Armenia annihilate Slovakia with a 4:0 win

Armenia beat Slovakia 4:0 in a Euro 2012 qualifier, moving into the frame for qualification. We’re 3rd in our group and we’ve scored more than any other team.

This is the match I followed entirely on Twitter, after the first goal of the Armenian team was greeted by a crazy yell from my neighbors below, above and on both sides and the whole apartment house seemed to shake…

As I had urgent work to do, I decided against turning on the TV and just opened a Twitter client to stay updated, and oh my! It went crazy… I’m not a big football fan, but I can see how a couple of victories like this might turn me into one.

Armenia, I’m proud of you! Congrats to all Armenians!


9 thoughts on “Armenia annihilate Slovakia with a 4:0 win

  1. Annihilate? Strong choice of word :) I too wasn’t following the match, but the yells and honking cars outside my window basically told me we had won :) Uraaaaaaa!

  2. Let’s hope ext two matches will bring similar results…. It proves again if you want success you need to create it and not wait for it, that’s what exactly our young lads did last night. Glorious victory, well done lads!!!

  3. I think this video & song is very appropriate for this blog
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  4. I forgot to mention, this victory could NOT have come at better time with 20th anniversary independence celebrations around the corner

    HAY-A-STAN, HAY-A-STAN, HAY-A-STAN !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hah, I was a bit amazed by the news but… well, It was bout damn time for armenian NT to do something worth mentioning.

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