to operate, have corresponding permissions for the space they occupy and often are struggling to repay newly acquired loans.

If anyone tells me that Armenia is a good place to do business, I swear I’m going to have a nervous breeakdown.

Laws, licences and property rights must be respected, if anyone is to feel secrue to invest in this country!

What the heck! What’s going to happen to these poor people? How are they going to survive? How are they going to feed their families, repay their loans? It really seems, that the only logical solution for them would be to emigrate. I suspect that’s exactly what they will do.


15 thoughts on “Yerevan shopkeepers loose their kiosks, jobs and chance to repay loans

  1. Well how come in the last few day’s there has been a collection of new fruit juice stands erected – they must be owend by the Mayor, one of his cronnies or family. This country will never develop with these morons in power – they can only think how much they can “make” in their time in power and screw the people and the country.

  2. vay vay vay, how can one Armenian do this to his fellow Armenian?? This was very very sad to watch. how shall these people feed their families?? where is conscience? where are your hearts?? Amot mez!!

  3. We must seek the small shop owners one by one and spend our money there!! Any Armenian stepping into the big supermarkets is betraying his own people and supporting the oligarchs

  4. @observer,
    If they are legally licensed to operate, and have corresponding permissions for the space they occupy, then can’t they take them to court. Does taking them to court not apply in this situation?

    • they can and they will… but the court process will take years and some of the will give up and migrate, others will just give up, because they won’t be able to afford legal expences… and a couple will fight all the way to the European Court and the court will rule, that Armenia has to pay 20 – 30,000 Euros… and we, the taxpayers will be paying for the reckless decisions made by the mayor…

      • 1. “the reckless decisions made by the mayor…”
        The dictionary defines “reckless” as “utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution, careless.”
        The decision is not reckless. It is intentional. It is carefully planned. it specifically concerns certain business interests behind the mayor or even the mayor himself.
        2. Indeed, to increase the standard of living, a nation needs: (a) free markets, aka capitalism in its classical sense (not crony capitalism, where the state and oligarchs are in a symbiotic or incestuous relationship), (b) the rule of law, including an independent and competent judiciary; fast track litigation, (c) property rights, unambiguously enshrined in a written constitution (so the socialist-secularists will not distort it like they have been doing in the USA). Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland come to (my) mind (not to the brown matter dumped into the thick skull of the ruling elite).
        3. Its a sad story, but at least you are talking about it.

        • David, thank you for the comment, especially re the clarification about the definition of the word reckless. Indeed, I have doubts, that supermarket owners have done some heavy lobbying to make this decision a reality.

  5. “This kiosk supports two families … Look at how many signed documents I’ve got. How can they close my kiosk with a verbal order?” said the middle-aged man. “Stop crying, darling,” he said, turning to his weeping wife. “We’ll sell everything and go … This country is not a good place to live.” ”

    Wow–Precisely the words you want to hear and the encouragement you want to see from the government when a country is suffering an emigration and an employment crisis. When the mayor said he wanted to reclaim “green space,” the citizens of Yerevan thought he was talking about tearing down those ugly illegal and unnecessary concrete structures built by MPs and oligarchs on public property. Instead, he apparently meant reclaiming small vendor space so that people who visit with “greenbacks” will spend them only in the stores of his cronies.

  6. Karen Karapetyan is a brilliant example of bad manager. I thought his only problem was his tasteless ties. But apparently, he has bigger problems.

    This appointed mayor does not understand that he is not in Russian gas industry anymore and not all decisions applicable to semicriminal business apply to social and political governance.

    And the rest in municipality are too weak and uneducated to explain everything in detail and make a realistic SWOT analysis.

    I wish this guy become a history. Having such a mayor is a shame.

    The story with street merchants continues. Instead of securing new places for these small businesses first, the guy thinks he better destroy today’s kiosks first and then think of the rest.

    Mr. Karapetyan, if you are in a boat and you need a bigger vessel, you first build a ship and then destroy your boat. Idiot.

  7. A lot of good opinions have been voiced here. I believe Karen Karapetyan has a Facebook page — make your opinions known on his page. I dont know if he cares — but it cant hurt.

    • now tell me a simple thing,

      couldn’t they gather these people before ruining their business by bulldozers and police? how narrow-minded a mayor can be to trigger public unrest before offering a solution to a problem? a solution, which was possible long before tensions.

      this is not even a logic, this is a common sense….

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