The world’s local bank and its cute local boat

HSBC Armenia has a great pet-boat named Nairi and it just turned 3 years old.

I spent a wonderful Sunday with HSBC Armenia staff, family members and blogger friends at the Artanish beach in Sevan.

Nairi boat was built by Ayas Nautical Research Club for HSBC in 2008 and the guys from Ayas look after security and oversee the boat’s navigation.

The HSBC staff are incredibly fond of Nairi – you can see it in their eyes. It turned out the bankers – managers, loan officers and tellers, all those smart looking white-collar boys and girls, whom you usually see in HSBC Armenia’s shining branches around Yerevan, are no strangers to demanding physical exercise when it comes to THEIR boat. They drained Nairi of leaked water, pulled it out from the harbor and attached the sails. They did it all by themselves, the hard way, not without difficulty, but they managed. And then they took us for a ride…

I’d never been on a medieval sail-boat – riding Nairi got as close as it gets.

Ayas are known for their shipbuilding activities, they’re the guys who reconstructed the replica of 13-th century merchant sailing ship “Cilicia” and sailed around Europe and the Caribbean in it.

Back on Nairi – with fair amount of wind, the weather was almost perfect for sailing around in Sevan. I said almost, because we were “a little bit” blown away to the deeper parts of Sevan and had to struggle for a while to turn back to the shore. After all – the ‘sailors’ were more used to navigating the financial waters…

Barbecued fish and cutting of the birthday cake culminated the event. We drove back happy as pirates of the Caribbean and red as the hexagon on HSBC logo.

PS: I often complain about expensive service charges at HSBC, but there’s a reason why they’re considered the best bank in Armenia. They have hard working, well-educated and at the same time – surprisingly modest staff. And you can feel – this is the team you can trust in any waters, financial or otherwise…


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  1. ya sure, trust to FINANCIALLY RAPE YOU
    all bankers are the same, they are all hard-wired/hard-working to destroy the ppl

    FYI: all the banks (including central bank of RA) are NOT owned by private ARmenians. they’re all owned by ruskie-JEWS and the ruskie mafiya regime, collaboratively working together to make sure the “commoners” (aka: in banking language “slaves”) never get ahead in life

    bank/financial institutions are the worst entity on this planet. there is NOTHING more evil than banking/monetary system. they establish and set themselves in all countries to destroy and collapse the prospering economy, the ppl and the strangle-hold/hold-hostage of that host country

    you can praise bankers all you want, but in my eyes…THEY ARE ALL 100% EVIL, want to destroy and financially rape you yev verj

    although these are my ppl, that doesn’t mean I dont see the real truth about them and can not criticize them. they can do things like in this video all they want, sure I want to be part of it and help them and enjoy our homeland too, but at end of day, I know who I was helping….100% PURE GREED & EVIL !!

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