Karabakh Self-Defense Army Shoots Down Azeri Drone

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Nagorno-Karabakh’s ethnic Armenian armed forces said on Wednesday that they have shot down an unmanned Azerbaijani military aircraft flying a reconnaissance mission over the disputed territory, RFE/RL reports.

RFE/RL further reports: “Azerbaijan is known to have UAVs, most of them reportedly purchased them from Israel. A joint venture set up by the Azerbaijani government and the Israel Aerospace Industries company began assembling Israeli-designed drones in Azerbaijan last March.

Armenia officially announced in June that it too is manufacturing UAVs. Colonel Armen Mkrtchian, deputy commander of the Armenian air force, said they are capable of “carrying out objectives deep inside enemy territory.”

The drones apparently designed by Armenian engineers are expected to be put on display during a military parade in Yerevan scheduled for September 21.”

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6 thoughts on “Karabakh Self-Defense Army Shoots Down Azeri Drone

  1. BTW: I saw the UAV drone that Hayastan has now
    it was revealed at the parade yesterday, it was propped/mounted up on a military vehicle

    its nice, its all white, and well seems to be a russian made UAV
    although, there is no confirmation that ruskies sold/gave it to us
    but I’m sure ruskies had a hand in helping us acquire/develop it

      • @Observer
        befitting name for our UAV. its white, its large, has wings, and can fly…ahe Krrunk (Crane)

        everything in our arsenal is made by ruskies and/or their affiliates
        we dont have a arms manufacturing industry. it would be nice if we did, but then again I’m sure the mafiya regime will find a way to privatize that as well and fill their pockets even more

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